Jan 132020

Chad Bianco will be years cleaning up the department. I’d have thought that dealing with Bob Epps and the Bomb Squad as well as the cover up of the Kevin Duffy serial child molestation scandal would have been at the top of the list, but a year in I’ve seen no updates on either.

Why are some of Sniff’s people still in charge of stuff?

The bottom line about former Chief Deputy Ron Dye – he got popped in a prostitution sting. (One of those “Victimless Crimes” that libertarian anarchists and sexual deviants want to legalize)

On Thursday, January 9, 2020, at the direction of Sheriff Chad Bianco, Temecula Special Teams coordinated a comprehensive “John” prostitution and narcotic sting operation in the city of Temecula.  This operation was conducted primarily as a prostitution sting, which targeted male “Johns,” soliciting an undercover female deputy for sexual favors in exchange for money.  During the operation, Temecula Special Teams simultaneously worked a narcotic investigation targeting subjects with active warrants known to buy/sell illegal narcotics.  During this operation, the following 10 people were arrested and booked at the Cois Byrd Detention Center:

  • Jeir Castillo, HMA, 25-year-old resident of Lake Elsinore, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Anthony Garcia, HMA, 21-year-old resident of Temecula, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Ron Dye, WMA, 72-year-old resident of Murrieta, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Everett Mays, BMA, 53-year-old resident of Temecula, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Chad Nehlsen, WMA, 41-year-old resident of Murrieta, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Daniel Wolff (WMA, 31-year-old resident of Temecula, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Juan Juan, HMA, 46-year-old resident of Wildomar, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Alfredo Becerra, HMA, 33-year-old Temecula transient / Possession of Illegal Narcotics and Felony Violation of Probation

  • Derrick Kendrick, BMA, 25-year-old resident of Winchester, Ca. / Possession of Illegal Narcotics

  • William Blackmon, WMA, 38-year-old Menifee transient / Possession of Illegal Narcotics and Felony Warrant

Ron Dye also donated $6,000 to Stan Sniff.

According to inside sources who I spoke to during and after the 2018 campaign, Dye was a jerk to anyone that disagreed with him and was used as a hatchet man while in the second floor. Dye was also alleged to have been working on some sort of lucrative contract out in Indio (referred to as “the desert”) where he was a Station Captain before becoming one of Stan Sniff’s butt-monkeys.

I received notification of this arrest several times suggesting that Dye was a universally loathed figure within the Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

The ghosts of Stan Sniff are all over and still active. I hope soon, I can give some updates about corruption being prosecuted, more of sniff’s goons being fired and real progress on the Kevin Duffy Cover-Up amongst others.

To be continued…

Nov 072019

Blogger’s Note: My source data for this blog are several Sacramento Bee Articles, plus interviews with capitol people and of course my own personal opinion of Gavin Newsom.

On Halloween, Gavin Newsom was talking about passing out candy. In a self-promoting press conference, Newsom told attendees that AT&T had announced it would credit consumers whose cell service was impacted by the blackouts. The implication was that he had made it happen. “AT&T, to their credit, sent out a notification yesterday about crediting people, along the lines of what PG&E did as well, to at least acknowledge as a base minimum the disruption of their data plans and their cell service. That’s novel. I would like to say it’s not, but it is, for a telecommunication company to actually even acknowledge that. It’s a step in the right direction. Baby step in the right direction, but we have an enormous amount of work to do in that space as well.”

Gavin Newsom is running for President in 2024. He is not interested in dealing with extreme environmental laws, nuiscance lawsuits, “Inverse Condemnation” (where public utilities are held liable for acts of God) or the extreme cost of doing business.

It is all about feel-good soundbytes, like his absurd “Global Warming” (now called climate change because people are now predicting an Ice Age again) speech with regard to wildfires.

PG&E, the corporate cowards that they are, have never once fought back against the regulations that have made maintenance near impossible on their aging equipment. Instead, they poured money in to people like Gavin Newsom. True to form, now that PG&E are a swear word in California, Newsom is piling on:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants PG&E to give $100 to each of the hundreds of thousands of customers who experienced blackouts last week when the company shut off power to swaths of Northern California. “‘Californians should not pay the price for decades of PG&E’s greed and neglect,’ Newsom announced on Monday. ‘PG&E’s mismanagement of the power shutoffs experienced last week was unacceptable. We will continue to hold PG&E accountable to make radical changes – prioritizing the safety of Californians and modernizing its equipment.’” Somehow, Gavin Newsom picked numbers out of his tail, saying that PG&E should give each residential customer affected by the outage a $100 credit or rebate. Gavin Newsom urged the company to provide $250 to affected small businesses.

He said this on 10-14-2019

So did Gavin Newsom shake down PG&E?

