May 222020

Yes sir. The same people that shredded #CA10 Republican Nominee Ted Howze (more on that soon, by the way) at the first sign of trouble are out ahead of the 2022 Governor’s race. A Fundraising solicitation was sent to your intrepid blogger. Note – I am still not receiving any CAGOP Communications at all. Further note, I’ve had two more confirmations that Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle and others are maintaining a blacklist of undesirables.

If you want to send me tips and information but fear retaliation by Jessica or anyone in her crew – email me at [email protected] YOU CAN AND WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

It is clear that the favoritism and blacklisting applies globally. In a future post, we are going to lay out some details about the inconsistent decisions and favoritism by the current regime in charge of the molten ashes of the CAGOP. Take a look at this email:

May 22, 2020
165 Days Until the November Election

Can you believe Gavin Newsom and the Sacramento Democrats? After years of touting a surplus in the state’s budget, Newsom is now asking President Trump to bail out California. 

This comes just weeks after Newsom issued stimulus payments to illegal immigrants, and he’s threatening that first responders will be the first to be laid off. From the boondoggle High Speed Rail Project to millions for enforcement of the job-killing bill aimed at flexible workers, Democrats have proven they can’t be trusted with the state budget. The out of control and irresponsible spending by the California Democrats must be stopped.   

Municipalities with Republican leadership, like San Diego, take fiscal responsibility seriously and work hard to balance their budgets. We need to stop the Democrat supermajority in Sacramento and bring in new, responsible leadership.

Be a part of the change California needs in 2020, (NAME HERE). Contribute today and your donation with be 3X Matched. Thank you,


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Paid for by the California Republican Party.
Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate’s Committee. (Except Faulconer for Governor)
1001 K Street, Fourth Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814
P 916-448-9496 | F 916-448-9497
Federal ID# C00140590 | State ID# 810163
1001 K Street, 4th Floor, Sacramento, CA, 95814 US
This email was sent to: (NAME HERE)

Kevin Faulconer was appointed state finance chair despite the presence of Doug Ose and John Cox in the 2022 governor’s race. Faulconer has been a long time client of some within the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. Was the appointment of Faulconer a deliberate action to avail him of what’s left of the CAGOP’s resources at the expense of John Cox and Doug Ose?

Apr 072020

The news had leaked out on Friday as based on accounts from Whistleblowers and Insiders – the department was told on Friday that Morgan Gire had been the selection of the Placer County Board of Supervisors to replace departed DA Scott Owens.

There had not been a public readout of the closed session – this told me that the leak had to have been someone with a need to know as preparations had to be made for Gire to be sworn in today.

That said, the appointment of Morgan Gire which was announced publicly today around 11AM indicates that the Placer County Board of Supervisors got the message loud and clear there was a problem in the DA’s office and someone needed to be brought in from the outside. So, thank you to the Supervisors for making what looks like a sound choice based on the applicants and the overall decision.

I wish Dave Tellman well. By all accounts he is a decent man and an excellent prosecutor. It was just not the situation to appoint another person from within the existing management. I also believe that the local Law Enforcement Unions that endorsed him largely did so because Tellman was a known quantity they felt comfortable with.

I do want to thank the employees of the Placer County DA’s office that got a hold of me via a mutual friend on the Placer GOP Central Committee. It appears that the local media did not care about the story and your intrepid blogger was happy to pick it up to help out. I would have never known about the disaster in the Placer County DA’s office without you guys reaching out to me.

I do hope that the employees that have suffered under the regime of Jeff Wilson get some relief and are able to regain the original passion for law enforcement that led them to the Placer DA’s office in the first place.

To District Attorney Morgan Gire – you have a mess to clean up. I hope that you make wise decisions and exercise justice tempered with an appropriate level of mercy. Here’s to you fostering an environment of merit-based promotion and true principles of effective management.

To the Readers of Right on Daily – this is how it is supposed to work and this is why I blog. Working together with informants and concerned citizens we altered the outcome of the Placer County District Attorney appointment. Add this to the list of elections that Right On Daily has impacted. To all that contributed, Thank You.

P.S. I was not paid by anyone for anything related to the Placer DA series of posts.

Mar 162020

In a move that can only be described as a partisan political move – Gayle Garbolino-Mojica cancels a month of classes in Placer County. It is unclear if she even had that authority as not even her fellow Democrat Gavin Newsom ordered closures (he requested businesses shut down and modify operations) – but she is hiding behind her fellow democrats that have been whipping Coronavirus in to a national panic. Other districts and businesses have taken much shorter closure periods.

I have been told by local school board members that they were not consulted before this decision was made (Which was made on Monday 3-9-2020), rather, they were told after the fact.

This is Garbolino-Mojica promoting the coming Transportation Tax Increase

Garbolino-Mojica was nowhere to be found when the Rocklin USD went way beyond the mandate with the LGBT indoctrination cirriculum. In fact, I think she supports it and has had her fingers into a lot of social engineering cirriculum.

