Sep 182018

Your intrepid blogger made a sudden trip to Riverside County. I did not tell very many people I was going to Riverside County as I wanted the element of surprise.

My weekend started in bizarre fashion with three Hell’s Angels sitting near me on the plane I caught to Ontario and the boss-man looking at me and saying “You, you’re trouble”. That will be a great story to tell for years to come…

I had a list of places I wanted to visit and ended up hitting double the number of locations that I had planned to hit.

#1 I got to meet Donald Vincent Brooks. It is clear to me that Mr. Brooks is being railroaded and the reason he has not been utterly destroyed is because he fought back. It is my belief that Cornett, Pelato, Lenton and others will be held accountable for misconduct if Sniff is ousted as Sheriff. Otherwise Brooks is in for a years-long legal fight that I believe he wins.

#2 I went to the home of Carmen Mariscal. Her home was a gaudy display of a gigantic Stan Sniff banner and Stan Sniff signs. It is alleged that Mariscal’s business has issues – but what is known is that her business partner and brother is a Convicted Felon. That did not stop the Sheriff from accepting multiple checks from the business and a recent $5k Check from Carmen herself.

#3 I learned that Lt. Magnan, (who is despised by his men) is allegedly having an affair with the office manager of the Lake Elsinore Station. So not only is Magnan condescending and sadistic to his subordinates, he is a scumbag who is cheating on his wife. (At least that is what I think of him and apparently I am not alone) I learned this when I received an anonymous request to go check out the broken gate at Lake Elsinore. The gate at the Lake Elsinore Station is “kind of” fixed. I did not end up going to Lake Elsinore, but also had a chance interaction with the Mayor of Lake Elsinore at an event Sat PM. Suffice to say their City Council are not fans of Stan Sniff…

#4 I went to Sheriff’s Admin. I wanted to see the fabled “Second Floor”. The Sheriff’s Admin Building is a joke. The County Admin Building is a beautiful (overpriced) new edifice. The County Admin building which is across the street is where they screw over injured workers by litigating and delaying worker’s comp claims. The “Second Floor” is where Sheriff’s Admin is and where Stanley and all his “men” go to inflict tyranny on the rank and file.

I also ended up shooting a second video from the alley behind the old, drab relic from the 1950’s. I also got to see the main jail, which was the scene of an embarrassing escape that we wrote about. They ended up digging a tunnel between the buildings after the escape. BREAKING NEWS – the Door in the tunnel is broken and has to be locked and unlocked with a key.

#5 I visited Moreno Valley Station, which is run by one of the biggest cowards in the entire department (not named Stan Sniff), Dave “Kurly” Kurylowicz. It was interesting to see how nice the building was, especially knowing what a disaster the management of it is. Kurly is known for having several fake facebook accounts that he uses to attack people with. He has also used fake accounts I believe to be his to attack my business and my wife.

#6 I visited Mohammad Ali Mazarei’s AM/PM Travel Zone. I indicated I was getting a Slurpee there, I was later informed when I saw Ali that night that AM/PM sells ICEE’s. I could not tell the difference. Mohammad had a ton of campaign stuff in his place, I assumed he was out campaigning, which is why I missed him. It turns out that Ali owns the Truck Stop and the Car Wash on the same premises.

Some of the only places I saw Sniff Signs where where Ali Placed them, at Chandi’s AM/PM stations and around the Moreno Valley Station – ostensibly placed by Kurly (hopefully off the clock, ahem).

One of the neatest things in a long time happened when I was in the parking lot of Mohammad’s Travelzone center – a deputy from a nearby Station rolled up next to my rental car and introduced himself to me. He thanked me for what I was doing to deal with the Corrupt Sheriff!

#7 I visited El Felonasco restaurant in Perris. It is in old town Perris. The area was a cool little area, but the owners of the restaurant have issues. As written about previously, the father got a felony conviction and had to transfer the ownership of the business in to the daughter’s name (at least that is the conclusion I drew based on the evidence I had) The father still owns the building. The interesting development is that the Sniff 4×8 Signs are no longer up at the establishment.

