Jul 162018

It is the new fad infesting law enforcement, make a lame ass lip-sync video to make your selves
not look like Christian Dekker or Mark Bostrom to the community.

Most inside the Riverside Sheriff’s Office are acting with pure disdain.

Their equipment is broken.

They are forced to work ghastly amounts of overtime. due to staffing shortages

250 colleagues left last year.

People in their management team get away with cheating, lying and stealing and it is covered up.

The Sheriff Sides with the ACLU over deputies on key issues.

They arrest the same felons 5 times a week because the Sheriff has refused to lead on the Jail Staffing Issue.

The budget is being wasted on a variety of things that are pretty easy to address, and occassionally the magic fairy raises her wand and poof there’ some more money!

The solution? Make some lame video. Waste more money and Manpower. Note that Officer Joe Cornejo is highlighted as a participant in the Cheating Scandal. Does this mean he is preforming service for the Second Floor to get back in good graces?

Well another deputy registered their disdain for the lip sync challenge:

  9 Responses to “The RSO Lip Sync Challenge is Getting Out of Control – Make Sure You Mark Yourself Safe On Facebook #EPIC FAIL STAN SNIFF”

  1. It would be nice if Chad Bianco and Stan Sniff participated in the Lip Synic Battle.

  2. It would be nice if Chad Bianco and Stan Sniff participated in the Lip Synic Battle. Bring it on.

  3. Can someone explain the purpose of this lip synch nonsense? I’ve seen several videos on LinkedIn, and, although “cute,” does this boost esprit de corps? Is there a fund the departments contribute to for some cause? Is this supposed to show some “human side” of uniformed men and women acting like they’re on Soul Train?

    If not, why are the lunatics running the asylum pushing for department member participation? Shouldn’t these memos be to communicate BIANCO FOR SHERIFF – 2018?

    Any why Justine Timberlake? What has he done to deserve this? Leave him out of this.

  4. @john s
    From the perspective of the public , I think there should be a point other than police acting cute.

    I also dont think the police should have to fit some image that people find palatable. I think its better to provide education to the public about police instead. Part of the problem is that police are not respected anymore. I dont think this is the way to reach out and communicate to the public.

    We need to permit police to do their job. Back them up. This is the opposite because its saying you are some kind of new police who are cute, silly and fun. So the public will accept you. Because they dont accept you when you do your job.

    I did that opposite of this fuckery. I put on a screening of Officer Involved. Chad Bianco came to speak hes the only LEO who would do it. People watched this documentary how learned that police are human. Officers involved in shootings might cry afterwards, they may have nightmares, have a hard time asking for counseling,and reach out to other cops for support because they think no one else can understand.

    We also learned that while few are involved in shootings, the day to day stress of the job eventually causes stress, too. Problems at home, difficulty with relationships, divorces. Difficulty coping with retirement. Chad talked to the group who attended the movie. That was a hell of a lot more effective than cops lip-syncing and dancing to get the public to be more understanding of cops.

  5. These ridiculous little social media stunts like the lip sync, mannequin, running man challenges should NOT include the uniform and badge that was once representative of authority, honor and integrity. Having sworn peace officers in uniform (while on duty) dancing around like a bunch of fools is NOT professional and it makes what should be a respected position of authority look like a bunch of unprofessional idiots. As a taxpayer, I do not appreciate my tax dollars being wasted on the production of these stupid little skits.

  6. I cannot believe that Stanley is forcing his troops to participate in this worthless video for his own political gain. I’m sure that “Want to be captain Kurylowicz” is also behind this and is also forcing his troops. What’s next Stanley dressing up everyone like cowboys and making them pass cow shit. Anything for a vote !!!

    Little advice for Stanley resign before you get indicted.

    As for you Kurylowicz you are out of your league and little do you know that the troops, other captains and the Mo Val Council members laugh behind your back and have no respect for you.

    This department has no leadership and it’s a sinking boat, it all comes back to Stanley.

    Chad Bianco for Sheriff 2018

  7. If you noticed on this one, Joe was the sacrificial lamb to save the Mo.Val. Captain from ridicule and embarrassment. I bet it went like,”Joe. you write the memo, and you put your name to it, even though it’s coming from me.” Maybe if Misty would have done the same thing, it would have saved her some embarrassment, but she is not a forward thinker, but good thinking on your part Kurky. Although everyone is curious to know who on the second floor agreed to this nonsense, Vest, Gutierrez, Horton, Wood, Kubel, Evans? I have a song they can all sing come January, “Out of a job” by Gary U.S. Bonds.

  8. Come on let’s be real Kurly has nothing to do with this. If it was him the song choice would have been its raining men.

  9. Remember – we have guns

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