Jun 202012

File this revelation under the category of the California Republican Party gets what it deserves.

I got a copy of a desperate appeal for support from Arnold Zeiderman. This is quite possibly the most complete self-indictment I have ever seen of a completely ineffective county chairman ever. To think, Mark Pruner and others in the CRP establishment think Arnie Zeiderman is a great guy.

I highlighted sections for emphasis:

From: Arnold M Zeiderman <[email protected]>
Date: (Redacted)
Subject: ACRCC funding
To: (Redacted)

The Amador County Republican  Central Committee and Party has experienced diminished participation, interest, and financial support over the past several years. Unfortunately even our Lincoln Dinner and Amador County Fair Boothare no longer creating sufficient net revenue to support our general  operations and Headquarters.

According to our Treasurer we are now insolvent.

Without our Headquarters, which cost us $250 per month to support, we will not be able to serve as a resource to support candidates, hold events and distribute/sell  collateral materials to Republicans in Amador, Calaveras and Alpine Counties through November.

We want to be here to maximaize  Republican votes for all of our Republican candidates.
Please consider a minimum donation of $250 for our Headquarters expenses.

Thank you so much  for your interest.

Dr. Arnie Zeiderman
Chair, ACRCC

Allow me to point out the painfully obvious – Arnold Zeiderman is the CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTY VICE CHAIRMAN NORTHERN REGION. He can’t raise $1,000 to keep his damn hq open? Really?

Maybe the CASINO will write a check? Gheez, Arnie – could it be that you alienated every would-be volunteer in Amador? Maybe they are getting ready to lynch you???

What about Doug LaMalfa? David Stafford Reade? They hand-picked Arnold Zeiderman to run for the post on the CRP leadership… where are they at?

Secondly, he puts in writing that his county party is dead. Maybe Zeiderman should step down. Maybe that whole committee save a few should resign and go home and let the local Tea Party take it over.

Nearby, Toulumne County has a vibrant, healthy Republican Party with a fully-funded HQ. Despite the efforts of Zeiderman’s friends who have gratuitously attacked the Placer GOP – it, too is healthy. Amador is without excuse.

The fallout from the cronyism and the inbred Amador GOP Central Committee Continues…

This also shows that the State CRP is an embarrassment and is impotent (and, to think – Charles Munger thinks he’s the answer… )

Get your pitchforks, people.

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