#8 I visited Hemet Station. I had to see where Leonard “Lenny” Purvis was keeping Chad Bianco in the cooler. Hemet’s proximity to Banning made it make sense for why Purvis ended up in Hemet. Hemet is a complete war zone. I saw gang bangers riding their bikes along main street. (and a lot of blight and spray paint)

#9 Was the Palm Desert Disaster. I said hello to Geronimo Contreras, Richard Ramirez, Sgt Selfie (aka Robert Garcia) and Captain Huskey. The Palm Desert Station looks really nice from the outside, but it is a complete and utter disaster inside. Dilapidated equipment, mismanagement and dysfunction are the order of the day.

#10 Epic Sign Trolling – out in “The Desert” as they call the Palm Springs Area (which includes 5 cities spread out over some 40 miles), Chad Bianco’s campaign signs were ubiquitous, especially in areas near the Sheriff Substations. Two such photos are embedded, including the double 2×4 sign across from Thermal Station.

#11 Thermal Station. This is the home of some of the worst equipment in the entire department. Most of the rusted out cars were parked at this station. Similar to Palm Desert, they are beset by malfunctioning BWC Chargers, antiquated computers, shortages and the like.

#12 Criminal Defense Attorney John Dolan. Stan Sniff has taken two checks from Dolan who is defending the monster that murdered two Palm Springs Police Officers. One of the slain deputies is the wife of a current Sheriff’s Deputy. I also saw the memorial on Highway 111 naming that road after the slain officers. Of all the things that Stan Sniff has done, taking TWO campaign checks from John Dolan is the most outrageous (with perhaps the Kevin Duffy serial child molester Cover-Up being worse).

LUCKY #13 – the Riverside County Dump. Aka: Stan Sniff’s home. I decided to check out the neighborhood of Stanley. The neighborhood looks a lot like many neighborhoods in Roseville, with the exception that Stanley’s neighborhood is one of $1.3MM homes (or more). I guess having a 1980’s construction home with a 3 car garage, over-sized lot and about 2500 sqf. costs $1.3MM in the City of Riverside. True to form, Sniff had a county vehicle parked in front of his home and not in a garage (like everyone else is told to do).

My video from Stanley’s house was a crowd favorite, I suppose. See the text message exchange embedded in this post.

Stan Sniff is a bully who also happens to be an incompetent leader. The evidence of his ham-fisted tyrannical management style is legion.

I was told this weekend that NO LESS THAN 7 Lieutenants are being Personnel Investigated (aka PERS-ed) by Stan Sniff’s goon squad (internal affairs). One of those Lt’s by the name of Lujan was mentioned specifically. Amazingly, I have never spoken to or met anyone named Lujan.

I am also aware of at least 5 more rank-and-file level employees being PERS’ed – beyond the young man that was suspended for two weeks (without pay) for snapping a picture of himself in uniform with a Chad Bianco sign in his hands.

I went to Riverside County for one purpose. If you are afraid of Stan Sniff, please come forward ([email protected]) you are not alone. If a blogger from Roseville, CA can drive through the belly of the beast and stand up to the corrupt Sheriff, so can you.

Stan Sniff is wounded, but he is not done yet. Now is your best chance to restore justice to Riverside County. I am here to give you a voice and yes you can remain anonymous.

Jul 162018

It is the new fad infesting law enforcement, make a lame ass lip-sync video to make your selves
not look like Christian Dekker or Mark Bostrom to the community.

Most inside the Riverside Sheriff’s Office are acting with pure disdain.

Their equipment is broken.

They are forced to work ghastly amounts of overtime. due to staffing shortages

250 colleagues left last year.

People in their management team get away with cheating, lying and stealing and it is covered up.

The Sheriff Sides with the ACLU over deputies on key issues.

They arrest the same felons 5 times a week because the Sheriff has refused to lead on the Jail Staffing Issue.

The budget is being wasted on a variety of things that are pretty easy to address, and occassionally the magic fairy raises her wand and poof there’ some more money!

