Mar 042020

If you’ve been reading my series about the Placer County DA Office Vacancy – you should be familiar with Jeff Wilson’s reign of terror (more on that soon as several have come forward). Other names I am hearing mentioned are Dave Tellman and Doug Van Bremen. Tellman and Wilson are candidates for Placer DA. Van Bremen has been alleged to be a hatchet man for Jeff Wilson by people I have spoken to.

There was a just completed trial of a Rocklin Cop named Brad Alford. Alford was ACQUITTED on all counts in less than two hours. We pick up the story:

Alford went off duty shortly after the event occurred on the morning of September 24, and wrote his report that evening when he returned for the graveyard shift. By approximately 9 a.m. on the morning of September 25, the Rocklin P.D. Internal Affairs lieutenant was looking at some of the video evidence concerning this incident. He did not like what he saw, and would later testify that, based simply on his view of the video, and without reviewing either the report written by Alford or the reports written by Nitz and Adams (which described active resistance by Perez during the period of time when Alford was striking him), he formed the opinion that Alford’s use of force was excessive and unreasonable. He reviewed some of the existing video with his captain for approximately 30 minutes, and together with the captain and the chief for a similar time period, and then took the case to the DA’s Office. Alford was placed on administrative leave on the late afternoon of September 25.

The DA’s Office was asked to investigate the possible use of excessive force on the same afternoon. Within 24 hours, the DA’s Office had an arrest warrant prepared and Alford was taken into custody. Although the seminal case of Graham v. Connor (1989), 109 S.Ct. 1865, tells us all that the analysis of an officer’s use of force depends upon the perceptions of a reasonable officer on the scene at the time of the incident, the Rocklin Police Department administration had no idea of what Alford’s perception was or what the perceptions of Nitz and Adams were, because they did not read their reports. The DA’s Office gave pitifully little if any consideration to anything written by the officers and didn’t even bother to consult a use-of-force expert before issuing the felony criminal complaint and taking Alford into custody.

You can see that the slipshod behavior of people in the Rocklin PD and the zeal of the Placer County DA’s office (see also Jeff Wilson and Dave Tellman) led to Brad Alford being put through 2+ years of hell.

Next speaks to how lousy the DA’s case was against the officer: (IA = internal affairs, the POST / Learning Domain refers to police training protocols)

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask the IA lieutenant if he could conceive of a use-of-force expert giving an opinion concerning the propriety of an officer’s use of force in California without knowing what POST is or without understanding Learning Domain 20 or Learning Domain 33. The IA lieutenant agreed that such an individual would be ill-qualified to offer an opinion.

When the former Henderson police chief testified, I asked him if he could envision a situation in which an individual offering an opinion concerning an officer’s use of force would be reliable or accurate if they did not even bother to review the officer’s report in order to understand what the perceptions of that officer were when the officer applied force. The police chief indicated that an opinion offered under such circumstances would essentially be worthless.

The IA Lieutenant in Rocklin should be terminated immediately for what he did. The attorney for PORAC took him apart and then took apart the “expert witness” Jeff Wilson and his crew brought in (the Henderson police chief) as well.

When the dust of this trial cleared, the jury was asked to do the analysis that had never been done by the administration of the Rocklin P.D. or the Placer County DA’s Office — to apply the use-of-force analysis required by the United States Supreme Court in Graham v. Connor, required by POST in Learning Domain 20 and required by the Rocklin P.D. in its use-of-force policy and determine, whether, given the perceptions of Alford, Nitz and Adams, Alford’s decision to use force and the use of force itself was reasonable under the circumstances.

The jury’s verdict was swift — only about two hours of deliberations following the conclusion of instructions. No requests were received for testimony to be reread, and no requests were made to review video evidence. The not guilty verdicts made all of us at the defense table and the supporters of Alford in the audience jubilant that he could return to his family for the first time in over a year and half without facing the infamy of felony charges and a possible prison sentence.

