Sep 122020

Meet Rick Miller’s Choice for Rocklin USD.

This photo was taken at her home (note that the address and street are completely out of view lest anyone whine) – which has also been a staging area for Brynne Kennedy, the Massachusetts Liberal trying to filch CA-04.

3 moms, Tami Seigal (Rocklin), Michelle Sutherland (Rocklin) and Molly Walker (Loomis).
We have had encouraging personal conversions with the Rocklin police department, Mayor Ken Broadway, and RUSD Superintendent Roger Stock.
Our focus is on School Safety. We want to hear the voices of students, faculty and leadership from throughout Placer County.
Event date: March 24
Time: 12:00pm
Location: start at RUSD HQ March one mile to Quarry Park (tentative)
Rally held at Quarry Park after the March. 

Got it? Michelle Sutherland – front and center trying to disarm the police and schools under the guise of gun safety. If you remember, Tami Siegal ran for RUSD in 2018 and distinguished herself by alienating people with her far-left conspiracies. I am told that Sutherland is a little more refined, but no less communist in her views. (Perfect recruit for Rick Miller and the human mushroom Camille Maben)

In Case you forgot who Camille Maben is- here is a mailer I created against her in 2016: (Feel free to take any images on right on daily and use them)

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