The solution? Make some lame video. Waste more money and Manpower. Note that Officer Joe Cornejo is highlighted as a participant in the Cheating Scandal. Does this mean he is preforming service for the Second Floor to get back in good graces?

Well another deputy registered their disdain for the lip sync challenge:

Jul 072018

Blogger’s Note: If you are still seeing the hack, it has been cleared. Clear your Browser Cookies and History and any strange pop-ups will stop. 

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I wonder if the results of the election have changed the stonewalling of the Judge by the Second Floor.

Blogger’s Note: The following is a summary of issues in the case of Gabe Dennington against the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Dennington appears to have been railroaded by his Captain. This is standard practice under Stan Sniff. Also pay attention to the players involved. You will recall that Brandon Ford was involved in the leaked email that shows the open corruption of Stan Sniff’s management team conspiring to campaign on government time. Dennington prevailed in his case despite the appearance of County Admin and Sniff Subordinates committing felonies in an attempt to defend against the lawsuit.

The then Captain that railroaded Dennington retired and is leeching a massive pension off of the taxpayers when he should be prosecuted for what he did in his career (as should Brandon Ford and Stan Sniff). It is clear that Captain / Chief Deputy John Anderson (promoted by Sniff) was friends with the tow truck company owner and wanted to destroy Dennington for pulling over one of the tow trucks for making illegal tows. This sort of behavior is commonplace in Stan Sniff’s department.

Source documents: Appellate court decision became final on 02/17/2018 upholding the trial court’s decision. The trial court granted the Writ of mandate reinstating Dennington,

The initial complaint encompassed 3 incidents that occurred with Hook and book towing. The complaint was written by the owner, Daniel Morales and his wife. Neither had firsthand knowledge of any of these events and relied on employees who were less than honest.  Sgt. John Whitting, who was a participant in two of the incidents, was initially assigned to handle the personnel investigation and was later removed due to his involvement.

So the first issue is for some reason (Pretty much a personal vendetta of at the time Captain John Anderson of the Moreno Valley Station) Dennington’s incident was the only incident investigated.  Why were the rest ignored?

Second issue, this case was investigated in house at the Moreno Valley Station and not turned over to internal affairs. Odd considering there were criminal implications alleged and by department policy should have been handled by internal affairs. Seems that Anderson, who initiated the PERS, wanted to keep it under his control to get the result he desired (Investigate to terminate).  The investigation is supposed to handled, without any interference to ensure an independent and unbiased investigation, by whoever it is assigned to. Yet Sgt. Gyll met with Anderson and Lt. Brandon Ford (Also promoted to chief deputy after the sheriff was made aware of his involvement and possible criminal acts during this investigation) after each interview and was instructed how to proceed with his investigation, a major POBRA (Police Officers Bill of Administrative  Rights)violation.

Third issue, when Dennington was notified that he was being investigated, the department notified him of all the allegations but left out the most serious charge of destroying evidence. I believe if this allegation was made that Dennington would have brought an attorney with him to his interview and that is why the department omitted it from the notice. This is a major POBRA violation. (The notification is in the Exhibits from the record of appeal)

Fourth issue, the only person to be interviewed twice was the department chaplain who was riding along with Dennington during the incident. Chaplin Jones fully corroborated Dennington’s accounts of the incident in his initial interview.   During his second interview Jones was interrogated rigorously without counsel but did not waiver much from his initial interview other than the doubt the investigators psychologically beat into him about minor details. For this the department (John Anderson after promoting to Chief Deputy) called him a liar and relieved him of his voluntary status as a CHAPLIN. (Investigate to terminate???)

Fifth issue, John Anderson held onto the completed investigation from the beginning of march to the end of June after making his commander recommendation to terminate Dennington, A major POBRA violation. Could this be because he already knew that as soon as Boris Robinson’s retirement was final, he would get promoted to Chief?  Considering that his first act as chief was to put Dennington on administrative leave and ultimately terminate him, one might draw that conclusion.