In the attempted lynching of Brad Alford, Wilson and crew failed to do basic prosecutor work. This should give you pause about everyone involved. But wait, there’s more. Wilson and crew retaliated against every cop involved in the case – even though the exoneration happened and by definition there was no longer a crime.

Wilson, Doug Van Bremen and Dave Tellman executed a “Brady Listing” the officers involved. If you are a cop, being Brady Listed is basically the kiss of death on your career as a cop.

Our collective happiness did not last long. Within only a few hours of the jury’s verdict, Nitz and Adams received letters from the Placer County DA’s Office advising them that the DA’s Office was considering placing them on the Brady list for (1) failing to report criminal offenses committed by Brad Alford on September 24, 2017, and (2) giving testimony at trial that was inconsistent with some of the video evidence.

Pretty amazing, given the fact that the jury had just told the DA that no crimes were committed on September 24, and both the DA’s own expert from Henderson, Texas, and our expert Sean McCann had agreed that an officer’s account of an event will always be different than video evidence.

We are now waging the fight against this retaliatory, vindictive action by the Placer DA’s Office on behalf of Nitz and Adams, hoping that someone in that office will come to their senses and realize that Nitz and Adams did not report criminal or other inappropriate behavior by Alford on September 24, 2017, because they observed him acting reasonably under the circumstances. They did not see or even hear all of the events that transpired in a span of seconds the way the cameras captured it because they, like Alford, are human — not perfect, just human — and no amount of training can ever change that.

Brad Alford and RLS join in thanking the PORAC Legal Defense Fund for giving us the resources and the ability to make this acquittal happen. Had we not been allowed to do the necessary video analytical work or call a use-of-force expert of the high quality of Sean McCann, challenging these serious charges and making sense of this graphic video would have placed Officer Alford’s liberty in jeopardy.

I’ve been told that Dave Tellman is also a candidate for Placer County DA but I have not confirmed it myself. The Placer GOP Endorsed Morgan Gire. I personally have no preference other than anyone in current management of the Placer DA’s Office.

Well isn’t that special. Survive a lynching and Doug Van Bremen, Dave Tellman and Jeff Wilson Brady List the officers that testified on your behalf. See all three of them on the letter sent to one of the officers. Lovely. They were Brady Listed for not reporting a crime that never occurred. These vengeful arrogant attorneys should know – especially as prosecutors that an innocent verdict by definition means no crime occurred. There is no other conclusion a reasonable person could draw than this being retaliation for the humiliation the DA’s office suffered losing a high-profile attempted cop-lynching in 2019. This happened under the watch of all three.

When we continue our series, we will be hearing from several anonymous (because they fear retaliation) employees and former employees of the Placer DA’s office that have all mentioned Wilson and sometimes the other two in their communication with your intrepid blogger, and we will also be providing even more detail regarding the three people mentioned in this blog and their role in the attempted lynching of Brad Alford. Stay tuned.

Jan 132020

On Wednesday, in other news at the Placer GOP, the County Party took a unanimous position to call of the Placer County Board of Supervisors to engage in a fair, open process to appoint Scott Owens’ Replacement.

It was alleged, (as it turns out, incorrectly) that the board of supervisors was going to fast-track the appointment of Jeff Wilson as DA. He is the Assistant DA, in a position that was just created in the last 2 years.

The potential appointment of Jeff Wilson for DA has caused an uproar. If you want to tell your story about Wilson or any other potential DA appointee – please email me at [email protected]

I have no dog in this fight other than on behalf of some friends, some who are on the Placer GOP Central Committee. Because of their contacts I decided to look in to this situation (similar to how I took the case of the Rocklin School Board and the crazed Theresa Landon), and I have been approached by a few people.

I have in my possession a case called Bjork Vs County of Placer – I also have as part of that case documents related to a validated Harassment Claim from another employee against Wilson as well. (That name is Kuhnen – and again Wilson was found in violation of multiple policies)

The files related to the case are massive.

The bottom line of the Bjork case is that it showed that Jeff Wilson has a mouth on him and is a bully. On Page 399 (out of about 1600), Wilson is cited as referring to Female Co Workers as a B—H and a C–T. You can see page 399 of the court case here. I believe everything in the documents as the county was forced to payout something like $500,000 to settle the Bjork Case.