After Newsom 10-29-2019 inaccurately claiming that PG&E had agreed to rebates/credits as he suggested, it appears that the weak-kneed leadership of PG&E acquiesced.

“The one-time rebate will only apply to the roughly 738,000 customers who lost power in the Oct. 9 shutoffs. There are no current plans for similar rebates for the three shutoffs that have followed since then, said PG&E spokesperson Tamar Sarkissian, but the utility is ‘open to having a policy discussion with state regulators and others.’

Gavin Newsom will use this in his upcoming Re-Election and for his Presidential Campaign. The timing of things happening makes it clear to this blogger that Gavin Newsom shook down the company from whom he took $209,000 in campaign cash. What did he threaten to do to PG&E?

Then a couple days later, AT&T announces free stuff. Did Gavin Newsom shake them down too?

Watch the pattern, folks – Gavin Newsom wants to break up or even better yet turn PG&E in to a government-run utility. If successful, this would be another centerpiece for his campaign.

AT&T and PG&E are fools for trying to deal with the rabid left. It won’t end well and they will become campaign fodder… to be continued…

Nov 062019

Take a look at this map. This is one of the four finalists and in my opinion is the front-runner for adoption. Note how District 1 and District 2 are missing a whole bunch of houses and streets? This is because this map is based on 2010.

It has been put to me by several people that Dominick Casey, the City Manager of Roseville says he fears a lawsuit by the social justice warriors more than the one Myself and others are threatening. This is likely due to Mr. Casey having tunnel vision and being a leftist himself – thus placing higher value on the opinions of fellow liberals. Mr. Casey should ask the members of the Roseville City Council who know me, or either supervisor that represent Roseville about my history. I don’t bluff.

It’s too bad that Mr. Casey wants to cost the city tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and punitive damages because of political tunnel vision.

Look at District 1 and 2. Both of those districts stand to be significantly higher in population than the other three districts in the city. This is a voting rights violation.

Also note that I had posited that two of the prime movers behind this all too early push for districts are obsessed with becoming mayor. Primarily, Scott Alvord who lives out in the West End of what would become District 2.

Several people I know have presented the idea of a Mayor elected city-wide, but those fixated on becoming mayor are having none of it. The City of Roseville has it’s charter written up so that the Mayor is chosen by being the top vote-getter in the prior election.

Note – the 3 odd districts are in one election and the 2 evens in the other according to plans I have heard.

There are a few other questions – given that the city has a spending limit that is a function of population, how is that resolved? The City limits campaign spending to $1.50 per registered voter. If Scott Alvord’s district is 30% larger how is that not against voting rights law for him to be able to spend more than the others?

Given that Pauline Roccucci and Scott Alvord appear to be fixated on the Mayor slot (according to multiple people present for city council meetings and Roseville Chamber Meetings) it appears to be another violation of the law to select a mayor from a district whose population is some 30% more than the others.

Why not elect a mayor citywide?

It is time for the Council-members to come clear to everyone about their personal agendas and it is time for Dominic Casey to stop minimizing those of us calling for sanity in the redistricting process. The social justice warriors have not even sent Roseville a letter yet (but they have sent one to Lincoln). There are not enough non-white people in Roseville to create a nexus for a false discrimination narrative that is the nexus for the threatened lawsuits against other cities.

Come clear about the agenda.

Slow Down.

Take those of us on the west side of town who actually live here seriously.

Nov 042019

I’ve got to ask the question, is Bonnie Gore running for higher office? She has a fundraiser coming up with Gentleman Jim Nielsen. Mr. Nielsen is our State Senator and is term-limited in 2022. Bonnie’s campaign staffer and current district director once worked for the Senator. (he’s a good dude by the way)

Gavin Newsom is a communist. He is also running for President in 2024. Therefore, California is a laboratory experiment for his paranoid fantasies. He is now using PG&E as a rag doll. It has long been the opinion of myself and others that Newsom wants to engineer a government takeover of PG&E:

PG&E has no one to thank but themselves for the position they are in. Conservatives hate them because they gave $500,000 against PROP 8, and Spent $1,000,000 defending the insane Cap and Trade Law + they Supported Chad Mayes’ Cap and Trade extension. PG&E also poured millions in to independent expenditures almost always against Conservatives.

Many of the squishy Republicans in office are there aided and abetted by PG&E.

But the Democrats have gotten even more of PG&E’s money, including Gavin Newsom who was raked it in.

While donating millions, the cowards that run PG&E never said anything about the environmental laws that hamstrung doing maintenance. Instead, they did little or nothing while power lines snapped and burned towns down. Rather than ask the state for relief, they filed bankruptcy to leave the insurance industry holding the bag for the disasters their snapped power lines caused.

