Jan 222020

This is what I like to see. GOP Groups taking out the trash.

Let’s start with Tyler Diep – who in the opinion of this blogger will Bolt the GOP after the March Primary. Note – Prop 14 does NOT require the top two candidates to runoff with the party preference they took in the primary. The individual is the nominee, and has nothing to do with the political parties. To think, every time a resolution to oppose Prop 14 has been brought up, the party apparatus has killed it. Tyler Diep will join the Chad Mayes Party in March, perhaps he waits until November if he survives both halves of the election. (But my money is on March for him to Diep in to the ranks of NPP)

Similar to how the Orange County Realtors continue to support William “Bill” Brough in defiance of the facts – they are also pouring money in to the corrupt Tyler Diep because they believe it will buy influence with him. (That is the only conclusion I can draw for why a local group would continue investing in such people of low character)

Of note – Matt Fleming who is a paid consultant of the CAGOP wrote an op ed defending Tyler Diep a day before former OCGOP Chair Scott Baugh tore him apart.

Secondly, the CAGOP’s BY-Laws indicate that for a candidate to have a CAGOP endorsement, they must have at least 80% of the underlying counties. Tyler Diep now has 0% of the underlying counties. Will the CAGOP follow its’ own by-laws and yank the endorsement? (If Matt Fleming has anything to say, nothing will happen)

Live action shot of Bill Brough on the 241 Freeway

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Hon. Fred M. Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, released the following statement regarding the endorsement of Assemblyman Tyler Diep:

Yesterday evening Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee met in Executive Session to discuss the Petition of Assemblyman Matthew Harper to rescind the endorsement of Assemblyman Tyler Diep.

The petition was based on a series of votes incongruent with the Republican platform. After a comprehensive discussion and debate, the endorsement of Assemblyman Diep was rescinded by a majority vote, as required by our bylaws.

Chairman Whitaker stated – “This is a sad day when an incumbent Republican member of the legislature loses the local party endorsement, but the party felt there had to be accountability for voting patterns. There are two Republicans running in the primary for the 72nd Assembly District, and the voters can decide which one best represents their district without a recommendation from the local party.”

Assemblyman Diep is still endorsed by the California Republican Party.

And, then there is the curious case of the raging alcoholic Bill Brough. The booze must have been talking in his last email:

Brough has built a vast organization for his March 3 re-election. The resources allow Brough to get his message out and counter the negative, dishonest attacks by his opponents. Comparing fundraising numbers, electoral and a proven conservative record, it is clear that Brough is in the best position to win in March.

Everyone whines about attacks being dishonest which is why your intrepid blogger cites sources, uses photos and provides links to articles and documents. I’d encourage Brough to put the bottle of Popov down and have a look at the dozens of media articles and thousands of pages of public records related to him. Perhaps this is the vast organization he was referring to?

Two other “Vast Organizations” lit him up good: (But in Brough’s mind intoxication it is all about his sudden opposition to the 241 Toll Road expansion…)


Two Orange County Republican leaders today demanded the immediate resignation of Assemblyman Bill Brough from office (R – Assembly District 73).

At least four women have publicly accused Brough of unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate touching. Brough is currently under investigation by the California Assembly for some of the accusations.

“It’s time for Bill Brough to step aside, resign, and open the door for a candidate who can represent South County without degrading the name of the Republican Party,” said John Warner, President of The Lincoln Club of Orange County.

Steve Craig, Chairman of The New Majority joined in the demand. The Lincoln Club of Orange County is the oldest conservative donor group in California. The New Majority is a powerful right-leaning political action organization.

“The allegations against Mr. Brough are serious, and we take them seriously. Every one of Mr. Brough’s constituents should too,” said Craig. “South County deserves a representative who isn’t dogged by allegations of the worst kind of behavior toward women.”

The Republican Party of Orange County in September called on Brough to not seek reelection and to retire at the end of his current term.

Several accusers have made their stories public through press reports: One said that, after almost two years of sexual comments and advances, Brough pressed himself against her at a Sacramento hotel in 2015 and propositioned her for sex. In 2011, according to another accuser, Brough grabbed her by the shoulders from behind, propositioned her, and refused to let her go. A third said that in 2018 Brough put his hand on a wall behind her, blocked her from moving, and began touching her face and neck. She says he told her, “We should get out of here… You look like the kind of girl who would like to have fun.”

“Accusations about Brough’s conduct have been made by women who knew Mr. Brough and worked with or around him, including an elected Orange County Supervisor,” said Mr. Craig. “Several of them told friends shortly after Mr. Brough approached them and have filed formal complaints against him. They’ve taken risks by coming forward.”