At a time of my choosing, I will begin publishing more parts of the case. It also appears that Jeff Wilson caused other complaints and perhaps settlements with his actions.

The bottom line – Bjork got her job back after being railed, harassed and terminated. The details are disturbing.

In addition, according to PORAC (A police officer’s union type group, that actually endorses a lot of Republicans too), Jeff Wilson may well have attempted to lynch a Rocklin Police Officer.

Usually overzealous prosecutions of Cops are typically done by leftist social justice warriors or people looking to make a name for themselves. Quoting an article from PORAC:

Any police officer who wants to know how the power of video evidence in a use-of-force case can potentially derail a career and throw a police family into despair should talk to Rocklin Police Officer Brad Alford. Due in large part to his thoughtful, forthright and powerful testimony at his own trial, a Placer County jury recently acquitted Alford of felony criminal charges of assault with a deadly weapon and assault under color of authority, as well as a lesser misdemeanor charge of battery. The jury deliberated for slightly more than two hours.

This is not a pretty story on a lot of levels, but it’s one that should be told.

If there was a video, why did Jeff Wilson prosecute this case? An acquittal in around two hours is rare and the Jury apparently asked no additional questions.

It gets better, the PORAC attorney goes in to this diatribe before laying out the actions of Jeff Wilson:

Although I have represented cops in criminal cases in many counties in this state, this was my first police criminal case in Placer County, and I do not intend to downplay my criticism of the way the Placer County District Attorney’s Office initially charged this case, the way it prosecuted the case and the way it conducted itself in the immediate aftermath of the not guilty verdicts against Brad Alford.

Jeff Wilson – if you read this, withdraw your application for Placer County DA. The department is in an uproar…

P.S. I am being told that disgraced former Supervisor Jack Duran is running around telling people “Everyone Knew the DA’s Office Was a Disaster”, if true why didn’t Jack speak up in public? Duran was a supervisor for 8 years while this Disaster was happening. Perhaps the problems were beneath the surface or because Mr. Duran was too busy cavorting with pot lobbyists and suing businesses to provide oversight. But I digress…

Sep 112018

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First Off – I support Bill Halldin for Rocklin City Council. Halldin has been one of my most loyal friends in politics. I really don’t need to mention his log service record to local charities, local government, his support of William Jessup, service on the Sierra College Board, his faith, his values, his successful business of almost 20 years and the long list of respected members of the community that support thim – but I digress.

I also support Susan Halldin for Rocklin School Board. Note the last name.

Rocklin Measure A – I opposed the last renewal of the Park Tax in 2009. A lot has changed in the last 10 years in California, and not in a good way. If I had a vote on Measure A today, I’d leave my ballot blank.

Congratulations to Scott Huber and Andrew Tagg for being re-elected to Roseville High School Board by Acclamation. (The Roseville City School Board and Dry Creek School District also ended up not on the ballot)

In the Eureka USD, I support Andy Sheehy for Re-Election. He is a former Democrat turned DTS due to a variety of reasons, but he has also been dead right on regarding almost all of the issues of the district. Similar to my support of Democrats Paige Stauss or Scott Alvord because they have been largely aligned with my values on the issues before their board(s), I support Sheehy. There have been few viable Republican alternatives in the interim.

In Lincoln – It looks like Dan Cross is the choice there. We are still looking for more info on Alyssa Silhi.

Western Placer School Board Member Damian Armitage drew two opponents. Re-Elect Damian.

In Loomis, they have a 4 for 3 race for Town Council. Pick Brian Baker, Jeff Duncan and Jan Clark Crets (Rep, DTS, Dem) and make sure “Physics Professor” David Ring is rung back in to the classroom.