Garbolino-Mojica has avoided taking a stand on Charter Schools as often as possible, skipping several key votes at the PCOE level. Current board members believe her to be an opponent of Charter Schools.

This is why I am not surprised to see this partisan liberal democrat pile on to the media-driven Coronavirus hysteria?

With her fellow democrats demagoguing the Coronavirus to ban gun and ammo sales for example, I have a copy of the CDC guidelines related to “outbreaks”. It is unclear if Garbolino even has the dictatorial authority that she seized.

From Page one of the CDC Report:

Recommendations on school closure based on available science, reports from other countries and consultation with school health experts.
1. There is a role for school closure in response to schoolbased cases of COVID19 for decontamination and contact tracing (few days of closure), in response to significant absenteeism of staff and students (short to medium length, i.e. 24 weeks of closure), or as part of a larger community mitigation strategy for jurisdictions with substantial community spread* (medium to long length, i.e. 48 weeks or more of closure).
2. Available modeling data indicate that early, short to medium closures do not impact the epi curve of COVID19 or available health care measures (e.g., hospitalizations). There may be some impact of much longer closures (8 weeks, 20 weeks) further into community spread, but that modelling also shows that other mitigation efforts (e.g., handwashing, home isolation) have more impact on both spread of disease and health care measures.In other countries, those places who closed school (e.g., Hong Kong) have not had more success in reducing spread than those that did not (e.g., Singapore).
3. In places where school closures are necessary, the anticipated academic and economic impacts and unintended impacts on disease outcomes must be planned for and mitigated. Provision of academic support (e.g., teleed), alternatives for schoolbased meals as well as other services (e.g., behavioral and mental health services) for economically and physically vulnerable children, support for families for whom telework and paid sick leave is not available, ensuring that high risk individuals continue to be protected must all be addressed. Special consideration must be given for health care workers so that school closures do not impact their ability to work.
So, before her fellow democrat’s staff got to her, Nancy Pelosi was demagoguing the School Lunch impacts of PRESIDENT Trump’s emergency declaration. In addition to her poorly thought out, reactionary decision, Garbolino has left the PCOE exposed to liability. I’d lay odds she is a part of the chorus of pseudo-intellects blaming the president for Coronavirus as the American Media basically created the hysteria and are now trying to pin it on the President after Russia and Impeachment failed.
If the PCOE does not backfill the funding to local districts who are going to miss 20 or 180 days of instruction or 11% of the school year – will the districts sue the PCOE? I think they should. If Garbolino is so naive as to think the State of California is going to backfill the funding, she is out of her mind. The lost tax revenue from all the frenzied closing of businesses and cancelling of events is going to devastate the state budget.
What about the poor children Garbolino-Mojica allegedly cares about? Do they still get their school lunches? If so, how does that work with the frenzy she is helping feed in to? What will happen to the local economy, now that working parents will have to deal with Child Care? Where is this concern for the health and safety of Children yet to be born? There is no way Garbolino-Mojica thought this through at all. A month off? Really?
There is also no doubt that Coronavirus is a problem, but as of yet, it is still far less severe in the USA than H1N1 was. Gayle Garbolino-Mojica’s fellow democrat Barack Hussein Obama waited until 100,000 or so people were infected with well over 1,000 dead in the USA to declare an emergency. No schools were shut down and there was no withering barrage of media-driven hysteria. A logical and rational person can only draw the conclusion that this has been done in a lame attempt to bolster the feckless, aging Joe Biden’s electoral prospects.
Fir a litany of reasons, and this freak out being the latest, one of the future priorities of the Right on Daily Blog is going to be to find an opponent to Gayle Garbolino-Mojica. It is time for Placer County to have a superintendent of public instruction that is not automaton of the left.
Mar 112020

When I saw the list of Trump delegates to the RNC, it caused me to start investigating a lot of things. For one, West Walker was retaliated against for helping Travis Allen. Despite being a very early Trump supporter and a key volunteer leader in 2016, Andy Gimmecandy made sure he was eliminated. In fact, the list of delegates are replete with establishment types – including many who vociferously opposed the President up until Election Day. I had also been told there were several internal fights over the delegate list as Gimmecandy was assembling it. The fee for a delegate went from $900 to $1200 and Gimmecandy was asking for it 100% up front, suggesting it was supporting his consulting fees.

This is the type of ham-fisted dictatorship I have become used to. The goodwill post 2019 CAGOP Convention is gone. None of the follow-up meetings I personally had been led to believe would happen did. Jeff Randle, Andy Gimmecandy, David Reade and crew are doing the EXACT SAME THING THEY DID post Meg Whitman when they were all pulling down $10,000-$15,000 a month salaries off of her. Anyone that was a part of Steve Poizner’s campaign was excluded, shunned and blacklisted from future participation. It was not just me in 2010, and it is not just me in 2020 being punished for refusal to accede to the wishes of the elite.

