Oct 052011

Everyone that reads this blog is aware that Rick Perry is looking AWFUL in the recent GOP Presidential Debates.

I am sure you’ve also read about Perry’s family getaway…

It appears that the same self-destructive behavior patterns are repeating themselves in California. I am putting this info out there in advance of any other campaigns attempting to use this against Rick Perry at a later time in the campaign.

You have already read about David Reade – Perry’s Northern California Chair and his role in the campaign to undermine the California Republican Party’s platform.

There is another member of the Perry team – Jimmy Camp that has a history of supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 primary. The story is linked here and I quote it below:

You’re a Republican rock musician.
It was more of that libertarian attitude that the party was based on, which I think the party has completely strayed from. I’m not happy with our party right now. To be honest, this year, for the first time ever, even way back in the primary, I supported Barack Obama. I volunteered for him. My Republican friends will all be pissed off, but there’s a lot of reasons.

Now – I am putting this out there now because the other GOP Campaigns are sure to use David Reade’s role in the Munger platform and the lying and deceit – but the Jimmy Camp thing is not inside baseball, it is right out there and pretty easy to see.

There is another quote in the article that I would also assume that would be used against Mr. Camp:

Campaigning to me is a thing of the past. I want nothing to do with it. This job is so much more important. If I have Corps members I’m close to that if they weren’t in the Corps, they’d be dead.

So it’s not that you had some alienating moment with campaigns.
I had many alienating moments. But it was always like, “What else am I going to do?” I don’t have a college degree. It wasn’t like I had some fallback. We do important work, compared to campaigning, where it’s like “I got some asshole elected who’s going to forget about me.”

Oh Gheez. The world of politics is one of parsed words and intellectual sophistry. I can hardly wait to see the spin on this one.

I am wondering if Rick Perry and his crew did any vetting at all about their team? Again, I know Mr. Camp – he is good at what he does, but the Obama thing is going to be embarrassing. The David Reade thing is going to cause trouble in conservative circles and the North State. Add in the fact that one of the top Guns for Perry in California (John Peshong) voted against the conservative platform is establishing a pattern that I don’t think Team Perry wants.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is hitting his stride, folks.

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  One Response to “Why is Rick Perry Trying to Commit Suicide?”

  1. Interesting comments about Jimmy Camp. Given that he is behind in child support to the tune of $25,187.40 according to the California Child Support website and has skipped paying support alltogether since July 2011 (about the time he started with Perry) one has to wonder was any checking done about this man at all!

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