(Note the lack of Republican Candidates for many offices)

… which brings me to Roseville

No on Measure B. The revenues of the City of Roseville have exceeded population growth in the last 10 years, no matter how you slice it. I am not convinced that the City Councilmembers did enough to outsource services or pay down anticipated future pension / healthcare obligations to warrant going back to the well. Even by their numbers if Measure B raises $18MM in new money every year (remember tax increases always underperform their estimates because people change their behavior to avoid the tax) they admit that the City of Roseville will be back in the red 3-5 years down the road. My answer is to make all of the tough decisions now and stop the “kick the can down the road” that has occurred in many cases.

Once this is addressed, then we can look at a tax increase to maintain services.

City Council –

Let me start off by applauding outgoing council-member Tim Herman. I was a staunch opponent of his when he first ran. I can think of few if anything I have disagreed with him on. (See above for one of the few items)

Susan Rohan (also Term Limited), John Allard (not on the ballot) and Pauline Rocucci (running again after a two year hiatus) have been on the Roseville City Council 6 or 8 of the last 10 years referenced above in my opposition to Measure B. All three support Measure B.

This matters as I am taking a break from usually supporting the above when juxtaposed against the background of the circumstances precipitating Measure B. I voted for Susan Rohan several times, Allard several times (including helping his Assembly Campaign) and supported Scott Alvord in 2016. This is not personal by any stretch, it is a difference of opinion on critical matters of the city and thus the divergence. Despite my opposition to Measure B, I will be voting to re-elect John Allard and am inclined to vote for Scott Alvord (despite his being a dem) in 2020.

I am supporting Stephanie Dement for Roseville City Council in 2018. At the time of posting this blog, I am only supporting Stephanie Dement. She has an extensive background in accounting and is a solid conservative on every issue. She seems to be the only viable choice for those of us that feel overtaxed.

There are other candidates:

Krista Bernasconi – she is touted as the heir apparent. She has a lot of the establishment supporting her. She is supporting Measure B

Pauline Roccucci – a Roccucci had been in office in Roseville since the time I moved to Roseville in 1997. 2016 broke that string. Could this be the swan song for the Roccucci dynasty? Roccucci appears to have a lot of the same support as Krista Bernasconi, and is publicly supporting Measure B, likely the nexus for her endorsement by the Roseville Chamber of Commerce.

Both Bernasconi and Roccucci are very liberal Republicans. The Roccucci’s are close to most of the local democrat activists and not so with the local GOP.

Bruce Houdesheldt is a Roseville Planning Commissioner. While a Registered Republican, he is also more towards the independent middle/left than the Conservative Right. Until I saw several well-known members of the establishment supporting Roccucci, I’d have thought that Houdesheldt was the second annointee with Krista Bernasconi. He appears to have drawn the short straw. Houdesheldt, Along with Krista Bernasconi support the SB1 Gas and Car Tax. (and Measure B)

It appears that Houdesheldt is being held in abeyance to be appointed to fill Bonnie Gore’s vacancy when she has to resign in December to be sworn in as a supervisor.

Rounding out the field is leftist liberal democrat re-tread David Larson who may not realize that his support base from previous runs is gone and a Sherish Kahn, a non-profit director.

Look for follow up information on Stephanie Dement as we make our case for her City Council Campaign here on the RightonDaily Blog.


Sep 132017


There is a lawsuit working its’ way through the courts related to due process for the State of Jefferson. It appears that they are getting their way on some preliminary motions. This is good news for that long shot effort.

Nothing grassroots is without controversy. It appears there is an offshoot of SOJ, called CCR. They are having their own meetings and are basically bad-mouthing the SOJ side of things. It is too bad there is not unity in the SOJ effort.

BTW – any rumors of Steven Baird and Terry Rapoza being at odds were also dispelled as I was sent photos of them together at the last SOJ meeting.

As of this time, I remain a supporter of State of Jefferson / SOJ movement.

Prop 14:

I received an email from some former Assembly / Senate Leaders urging delegates to the CAGOP to continue supporting Prop 14, because Prop 14 is costing Labor Unions a ton of money in elections. Mind you, the current Assembly Minority Leader is a tyrant that most in the rank-and-file GOP dislike… so invoking leaders may not have been a wise strategy. Secondly, one such leader invoked was George Plescia. Mr. Plescia lives in Arizona and has for several years, meaning he’s never been in CA for a Prop-14 affected election.

