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Update: I thought about this for a bit, and I have to say that the outrage is growing. Did anyone on the Amador Central Committee that supported Jeff Seaton vet this guy? What was the quid-pro-quo? I have worked campaigns for 15 years and have NEVER seen a local race like this. IF you are reading this blog and this makes your blood boil – two things, do whatever you can to defeat Jeff Seaton – then get involved in the Amador County Republican Central Committee to assure that the Republican Brand in Amador County does not get soiled like this again.


It was written by a Keith Morris and stressed that Jeff Seaton is of “Fine Moral Character”.

Let’s take MR. Morris at his word and agree that Mr. Morris believes that Jeff Seaton is of fine moral character.

It is important to know a few things about the latest member of the Jeff Seaton all stars. There is the Judge Richmond, Arnold Zeiderman, the Daltons, the Girlfriend, the Pig and now Keith Morris. (Got all that?)

According to my sources – Keith Morris is Jeff Seaton’s “Conflict Attorney”. In the rare occasion that Jeff Seaton recognizes that he has a conflict of interest – Seaton refers the victim to Mr. Morris.

Morris and Seaton met under some interesting circumstances.

Keith Morris is a former Amador County Deputy DA. Keith Morris resigned from the Amador County DA’s office under quite a cloud. Morris was being investigated for a slew of Sexual Harassment complaints. These included victims in the DA, Probation and Court offices in Amador County. The alleged incidents apparently included phone calls and emails (Yes, Morris allegedly put some of his stupidity in writing…)

Fine Moral Character, Indeed.

Enter Jeff Seaton. Apparently, Seaton was in between defending child molesters and was sought out by Morris. Morris later resigned while the investigation was ongoing and typical of the government, they dropped the investigation allowing Morris to never have to answer for his conduct.

Then a partnership was born. (of fine moral character)

Even Judge Richmond was starting to rail on Jeff Seaton for his conflicts – such as having two defendants in the same case on retainer simultaneously… one story I was told in non-specifics went something like, Client A is pleading not guilty because Client B IS pleading guilty!

Now Keith Morris would be the attorney for one of the defendants.

It should also be noted that Keith Morris rents space from Jeff Seaton (or Seaton’s soon-to-be-ex-wife), as well. (However, I have not received any evidence that Morris is on the guest list for any Seaton soiree’s)


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  3 Responses to “Did you see the recent Op-Ed Supporting Jeff Seaton?”

  1. Makes you wonder what Seaton’s endorsements and contributor’s have to gain from all of this? As you have stated before, the GOP central committee and others are the real issue. Once the smoke clears from this race, we still have our work cut out for us. Keep up the great work Aaron.

    Blogger’s Note: Keep your pitchfork warm, I may need your help in other counties… there are more than a few cent coms that have had very little new blood in years. This is an absolute outrage.

  2. Aaron, your the man! Thank you for taking the time to shine a light on the things going on here in our little county. I find you trustworthy, so far no word from the “official” Seaton camp. Which to me is a big deal. You don’t hide behind anything, and that’s refreshing to see. I’m not a Republican, although I agree with a lot of the things they used to stand for. I find myself voting Republican, because of the lack of moral fiber in the Democrats, but I see the Repubs headed there too. Keep up the good work!

    Blogger’s Note – I stay a Republican, because I know the values that caused me to register as one when I first voted in 1998. Someone has to stand and fight against the power-whores and the special interests that pervert good government. Thank you for doing your part to clip some of these people. (politically, that is)

  3. Aaron, I think that I am finally becoming a responsible adult. Keep up the great work and get the word out, we’re listening. As long as you continue to sight reference and address concerns, you have my attention.

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