Remember, the connection between these consultants and Jessica Patterson was first solidified in the Whitman effort in 2010.

Worse, Travis Allen and Steve Frank supporters were willfully exterminated from CAGOP Committees by Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle and crew. It was seeing the lists of CRP Committee-members that told me we were in for a long two years as conservatives. It also told me that the blacklist had returned (which I confirmed with off the record sources). I personally did not even ask for an appointment to anything, I knew better. Others found out the hard way.

So when I looked at the current list of CAGOP Delegates – I went through the list looking for Congressional Staff, Legislative Staff, Political Consultants, Staff of Consultants, employees of firms that are political in nature (aka treasurers, fundraisers, etc). I figured the near psychotic grip being exerted had some sort of basis in numbers and control. I was not disappointed.

Note – that I included myself in the count of political consultants.

I determined that 29% of the current delegates, based on the list I got in January fit the list of people with financial interests in CAGOP politics (don’t worry CRP, I am not publishing the list nor am I spamming it either). It took me a few hours to look up names, but I am 99% convinced this number is accurate.

What this means is that Travis Allen, Steve Frank or anyone else seeking to dethrone Jessica Patterson starts with a 27-2 deficit. (Not all 29% of the aforementioned are part of the machine, just most of them)

The system is rigged. Any candidates running for CAGOP office have to win 2/3 or more of the 71% of renaming delegates in order to win election against the establishment.

It gets better. In case you are wondering why any efforts to reform the proxy system are eviscerated, this is why. The rules committee, stacked with establishment, will torpedo any attempts to reform. Then you have to get 2/3 from the floor to adopt reform to override the stacked Rules Committee – which is also impossible due to the rigged system.

Proxies? Jessica Patterson got 584 Votes for CAGOP Chairman. This was 54% of the total vote. 257 of those 584 votes came by proxy. (This assumes that every proxy I thought was a Patterson vote actually was a Patterson vote)

257 out of 584 is 44%.

You can literally draw the conclusion that Jessica Patterson is a Proxy Chairman and that the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure are in complete control of the CAGOP.

This is not a representation of real Republicans. This is Failure, Inc.

Jan 132020

Chad Bianco will be years cleaning up the department. I’d have thought that dealing with Bob Epps and the Bomb Squad as well as the cover up of the Kevin Duffy serial child molestation scandal would have been at the top of the list, but a year in I’ve seen no updates on either.

Why are some of Sniff’s people still in charge of stuff?

The bottom line about former Chief Deputy Ron Dye – he got popped in a prostitution sting. (One of those “Victimless Crimes” that libertarian anarchists and sexual deviants want to legalize)

On Thursday, January 9, 2020, at the direction of Sheriff Chad Bianco, Temecula Special Teams coordinated a comprehensive “John” prostitution and narcotic sting operation in the city of Temecula.  This operation was conducted primarily as a prostitution sting, which targeted male “Johns,” soliciting an undercover female deputy for sexual favors in exchange for money.  During the operation, Temecula Special Teams simultaneously worked a narcotic investigation targeting subjects with active warrants known to buy/sell illegal narcotics.  During this operation, the following 10 people were arrested and booked at the Cois Byrd Detention Center:

  • Jeir Castillo, HMA, 25-year-old resident of Lake Elsinore, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Anthony Garcia, HMA, 21-year-old resident of Temecula, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Ron Dye, WMA, 72-year-old resident of Murrieta, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Everett Mays, BMA, 53-year-old resident of Temecula, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Chad Nehlsen, WMA, 41-year-old resident of Murrieta, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Daniel Wolff (WMA, 31-year-old resident of Temecula, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Juan Juan, HMA, 46-year-old resident of Wildomar, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Alfredo Becerra, HMA, 33-year-old Temecula transient / Possession of Illegal Narcotics and Felony Violation of Probation

  • Derrick Kendrick, BMA, 25-year-old resident of Winchester, Ca. / Possession of Illegal Narcotics

  • William Blackmon, WMA, 38-year-old Menifee transient / Possession of Illegal Narcotics and Felony Warrant

Ron Dye also donated $6,000 to Stan Sniff.

According to inside sources who I spoke to during and after the 2018 campaign, Dye was a jerk to anyone that disagreed with him and was used as a hatchet man while in the second floor. Dye was also alleged to have been working on some sort of lucrative contract out in Indio (referred to as “the desert”) where he was a Station Captain before becoming one of Stan Sniff’s butt-monkeys.

I received notification of this arrest several times suggesting that Dye was a universally loathed figure within the Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

The ghosts of Stan Sniff are all over and still active. I hope soon, I can give some updates about corruption being prosecuted, more of sniff’s goons being fired and real progress on the Kevin Duffy Cover-Up amongst others.

To be continued…