Brough is the County’s only incumbent elected official who hasn’t been endorsed by the Orange County Republican Party or the California Republican Party. Because of the accusations, The Lincoln Club of Orange County and The New Majority rescinded their endorsements of Brough in September.

Brough was also warned by the California Fair Political Practices Commission about the misuse of campaign funds for a week-long trip to Paris in July of 2016. That commission is also said to be investigating a complaint alleging that Brough spent roughly $200,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses over four years including meals, cigars, a custom liquor cabinet, cell phone bills, and family vacations.

Brough is the Assemblyman for California’s 73rd Assembly District, which includes Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, San Clemente and other South Orange County cities and county areas.

Good for these groups.

Tyler Diep

Dec 302019

This is what Donald Trump ran against. The Swamp. They are the donors, lobbyists and consultants that have gotten rich off of corruption. Let’s call it what it is – corruption. In the case of California’s 73rd Assembly District – we’ve gotten a front row seat to weak GOP leadership and once that was overcome the next layer are the institutions in Sacramento.

With Brough under serious scrutiny for campaign finance issues that may well be felonies and several documented and valid incidences of sexual misconduct – your intrepid blogger has uncovered that the legislative democrats may well be playing games with the Assembly Rules Committee report that was completed earlier in December.

Read the article carefully and cross-reference it with what I have been told from several political insiders: The Bill Brough investigation will be completed sometime around mid December (now) and sent to the joint committee. What they do with the information and investigation is up to the leadership (as in the dem majority) of the Assembly. I’ve been told that Anthony Rendon and the other Democrat leaders fancying a complete wipe-out of Republicans in Orange County will be forestalling the release of the report.

It is apparent that the lobbyists, consultants, PAC donors and other associated swamp creatures know that the report is going to be delayed (or at least they are acting like it). This means in their mind that William Bill Brough may well survive the primary. Add to this, the fact that Ed Sachs filed, thusly diluting GOP votes. This makes Laurie Davies’ job more difficult getting in to the top two with a crowded field. Click here to see the campaign finance reporting of Brough’s recent donations.

Enter the Building and Trades Council. This group opposed Prop 6 because they do a lot of government projects (they of course were immediately screwed by Newsom who redirected prop 6 money), they have dumped in $9300 of beer money to William “Bill” Brough. This will pay a couple bar tabs at Brio and some of the retainers his high-priced staff are charging. Note that $4700 of the money can not be used until the general election.

Brough also got $2000 from UPS. You’d think a firm that is centered around driving would think twice before donating to a man who is reputed to be a frequent drunk driver, but I digress.

The United Auburn Rancheria donated $4700. Their Consultant, Doug Elmets spoke at the DNC convention in 2016 attacking Trump. Elmets thought he mattered because he once worked as a low level staffer in the Reagan Administration.

So Cal Edison donated $4700 to the scandal-marred Bill Brough. Given their public image at the moment, you’d think they would use more discretion in their political dealings.

Lastly, Zuffa LLC donated $1500. They are a UFC promoter and have a lot of gigs in the new taxpayer-funded Arena in Downtown Sacramento.

The bottom line is this proves my point about the swamp and incumbents. Bill Brough is one of the lowest form of political scum I have dealt with on the GOP side, and yet he can still raise $22,200 from a few PAC Donors. These people either don’t care about the scandals or the donations are coming with an expectation of performance from the vulnerable and thus susceptible to backroom deals Bill Brough. The good news is that this is a pathetic haul for an incumbent.

IRONY: Bill Brough was at one time whining about “the Swamp” coming after him. Now they are literally trying to keep him in office. (or at least paying his bar tabs)

The new Majority in Orange County did indeed tell the Sacramento Swamp they are not playing anymore:

AD: 73 News : The New Majority Endorses Laurie Davies for Assembly
Davies momentum continues to build as the Republican Party
coalesces around her candidacy
For Immediate Release
Contact: Peter Towey, [email protected]
Laguna Niguel, CA – Last week, the New Majority endorsed Mayor Laurie Davies’ campaign for State Assembly District 73. This is another endorsement that shows how the Republican Party has coalesced around the Davies campaign and distanced itself from the scandal-ridden incumbent Bill Brough. In the past few weeks, the California Republican Party, the Lincoln Club of Orange County, and the Republican Party of Orange County have all endorsed Mayor Davies.
“The people of South County deserve to have a representative in Sacramento that has a proven conservative record and serving both honorably and guided by the highest moral standard. I am humbled to have the support of the New Majority, and I look forward to taking my message to the voters in the coming weeks, As people learn about my record I am confident we will be successful and South County will again have the representation they deserve,” said Laurie Davies.
“Laurie stands out in this race,” said Richard Reisman, New Majority Political Affairs Co-Chair. “She has dedicated nearly 20 years of her life to serving her community. As Mayor and two-term City Council Member, she has a deep understanding of the issues we face here in Orange County and will represent us well in Sacramento.”
“The New Majority is pleased to join the groundswell of support for Laurie,” said Steve Prough, New Majority Political Affairs Co-Chair. “She is motivated to work hard for the needs of our community.”
Timeline of Bill Brough’s troubled time in office
About the 73rd
The 73rd State Assembly District covers South Orange County – including the cities and communities of Aliso Viejo, Coto de Caza, Dana Point, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Wagon Wheel, and Trabuco.
Laurie’s List of Endorsers (partial)
U.S. Representative Mimi Walters, ret.
State Board of Equalization Member Diane Harkey, ret.
Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, ret.
Mayor John Mark Jennings, City of Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Fred Minagar, City of Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Elaine Gennawey, City of Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Robert Ming, City of Laguna Niguel, ret.
Councilmember Linda Lindholm, City of Laguna Niguel, ret.
Mayor Diane Dixon, City of Newport Beach
Mayor Mike Munzig, City of Aliso Viejo
Councilmember Jamey Federico, City of Dana Point
Councilmember Barbara Krogerman, City of Laguna Hills, ret.
Councilmember Anne Figueroa, City of Rancho Santa Margarita
Mayor Pro Tem Tony Beall, City of Rancho Santa Margarita
Councilmember Mike Vaughn, City of Rancho Santa Margarita, ret.
Mayor Christina Shea, City of Irvine
Councilmember John Taylor, City of San Juan Capistrano
Mayor Mike Posey, City of Huntington Beach
Councilmember Barbara Delgleize, City of Huntington Beach
Mayor Chuck Puckett, City of Tustin
Councilmember Scott Voigts, City of Lake Forest
Mayor Tara Campbell, City of Yorba Linda
Mayor Pro Tem Beth Haney, City of Yorba Linda
Councilmember Craig Young, City of Yorba Linda, ret.
Board Member Jim Reardon, Capistrano Unified School District
Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Kuo, City of Irvine
California Republican Party
Lincoln Club of Orange County
Republican Party of Orange County

To be continued…

Nov 252019

Bill is now using Anne Dunsmore after Stacy Davis discontinued her services for him three months ago. Dunsmore is also involved in the flailing Kelly Empty effort in AD74 as well. It is my understanding that Dunsmore comes at a high price that we believe Bill Brough is going to be hard pressed to pay. Dunsmore is alleged to be charging a second tier congressional candidate an $8,000 a month retainer. What would she charge an incumbent with major league issues? At last 5K per month, you’d think. Then there is 15% of the take on top of that.

If Dunsmore is worth the freight, she should start calling the Lincoln Club on Bill’s behalf. That ought to be an experience for her no doubt. She will find out soon enough why Bill Brough lost the services of Stacy Davis – who is widely regarded and respected. (Hint: Bill Drinks, … a lot)

Note that the host committee is down to two people and there is no charge to go to the event. One of the two people, Enzo owns the now famous Brio Tuscanny Grille. I’ve never been there for food, but I have read their name 40+ times in the course of studying William “Bill” Brough’s reports. Note that there are no electeds, or stakeholders on the committee. It consists of just two local business-owners. I do salute those two men for honoring their friendship with Bill Brough. I’d suggest they should probably throw water and Gatorade down Bill’s face for two days and then talk to him about his drinking. But, that’s just my opinion as every time I am told about Bill these days, he’s drinking or scowling.

I will be curious to check end of year reports to see what Anne Dunsmore has done to or for both Ernby and William Bill Brough.

I am also of the opinion that Ernby is going to be forced to deal with reality. This is the reality that despite having a few backers, she is simply unable to close the deal much of anywhere. It is also so common with also ran candidates, as she reacted poorly to people attempting to give her a second chance to run for Judge, etc.

It is really going to suck to be Bill Brough over the next month or so. I mean, he filed for re-election to show us all whose boss. Now Bill is going to meet his daddy, his drill instructor and his rehab therapist (or wish to God he had of). Bill Brough may well be the uniter of the OCGOP in a way he never imagined.

Kelly Ernby? She pretty much cooked herself with her hubris. Yikes. Hopefully she stays in a Holiday Inn Express somewhere so she has an excuse for her behavior.

Nov 122019

This is Bill Brough at a local veterans event, note his enabler up front.

Your intrepid blogger is not sure if Brio had a two for one drink special on 11-10-2019, but Brough looks pretty bad. It is as if Bill Brough was out on Veteran’s Day Eve.

It is a legitimate question to ask if William “Bill” Brough is feeling the pressure of the exposure of his actions. Recent intelligence indicates that Bill Brough may be drinking more than ever and he appears to be miserable. Mr. Brough can end the whole thing if he retires.

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