Why people think having no GOP candidates on the fall ballot for statewide offices is a good thing is beyond me. Maybe they all supported the Cap and Trade disaster too? I am befuddled by the logic.

World-famous #NEVERTRUMPER Ron Nehring, who will lead the #NEVERTRUMP effort in 2020 in California responded with an email of his own decimating the argument of the first email. Hopefully that means there will be a floor fight at the CAGOP convention, confusion and those who have spent tons of money trying to control the CAGOP have the same feelings they had when a ton of people went rogue on Chad Mayes. People thinking for themselves is a good thing and we need more of it.

Placer GOP:

I was informed that several tea party / conservative aligned members of the cent com and other volunteers from a similar universe suddenly bailed out on their commitments to work at the Gold Country Fair, leaving the organizers scrambling to find help to fill slots. I am not sure how this helps register Republican voters, elects conservatives and the like. What do I know? I am just an attack blogger.

While I take turns taking shots at people who deserve them, I also try to provide balance. In this case, the legislative staffers on the Placer GOP Cent Com did the right thing by helping with the effort at the Gold Country Fair.

There is a lot of residual bad blood, however related to the 2012 and 2016 efforts to spend a ton of money on the outcome of the Placer GOP Cent Com race. As I have written before, said efforts were directed by Senator Jim Nielsen’s Chief of Staff (please note while working as an independent consultant outside of his duties in the State Senate) David Stafford Reade. People like Landon Wolf and others that work for legislators end up bearing the brunt of the ill will from said effort due to their proximity to folks like Reade and others that earn large amounts of consulting fees for their participation in these efforts. It is what it is.

Given that most of those staffers have never met me, yet glare at me from across the room, (think about what Reade and others may have told them about this meanie blogger or others on the opposite side of them) I can’t say that I 100% disagree with the “resistance” on the Placer GOP Cent Com. Legislative staff are rarely activists and are never independent. It is simply impossible.

That said, I expect to be endorsing many of the “resistance” all over the state and attempting to help them simply because the amount of money being spent to control the state party (and subsequently shrink it, to make it easier to control) is dead wrong. After seeing how difficult the drill against Chad Mayes was to run, I’ve drawn the conclusion that there needs to be a house-cleaning of party leadership with a few exceptions.


There is an event featuring Mike Pence tomorrow in Beverly Hills to raise gobs of money for targeted GOP Congressmembers. I hope it goes well, as I have heard mixed reports about the interest level in it. I’ve also heard that most of the CAGOP Congressional Delegation have convinced themselves that the sky is falling and they are all going to be hunted down. I seriously doubt any seats change hands until the next sham citizens redistricting commission meets and draws the GOP in to oblivion.

Tyler Diep, one of my newly minted favorite tackle dummies, had an event last night in Orange County. A lot of luminaries were there. It was his kick-off as young Tyler is expecting a coronation. I intend to help inform people that Tyler is a disaster, at least that is what I think of him, and when I am done many others will also.

There is a neat aside out of this is the angling and posturing to replace Dana Rohrabacher. It has been put to this blogger that one or more recognizable names in OC were being rather chummy with some of OC’s favorite liberals. Further, some of them appear to be just fine with the concept of Rohrabacher being unseated by a democrat in order to open up the seat. When I have on the record sources, I will name names and their actions publicly in hopes that the OC GOP Establishment continue shedding their fealty to incumbents in favor of doing the right thing.

I think it is safe to assume that those conspiring to help elect a democrat over Rohrabacher were part of the thousands of #NEVERTRUMP nimrods that helped Hitlary win the OC by a significant margin in 2016. They should just get out of the GOP now, and join Chad Mayes in a leper colony.

Speaking of Chad Mayes:

Mr Mayes has raked in a ton of PAC Money. We like to refer to this is his 30 pieces of silver. Be sure to scroll pages in the link so you understand why Mr. Mayes delusions of perfection run so deep.