Sixth issue, Dennington, RSA, and his attorney made two written requests prior to his Skelly hearing, and a verbal request at the Skelly hearing with now Chief John Anderson (I know, you’re thinking the same John Anderson that initiated, supervised, and made the recommendation to terminate based on the investigation after holding it for several months after the investigation  was already complete, then made the final decision to terminate Dennington  John Anderson?  Are you kidding me?) to preserve the camera and SD card after making the argument that there was exonerating proof that could be forensically verified on that evidence.

Then after making the final decision to uphold his self-recommended and determined termination of Dennington, did not preserve the evidence which was argued to him that would exonerate Dennington when examined forensically. When in fact he had the evidence returned to the owner and when they retrieved it for the purpose of examination by Dennington’s forensic expert, the SD card was wiped clean in a way that their own forensic testified would take a special type of program and extensive effort that a normal person would not have access to, essentially destroying exculpatory evidence as was the finding of the trial court of the actions of the department. Evidence “accidently” destroyed AFTER three attempts and the argument made that it was exonerating?

Seventh issue, during the arbitration, the passenger of the tow truck told a very different story than he initially told investigators. When he was questioned on the discrepancies he claimed that he was told what to say by his boss Daniel Morales. My question, one that according to the record was never asked by Dennington’s former attorney, how Morales knew what the questions were going to be? Oddly during Morales’s belligerent testimony, He and John (Yes he and Anderson are on a first name basis) had talked several times DURING the ONGOING investigation (Pretty unethical and illegal I might add) and how he assured him that Dennington would be held responsible. (Investigate to Terminate).

Eighth issue, John Anderson maintained authority and control over the case determining that the department should appeal the decision of the trial court, even after the sheriff was made aware of the corrupt actions of Anderson and Ford during the investigation and destruction of evidenceAnderson maintained this authority and control until he retired. I bet you won’t believe it, but he handed that control over to none other than Chief Ford……Hmmmm I wonder why.

Blogger’s Note – It should be noted that even after Dennington won his case in resounding fashion that Chief Ford and crew are administratively putting up roadblocks to Dennington returning to work or receiving his settlement in defiance of the court. 

Ninth issue, Appellate court decision became final on 02/17/2018 upholding the trial court’s decision. The trial court granted the Writ of mandate reinstating Dennington, compensating him for lost wages and lost benefits, paying his attorney fees, and remanded the case back to the arbitrator for only determining proper punishment for the remaining allegation, which Dennington openly admitted to without hesitation, which is 8 hours according to the discipline matrix and past practices (Pretty sure this can be handled with a couple emails). Yet Dennington is not back to work or even on administrative leave. He has not been compensated for back wages or benefits. It has been 30days since the court’s decision has been final and un-appealable, yet the Department is blatantly not complying with the courts orders? Is it possible he (STAN SNIFF) doesn’t want to explain having to pay a huge sum of money to a deputy because he was aware of criminal acts committed by his Executive Staff  and did nothing to remedy the situation so close to the election?

How many people did John Anderson destroy in his reign of terror? When I read the complete shellacking the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department took at the hands of the California 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, it was clear that twice that John Anderson and Christopher Brandon Ford got shredded by the judges involved. Yet, here is Brandon Ford in the middle of Stan Sniff’s second floor, still up to his neck in corruption. Of course John Anderson was part of the second floor before he retired, he appears to be the kind of scum that Sniff promotes.

What about the Tow Truck company? Were they illegally towing cars to shake people down for money? Why did John Anderson care so much about Gabe Dennington pulling over a tow truck and arresting the occupants? Was John Anderson making money off the tow operation? Why did Stan Sniff allow the blatant corruption and conflicts of interest to exist? 

Do you see the pattern? There are constants, the investigators try to trick those they are investigating in to talking without representation. In this case, it is likely that John Anderson coached witnesses to perjure themselves. (Btw, the trial judges said as much in their rulings) 

Is Hook and Book towing a County Contractor? If so, why

Chief Deputy Brandon Ford – already burnt to a crisp on this blog for campaigning on public time, should be fired and prosecuted for corruption. John Anderson should be brought out of retirement and the same done to him. 