However, there is NOTHING in American History that has gotten better with the government running it. Even the National Park Service was used as a pawn in Barack Hussein Obama’s narcissistic rage over a budget fight.

Here is my supervisor (who I gave $250 to and did professional work on behalf of in an independent effort) extolling the virtues of government-run utilities. Note the similarities between her talking points and Gavin Newsom’s talking points:

Supervisor Gore makes zero mention of the following: The state legislature put PG&E on the hook for acts of God, that’s right if an earthquake hits, or a landslide or a flood and a PG&E line snaps and burns down a neighborhood PG&E pays. The state legislature has passed such extreme environmental laws over the last 20 years that clearing power lines and doing maintenance costs tens of thousands of dollars in paperwork and months of bureaucratic delays. The Enviros sue PG&E frequently to hamstring them building infrastructure.

What my supervisor has done is what Gavin Newsom is doing – talking about the symptoms and not the cause. The political money and CEO bonuses are outrageous and should be stopped, but refusing to talk about the entire picture in the process of extolling a government takeover is intellectually dishonest. No one is talking about the liability issue or the environmental law issue.

I remember the Bonnie Mertus I met 20 years ago when she worked for Rico Oller. I want that Bonnie back. The big government Bonnie that looks like she is lining up a run for State Senate is not the Bonnie I thought I was donating $250 to when I helped run Jack Duran out of office.

Oct 312019

I’ve now been told by 5 different capitol insiders that Marie Waldron is muzzling CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson. I have alluded to it in previous posts – so now I am going to spell it out.

What the hell does Trump have to do with this? A core belief among pretty much everyone in “Leadership” and their consultants believe that Donald Trump was a #YUGE factor in the shellacking in 2018. It is a level of denial and projection that may well be clinical.

I spoke repeatedly to one insider after another (some of whom are not Republicans anymore and have moved on to lobbying jobs, etc) that said it was all about Trump. So while trying to soft-peddle the President in 2018, they alienated even more voters than were already allegedly alienated. (Remember the oft-used canard of the suburban woman voter that abandoned the GOP in 2018?) Nowhere in their paradigm is a discussion of the nearly $3 Billion poured in by rage-filled old white guys (Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer) and the fixation on Ballot Harvesting was also short lived.

In a previous post I called on Marie Waldron to resign over her intransigence related to Bill Brough. I’ll back off my call a bit as it relates to Jessica Patterson as I am now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Marie Waldron is protecting the monster Bill Brough and is keeping Jessica Patterson Muzzled.

First off, it is clear that Jessica Patterson is upset over the behavior of Bill Brough and wants to go public with her disdain for it.

Secondly, it has been put to me by people in various parts of the state that once I started writing about Sean Doherty, that Jessica Patterson became very interested in who Doherty might have been talking to about political work in California so she could make sure Sean did not get hired. The parallels between the abuse that Doherty was allowed to commit over time and the abuse that has recently been exposed regarding Bill Brough are undeniable.

Third, I have confirmed more than once that the tiny Assembly GOP Caucus is divided 10-9 in favor of Marie being Permanent Minority Leader. Bill Brough is vote #10. Never, EVER underestimate the self-interest of a “leader”.

Fourth, and this is key. The Assembly and Senate members, all 30 of them, are still angry with the “little people” rising up against Chad Mayes.

Remember the county parties taking resolutions that led to votes of more committees and then a vote at the CAGOP’s Board of 13-7 calling on Mayes to step down as leader?  When you are dealing with egos that defy normal explanation and you cross in to that realm, it can get sticky. Generally, activists step on the toes of the officeholders, it is what we are supposed to do. The officeholders resent us for doing it as well. 

Jessica Patterson is in a place where she is going to have to make a choice quickly as the scandal-riddled Bill Brough and Duncan Hunter are going to need to be escorted out of their respective areas. The longer these radioactive candidates last as a political factor in their district – they will damage those around them. It is time for Patterson to break the leadership veil and call out the serial abuser/harasser Bill Brough.

You see, the “Orange Man’s” Ascension had a lot to do with Republican Leaders like these. His very existence exposes their moral bankruptcy. With few exceptions in the Republican Caucuses it is on display as our registration numbers plummet.

Duncan Hunter could Take Assemblyman Randy Voepel out with him. Brough’s AD-73 has pieces (or proximity to) three congressional districts, one is Michelle Park Steel, another is CA45 and the last is the feckless Bryan Maryott in CA49. All get affected by Bill Brough. It has been made clear to your intrepid blogger that our party chair is not in favor of keeping Bill Brough office any longer. Just Marie Waldron and Pat Bates stand in the way. The subject of Pat Bates’ intransigence is going to be looked at in a bit… and we again call on Marie Waldron to resign over the moral failure of protecting a monster like Bill Brough.

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