It is indeed clear that Mayes believes he is bullet-proof for re-election as he can call his PAC Donor Masters and cash in for his behavior.

Mayes has been on a Narcissistic Rage on his way out the door. It has become clear to this blogger that in addition to stripping opponents of their committee assignments and offices, he has also been on a rampage against donors to the California Republican Party. The goal is to punish the disloyal, because he is right and they are all wrong. This is the behavior of a tyrant and a narcissist.

His grotesque arrogance was on display at the CAGOP board meeting this past weekend. Multiple accounts indicate that Mayes was boastfully telling the board that the party would raise no more than $200k a year. It was also clear to those paying attention that he was the cause.

Because the Assembly Repubicans lacked the courage to vacate the chair, they are all left with the consequences as the Narcissist is meeting out revenge on everyone. This sort of failure to lead is what gave these very people who despise President Trump, President Trump.

Speaking of Narcissists and #NEVERTRUMPERS, Kristen Olsen – who like Chad Mayes has never acknowledged anything she has done wrong and like Chad Mayes is incapable of seeing her own faults – has made it clear she is staying on as Vice Chair of the California Republican Party. She ran the meeting on Saturday during a couple periods of Jim Brulte’s absence. She has also appeared at at least one county party event and people in Stanislaus County have told me that she brazenly has gone back to her church seemingly immune to the Church’s desire to see her leave or anything regarding her affair with Mayes and its’ effect on the community there. This is the classic behavior of Narcissism, something people screamed about with Obama for years.

In case you have not had enough drama and bad news, the Democrats are already busy screwing business in the wake of Chad Mayes’ Cap and Trade Deal. (Remember, it is all about him so he can own it every time stuff like this happens.)

According to the Sacramento BS, the democrats chose the labor unions over left-wing poster child company Tesla. This is a repudiation of everything Chad told us about the “deal” done related to Cap and Trade. This bill is designed to force Tesla to unionize, the exact sort of anti-business crap Chad Mayes told us his sell-out would prevent. The Narcissist was wrong, lied or did both.

My summary on facebook of this was as follows:

#1 Tesla gets screwed (see also Elon Musk, a left-wing Trump hater) #2 Chad Mayes looks like an even bigger idiot/narcissist than he already is as this validates the criticisms of us little people against “His Deal” (because, remember, it is all about him). #3 Labor Unions > Environment in the Dem Party – confirming who their daddy is.

These updates will continue as events warrant.

Jun 182017

It looks like the free-speech loving democrats of Sun City Lincoln are trying to get the Tea Party United shut down and denied access from the clubhouse in Sun City!

Please show up and support the Tea Party United as they fight to keep Lincoln (and South Placer County) free and Conservative, despite the best efforts of the Bay-Area transplants who have moved there and can’t figure out it is their politics and electeds that drove them out of the Bay Area.

The urgent message from Dan Catania follows:

2. The Republican Club is having a meeting at Killaga  Springs  June 26th and 6:30 PM. The Subject is the 2nd amendment  with speaker Craig Deluz. This event is for Republicans and Conservatives only

Every Conservative must attend this meeting.

We received word  that the Democrat Club in Del Webb is planing to stage a protest at this  meeting.
This is an outrageous and ignorant plan coming from the Ignorant Democrat Party and  the Crazies on the left.
 If the ignorant violent crazies in the Democrat Party follow through with this protest it could cause all political events to be banned from Del Webb. Of course that may not stop the insane Democrats.
Regardless if the Crazies show up or not, we need a strong showing and  we must support our 2nd amendment rights

Liz wheeler laid out a brief History of the Violent Democrats during her One America News program, you can view it at the link below.

The facts are facts and it’s time we all acknowledge it, Political Violence is normal in the Democrat Party.
What Liz did not mention in this video is Violence in the Democrat Party dates all the way back to 1864 when the Democrats  created the KKK.

This is a great way to take a stand against the democrats, the KKK and people that want to steal your guns. 

I just might go to a Tea Party event.