Oct 042011

Rick Perry – keeps attempting Suicide. (More on that, soon) Remains to be seen if he can pull his head out.

Ron Paul – intellectually dishonest and getting exposed as such. His recent lambasting of the US over killing that monster in Yemen is the latest. He is also insane. Will stay in until March and will stay at single digits.

Michelle Bachmann – the more she is exposed to the camera, the worse she is looking. Too bad, I agree with her more than the rest (except Rick Santorum)

Herman Cain – is NOT, I repeat, NOT a “Darkhorse” Candidate. He is DOA, his Florida Straw Poll and recent ‘surge’ to 7% are anomolies. Remember, Cain ran in 2000 for President and appears to be unwilling to spend a significant amount of his own resources.

Rick Santorum – running for VP.

Newt Gingrich – has the potential to surprise everyone, don’t count him out. When the media starts to focus on his current wife being the product of an affair on his past wife – then you’ll know that Newt is gaining traction.

Mitt Romney – he is moving in for the kill. He has spent the last three years moving his people in to place and he is willing to spend a ton of his own money to win. He is playing the debates safe as well – this, folks is your front-runner. Make peace with it – in my opinion, only Newt and Perry have a chance at this juncture.

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