Sep 092010

Sierra College Trustee Candidate Howard Rudd has been using his connections developed over years in business and years of goodwill created to gain critical mass.

This blogger has been contacted by two local elected officials who have endorsed Howard Rudd.

Rudd was at the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce Breakfast and was well received. Rudd told this blogger that the response to his candidacy has been “excellent”. He went on to indicate that he has operations going in Nevada County – an area often overlooked by Sierra College Board candidates.

Rocklin City Council Race Update –

Diana Ruslin’s “Mom’s Army” have been out in force. She is the only candidate who has visited my home. According to Ruslin, her people have been walking the “high-propensity” areas of Rocklin for two weeks.

Ruslin and Janda were also in attendance at this morning’s meeting of the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce.

Greg Janda is looking like a confident candidate with his talking points down cold. He is speaking with authority.

Janda and Ruslin offer contrasts in their presentation. It remains to be seen if the Community servant / Mom (Ruslin) or the confident businessman (Janda) will sell better.

Heck, they could both win and that would leave Mayor Scott Yuill out after one term.

(and don’t forget Mark Klang is on the ballot too)

Roseville City Council Candidate Sam Cannon is ramping up his campaign. to the surprise of many – being trapped in the capitol for this years’ legislative shenanigans has not cost Sam Cannon much. So much for the concerns over Cannon being “MIA”.

The general feeling on the street is that the race is between Sam Cannon and Tim Herman for seat number two. (Everyone believes that Susan Rohan will be elected mayor in a runaway)

This means that the fireworks could fly between the Cannon and Herman camp.

What about David Larson? He flunked his Dale Carnegie courses and his attempts to downplay his marriage to Brad have backfired. His Marriage is a hot topic of discussion in Sun City. The Dem Central Committee has endorsed him – but are doing precious little to help him.

Here are the issues – Tim Herman will point out his superior resume and Sam Cannon will point out that Tim Herman is a Liberal. ’nuff said.

Roseville Joint Union High School District Race – Both Linda M Park and Scott Huber have racked up impressive endorsement lists. Both will begin their campaign operations this weekend with volunteers walking precincts.

Expect to see lawn signs popping up all over the place.

Linda scored a major coup when her long time friend – Gina Garbolino endorsed her. On the heels of DA Scott Owens and Assessor Kristen Spears… Assemblymembers Ted Gaines and Dan Logue give Linda credibility and diversity in her support base.

The SD-01 Race is abuzz in this area. Everyone in insider circles is talking about it. Most in Placer are supporting Ted Gaines.

AD-05 Update: The SEIU just spent $75K on an IE to prop up Richard Pan. If you see Richard Pan in person, you’ll understand why the SEIU likes him… he can’t finish a sentence.

AD-05 Update: Andy Pugno Covered in Sac Bee (Who Highlighted Prop 8)

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Jun 202010

The Bee wants you to believe that Andy Pugno is all about Prop 8 only.

Andy Pugno’s Primary Opponents did as well.

The Bee story ends with this line – 

Candidate Pugno downplays the issue’s importance to him. That makes sense. Few voters care as deeply about it as he does. He needs to worry that voters fearing for their jobs might decide against launching the political career of a man for whom traditional marriage has been a cause and a calling.

First off – I am calling on the Bee to endorse Pan right now and get it over with.

Allow me to add a couple more lines:

Registration in the district is nearly even: 38.55 percent are registered Democrats; 38.58 percent are Republicans

Still, he wouldn’t mind if same-sex marriage flares as an issue. Proposition 8 won easily in the district, garnering 54 percent of the vote.

OK – so the Bee Article actually had some balance before their own social agenda got the best of them at the end.

Take a look again at some telling polling data from AD05:

Q1: Would you vote for a candidate who is Conservative or Liberal on Social Issues?

Conservative 58% / Liberal 32% / No Op 10%

Q2: More Government 18 / Less Government 76 / No Op 6

Q3: Would you vote for the candidate who

Wants to cut state services to balance the state budget – 58
Wants to Raise taxes to balance the state budget – 28
No Op -14

 Remember the post from a few months ago? Andy Pugno VS any Democrat – 18-20 point lead.

— and back to the Sacramento Bee story.

A row of American flags provided the backdrop as Pugno addressed more than 100 journalists and others, most of them hostile to him, in an auditorium at Hastings Law School, a few blocks from the court where history is in the works.

It is obvious that the Bee and the far left only read the polls they like. Amazingly enough – the polling data that came out this cycle was quite accurate.

With a Conservative district like AD05 – I am looking forward to seeing the below quotes finding their way in to people’s mailboxes:

“Pugno is the string puller. Pugno is clearly very politically ambitious and has an extreme right-wing agenda,” said Rick Jacobs, founder of the liberal political group Courage Campaign, who watched Pugno during the trial. “He must be stopped.”

Courage Campaign? Nice – tell people who they are and that will get Pugno about 5 extra points.

Geoff Kors, executive director of Equality California, and leader of the No-on-8 effort, said Pugno’s defeat will be a “top priority,” and called him “one of the most vocal advocates of discrimination in the nation.”

If they want to reprise Prop 8 in the district – I say bring it on.

And, again Andy Pugno continues to be the most underestimated force in Republican politics.

May 052010

Signs. They are generally worthless – they usually don’t get you votes… the primary purposes are usually to fire up volunteers and to establish a “presence” in the district being sought for election to…

There are some common-sense rules with campaign signs.

Don’t put your picture on your signs. There is no upside – only downside.

Make sure your name is the largest item on the sign.

Don’t use too many words. (7 or less is best…)

Here’s why – two of the worst signs I have ever seen made their debut in the AD-05 Race:

Three problems:

Too Many Words

Posted Crooked


Does this mean that Chad Vander Veen is going to be the type of deal-making Republican that raises taxes?

Perhaps he is calling himself a Moderate because that is how he thinks he can be different? Talk about helping Andy Pugno – please Chad spend more money on these…

Anyone thinking of voting for Vander Veen will think twice after seening this sign.

Next up: Quite possibly the worst sign I have ever seen…

“Donald Thompson for 5th District Assembly” – It has less than 7 words, but suffered at the editing table…

Can’t wait to see his ballot statement.

UPDATE – Here’s how to tell a professional candidate who is NOT marginal.

Note – easy to see the name ANDY PUGNO.

Note – the Office Sought is boiled down to simplest terms.

Note – the Sign is more than one Color… in this case, two colors.

It is also in the middle of a lawn with great visibility versus being stuck next to a fence of the same color – or crookedly posted on a stick.

This concludes this lesson of Campaign Signs 101.