Oct 052011

Everyone that reads this blog is aware that Rick Perry is looking AWFUL in the recent GOP Presidential Debates.

I am sure you’ve also read about Perry’s family getaway…

It appears that the same self-destructive behavior patterns are repeating themselves in California. I am putting this info out there in advance of any other campaigns attempting to use this against Rick Perry at a later time in the campaign.

You have already read about David Reade – Perry’s Northern California Chair and his role in the campaign to undermine the California Republican Party’s platform.

There is another member of the Perry team – Jimmy Camp that has a history of supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 primary. The story is linked here and I quote it below:

You’re a Republican rock musician.
It was more of that libertarian attitude that the party was based on, which I think the party has completely strayed from. I’m not happy with our party right now. To be honest, this year, for the first time ever, even way back in the primary, I supported Barack Obama. I volunteered for him. My Republican friends will all be pissed off, but there’s a lot of reasons.

Now – I am putting this out there now because the other GOP Campaigns are sure to use David Reade’s role in the Munger platform and the lying and deceit – but the Jimmy Camp thing is not inside baseball, it is right out there and pretty easy to see.

There is another quote in the article that I would also assume that would be used against Mr. Camp:

Campaigning to me is a thing of the past. I want nothing to do with it. This job is so much more important. If I have Corps members I’m close to that if they weren’t in the Corps, they’d be dead.

So it’s not that you had some alienating moment with campaigns.
I had many alienating moments. But it was always like, “What else am I going to do?” I don’t have a college degree. It wasn’t like I had some fallback. We do important work, compared to campaigning, where it’s like “I got some asshole elected who’s going to forget about me.”

Oh Gheez. The world of politics is one of parsed words and intellectual sophistry. I can hardly wait to see the spin on this one.

I am wondering if Rick Perry and his crew did any vetting at all about their team? Again, I know Mr. Camp – he is good at what he does, but the Obama thing is going to be embarrassing. The David Reade thing is going to cause trouble in conservative circles and the North State. Add in the fact that one of the top Guns for Perry in California (John Peshong) voted against the conservative platform is establishing a pattern that I don’t think Team Perry wants.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is hitting his stride, folks.

My Update on the GOP Prez Primary

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Oct 042011

Rick Perry – keeps attempting Suicide. (More on that, soon) Remains to be seen if he can pull his head out.

Ron Paul – intellectually dishonest and getting exposed as such. His recent lambasting of the US over killing that monster in Yemen is the latest. He is also insane. Will stay in until March and will stay at single digits.

Michelle Bachmann – the more she is exposed to the camera, the worse she is looking. Too bad, I agree with her more than the rest (except Rick Santorum)

Herman Cain – is NOT, I repeat, NOT a “Darkhorse” Candidate. He is DOA, his Florida Straw Poll and recent ‘surge’ to 7% are anomolies. Remember, Cain ran in 2000 for President and appears to be unwilling to spend a significant amount of his own resources.

Rick Santorum – running for VP.

Newt Gingrich – has the potential to surprise everyone, don’t count him out. When the media starts to focus on his current wife being the product of an affair on his past wife – then you’ll know that Newt is gaining traction.

Mitt Romney – he is moving in for the kill. He has spent the last three years moving his people in to place and he is willing to spend a ton of his own money to win. He is playing the debates safe as well – this, folks is your front-runner. Make peace with it – in my opinion, only Newt and Perry have a chance at this juncture.

Rick Perry to Announce Soon?

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Jun 152011

My wife is from Alaska – so I know who she’s supporting ;-).

My concern about Sarah Palin is that she got destroyed by the Bush-McCain squishes in 2008 and that drumbeat has been constant ever since. It is a theme in politics to repeate fallacious and absurd charges obesessively against people you want to destroy – kind of like what is happening on the Placer GOP Cent Com.

Difference – no one cares about the Placer GOP Cent Com (save a few) and everyone cares about their next President.

So – while I feel that Palin has been a victim of the MSM + the Bush-McCain squishes, perception is reality.

Which is why Rick Perry is such a good candidate – the smears will start with the campaign and without a 3 year head start – and Perry is everything Palin is idealogically.

I don’t normally blog on National Politics – but I felt compelled to join Assemblyman Dan Logue in his quest to Draft Rick Perry as I am not happy with the current field of GOP Candidates.

I also hear that Perry is picking up some huge endorsements as this blogger is not the only one fed up with the Whitman-Romney squish machine in California.

George and I got our character assassinated and basically were made to be the bad guys because we went to the wall to prevent Romney from being able to buy the CRA again – so it warms my heart to realize that nationally, there is a groundswell against Romney in the GOP Presidential Primary.

Dan Logue: Draft Rick Perry for President

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May 192011

Trump – Idiot, Gone
Huckabee – helped nominate McCain in 2008, Gone
Romney – Massachusetts Liberal, Buying Support
Ron Paul – Insane
Sarah Palin – the Sentimental Favorite, so badly damaged by McCain and the media…
Newt Gingrich – featuring the Woman he cheated with on his second wife in his campaign, both feet stuck in his mouth…
(and Who cares about the rest of the field…)

It is time for Rick Perry. Led by California Assemblyman Dan Logue – there is an effort underway to draft Rick Perry.

Rick Perry is the Governor of Texas. He is a kick-tail conservative. We need Rick Perry to clean up after Bush and Obama.

Join the effort to Draft Rick Perry here.