Meantime – in my opinion, due to Brandon Ford’s continued involvement in this case, the county is stonewalling complying with the writ of mandate from the 4th Circuit Court. 

You will never see stories like this in the Riverside Press Enterprise, but I am happy to write them here. Have you been screwed over? Contact RightonDaily, tell your story, you can remain anonymous. Do you know about corruption in the department?, same thing, come forward and tell the story. You can remain anonymous.

P.S. My source(s) for this story do not include Gabe Dennington himself, as typical of the cover ups that have defined the Stan Sniff era, Mr. Dennington is under a Gag Order, which I believe County Admin is taking advantage of to try and defy the court’s ruling. 

Jun 042018

When an article starts out with this:

Immigration rights advocates are praising the recent decisions by the San Bernardino and Riverside county sheriff’s departments to no longer detain undocumented immigrants for the federal government without sufficient probable cause.

It is not a good thing. This twisted logic sounds like Sniff’s “Good Cause” BS related to CCW Permits.

Stan Sniff once again shows his true stripes when the chips are down – politics first, public safety last.

Riverside County has also stopped honoring the federal government’s request to hold inmates whose citizenship is questioned.

“It is up to ICE to work toward a reinstatement of immigration holds,” said Deputy Albert Perez, a spokesman for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Got it? The Feds are supposed to know who is illegal, so we won’t help them anymore. Stan Sniff in 2014 contributed to the jail overcrowding and the crime problem. It is possible that part of the hatred between Dave Brown and Stan Sniff is the illegal alien crime wave that has hit Hemet as a result of Sniff’s policies that allow them to hide from ICE in Riverside County.

Enter the ACLU:

Tens of thousands of people statewide are detained under the 287(g) program daily, and the actions of the San Bernardino and Riverside county sheriff’s departments, as well as other law enforcement agencies following suit, will have a tremendous impact, said Jennie Pasquarella, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

“It’s the right decision in regards to policy,” Pasquarella said. “This helps to ensure that the sheriff’s departments can continue to do their job, rather than expending their resources doing the work of the federal government.”

Stan Sniff has aligned himself with the ACLU an alarmingly high number of times. This should give anyone pause and should also inform everyone of Sniff’s lack of core principles. The ACLU is not a friend of law enforcement at all.

Pictured: Sgt. Jeronimo Contrares taking a break from screwing over RSO employees to pose for a photo with a prominent local illegal alien’s rights activist Nancy Gonzales. She is a chapter president of Lideras Campesinas, one of the leading lobby groups advocating for illegal alien farm labor.

May 272018

I was leaked a copy of the internal report related to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Investigator exam cheating scandal. Allow me to do the job that the Desert Sun did not do – and that is to tell the whole story beyond Cornett and Colmer who were named by the Desert Sun. The cover-up of this was massive and the Desert Sun barely scratched the surface of what happened. I am not going to publish a copy of the documents I received in order to protect people from further retaliation by Stan Sniff.

Remember – we broke the cheating scandal 1/22/2018, several weeks before the Desert Sun Did. See a follow up piece here on 2/12/2018 related to the scandal.

I read the entire 80 page report. Some 26 employees of the department are named. About half straight out admitted fault. The half that did not used hair-splitting nuance to try and dance around what they did. If I was their boss, I’d have all of their files flagged for a moral hazard and would be documenting them for termination (Lt. Mark Bostrom would have more work than he knew what to do with). It is clear that almost everyone involved (there are a few people in this report that appear innocent of cheating) knew what they were doing and that it was wrong, whether they admitted it or not.

I have also noticed that a lot of the people that work for PSB, aka the “Rat Squad” have since been promoted. It is clear as I have been learning about Sheriff Stan Sniff’s department that he uses the scum of the earth (most of whom are from the sewer of the Rat Squad) as a breeding ground for ethically-challenged butt-monkeys to promote to senior management. The more ethically flawed and easy to control, the better. The honest ones are usually terminated with extreme prejudice.

