Jun 152011

My wife is from Alaska – so I know who she’s supporting ;-).

My concern about Sarah Palin is that she got destroyed by the Bush-McCain squishes in 2008 and that drumbeat has been constant ever since. It is a theme in politics to repeate fallacious and absurd charges obesessively against people you want to destroy – kind of like what is happening on the Placer GOP Cent Com.

Difference – no one cares about the Placer GOP Cent Com (save a few) and everyone cares about their next President.

So – while I feel that Palin has been a victim of the MSM + the Bush-McCain squishes, perception is reality.

Which is why Rick Perry is such a good candidate – the smears will start with the campaign and without a 3 year head start – and Perry is everything Palin is idealogically.

I don’t normally blog on National Politics – but I felt compelled to join Assemblyman Dan Logue in his quest to Draft Rick Perry as I am not happy with the current field of GOP Candidates.

I also hear that Perry is picking up some huge endorsements as this blogger is not the only one fed up with the Whitman-Romney squish machine in California.

George and I got our character assassinated and basically were made to be the bad guys because we went to the wall to prevent Romney from being able to buy the CRA again – so it warms my heart to realize that┬ánationally, there is a groundswell against Romney in the GOP Presidential Primary.

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