Mar 252020

As of the writing of this blog, I have now spoken to / emailed with 15 people from the Placer County DA’s Office. The stories are alarming, emotional, terrifying and I experience a full range of emotions hearing them.

I am not going to cut and paste any of the recent emails I have gotten as there is (in my opinion) solid evidence that Jennifer Miszkewycz may well be communicating with Jeff Wilson as “undesirables” are still getting attacked, monitored and virtually stalked. In a couple of the past posts people that have sent me emails that I pasted appear to have been targeted (even more than they already were).

In aggregating the latest bits of info, it appears that there are 7 claims of harassment, retaliation, and/or targeting that have been filed in the last two weeks. These are in addition to the claims that appear to have led to the disturbed Jeff Wilson being placed on Administrative leave. (for laypeople – admin leave is a predecessor to termination)

Three women that I have talked to most recently have all told me almost the same story. I am of the opinion that they are all victims of narcissistic abuse. All have had their personal reputations destroyed. All of the victims beyond the most recent three are suffering from PTSD-like symptoms. These symptoms include sudden fits of crying while I was on the phone with victims, others had to pause many times to compose themselves, all talked about how their personalities changed from being worn down by the abuse. It was disturbing and every time felt very personal.

Dave Tellman may not understand why I am skeptical of his candidacy for DA. He was once one of Jeff Wilson’s people before suffering the fate that people that do not accede to the wishes of a narcissistic tyrant 100% of the time suffer. Mr. Tellman, the offer still stands [email protected] if you want to tell your side of the story.

Listening to these stories from several current employees still working, out on stress leave or who have fled the department make me view anyone in the current department’s management with skepticism.

This gets me to Jennifer Miszkewycz the acting DA. It has been put to me by a few of the people I have communicated with that she is an ambitious ladder climber who appears to be mimicking Jeff Wilson’s savagery towards undesirable employees. It is clear that she has slipped through any oversight from people outside the office. It would be one thing if just one disgruntled retired employee told me something, but employees who have retired due to mental health issues, others that have escaped and still others with current ongoing issues have all volunteered stories about Doug Van Breemen and Jennifer Miszkewycz.

It is clear that the Placer County DA’s office is a mess. Regardless of individual stories about Dave Tellman, he was part of the management team under whose watch the mess metastasized.

Jeff Wilson, Doug Van Breemen and Jennifer Miszkewycz all appear to have been well versed in the process to circumvent public employee protections. Interestingly enough, I am familiar with things like “Scully Hearings”, “Write-Ups” and the like after having spent over a year writing about the maladies of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. It appears that the trio had a list of employees that they wanted to take out.

The methods included overloading people with work, then micromanaging their finished product. One employee was written up for being 45 seconds late, others were having their breaks timed to the second, others had family vacation requests denied at the last minute after hotel reservations were made, others would get transferred suddenly, others were mocked and ridiculed by the three senior managers aided and abetted by other ass-kissing ambitious accomplices. Still others were stuffed in the 100 year old Auburn Courthouse 20+ miles away from the main Roseville Justice Center. (This is known as freeway therapy)

Time and time again, I was told complaints were discarded and the union rep was useless. (It has been alleged that Jeff Wilson had friends in the county whistleblower office and that the union rep may also have been compromised – yet no one has been able to produce any proof of said allegations) It is common with a tyrant ruling by fear to create the false impression among his victims that he has more tentacles of power than he actually has.

Regardless of how many spies Jeff Wilson may have had in Placer County Government, where was DA Scott Owens? One person I interviewed shed some light when they indicated that in a “Scully Hearing” Owens had to take his cues from Wilson regarding the employee. More than one employee I spoke to had stellar scores and evaluations before Wilson was promoted to the number two slot and post Wilson were routinely trashed.

It is simply not possible for Karin Bjork who was proven to have been mistreated ($2.9 Million Dollars Later) and a host of other victims of Wilson’s Rampage to ALL have been bad employees. In order for everyone targeted for elimination post Wilson’s Promotion in 2015 to have been a bad employee (or in the case of Bjork, she was smeared as incompetent), it would have meant literally half the employees in the DA’s office 2015 and before fit that description.

I think everyone hired post Jeff Wilson needs to be reevaluated. There is no way given what I know now that I could trust anyone who was hired under the reign of terror by Wilson. A new DA needs to scrutinize anyone that served as a manager under Wilson as well.

In today’s Coronafreakout world where the national media are on a psychotic rampage to smear PRESIDENT Trump with everything, (calling him a racist, incompetent, etc etc etc) take a step back and look at what Jeff Wilson is reputed to have done to so many employees in the Placer DA’s office. They were abused, scapegoated (aka gaslighted) and discarded. The patterns are disturbingly similar – except that Wilson’s targets are not President Trump who has the ability to defend himself. They are vulnerable employees that the union rep could not help and the county whistleblower refused to help.

I was driving around to stores in my neighborhood trying to find Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer, etc… as a gag for my Wife’s Radio Show while I was talking to a victim of Wilson’s for an hour. Several times, I had to stop and ask the victim to repeat themself as I struggled to absorb all of what I was getting told.

Let it sink in a bit, I have written about some of the worst of human behavior on this blog. Politics and Government attract the scum of the earth who see it as a way to feed themselves with power, control, money, sex, narcotics, etc. Right here in Placer County, I am being told stories firsthand by victims in my own county DA’s office that are as disturbing as any I have been told over the 22+ years I have been in the political game. It’s personal, It’s my own backyard.

I hope the five supervisors are reading and I sincerely hope they take a long look at the mess that is a the Placer DA’s office and make a wise choice. To be continued.

P.S. Dear Supervisors, if you think Jeff Wilson is going to withdraw his application for DA, you have another thing coming. He is going to tell you he is the victim and that he is the best thing that ever happened to Placer County. Wait for it.

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