Please note that Katheryn Quezada, who was the original whistle-blower has been promoted twice since she rolled over on her fellow deputies. Promoting self-serving whistle blowers is a standard procedure within the department furthering the decimation of morale. It is reputed that Quezada’s reasons for coming forward were not reasons of conscience, rather that her promotions were the primary nexus.

Several people stick out from the report I received:

Based on what I read, Lance Colmer got thrown under the bus and made to take the fall, contrast this to Cornett another central figure, who has since been promoted. It is clear to this blogger that Colmer tried to help a colleague and got turned in to the central figure in order to whitewash the scandal. Of interest is that John Anderson, of Gabe Dennington fame hated Lance Colmer and wanted to destroy him, it is reputed that Brandon Ford and John Anderson worked that angle hard in this case.

Joshua Hephner – guilty as sin, yet was combative and uncooperative with the investigation. The investigators added dishonesty to his investigation file. If I was his boss, I’d have given him max punishment and lined him up for termination. If I was a defense attorney, I’d toss him around like a rag doll. Note that the investigation added lying as a cause for action against Hephner.

Saykham Iemsisanith and Kent Eckenrode – their stuff was forwarded several times to several people. I am sure they got some sort of discipline, but their names are dotted all over this report.

David Komins – guilty as sin, yet called Kent Eckenrode a liar in a lame attempt to save his own skin. See my comments about Hephner.

Jason Gore – This one is a big deal. He is married to Jessica Gore who is Stan Sniff’s executive assistant who works alongside Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela on the second floor. (I never knew her damn name until recently) Jason Gore’s name is all over the report. Unsurprisingly, he refused to admit guilt, even though it is clear he got “help” from three different people including Brandon Frank who freely admitted he violated department procedure. There is a widely held opinion that one of the primary reasons for covering up this cheating scandal was to keep Gore’s name out of the public eye. Connecting Gore to the scandal would have landed the scandal in Stan Sniff’s office. Welcome. Gore is reputed to have quietly gotten some minor discipline related to this.

Please click here for Page 1, then Page 2 and Page 3 of Jason Gore’s Interview.

Cole Simon – got caught in more than one lie. His name appears repeatedly in the report as a central figure. This guy should not be on the force anymore, period.

Cole Simon called the investigators liars, and earned a notation that his investigation was expanded to include dishonesty.

You can read about Cole Simon Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 (where the dishonesty notation is) and Page 4 where he emailed following the interview to apologize for his outburst.

Why the Desert Sun ignored Cole Simon and Jason Gore is beyond me. I’ve been told that the Desert Sun warned Sheriff Stan Sniff that the article was coming out and some sort of deal was made specifically to keep Jason Gore out of the story. SO, even after the cover-up was unraveled, the attempts to contain the damage continued.

It is also clear from reading the report that several leads were not followed up on, (As I counted far more than 26 names) giving complete credence to speculation that the investigation was halted before it ran its’ course. Even worse is that it is also well-known that Undertaker Diyoyo wrote the reports on behalf of the investigator whose name is on them. (Lacy Stutler) Skilled observers will notice that none other than Captain Leonard Purvis signed off on the report. This is extremely unusual and is actually unheard of. No one I have talked to in the department has ever had a report signed off on by a Captain. It is the job of a Sergeant. Understanding the significance of this is a key to understanding the levels of control and cover-up. Captain Leonard Purvis was involved in the cover-up up to his spindly neck. I also take note that then Captain Brandon Ford is the most senior member of the Rat-Squad listed on the report. (Remember Ford appears in stories about the corruption of the department regularly)

Beyond the laundry list of ethical and management failures that have characterized the Stan Sniff tenure as Riverside Sheriff – the cover up of this cheating scandal would be reason enough by itself to fire Stan Sniff.

Thanks to the honest employees of law enforcement, the truth is coming out and people are reading this blog in record numbers. We will continue writing the stories until Stan Sniff is reduced to a political footnote.