May 252016

Lee Neves is a fixture in San Joaquin County Politics. He likes to think he is a major force in San Joaquin politics when he is hanging out at the Epic Lounge with his buddies.

Neves has a hair-trigger temper and has publicly threatened several political opponents and lists convicted felons on his list of past associates.

I got some background on Mr. Neves as a matter of course, because usually bullies have trails behind themselves. ( Thanks to a past associate who helped on the first Silva campaign with Neves and Sawyer.)

Neves has had a long career in politics – including working for the scandal-marred Steve Samuelian. (Samuelian would enjoy the Epic Lounge a lot were he in San Joaquin County)

Neves, however has a history of not paying his bills.

Neves has a $28,788 Tax Lien dated 3/16/2015. Perhaps this is why he got so freaked out over Tony Amador running? Does he need the money to pay the IRS?

Northstar Education Finance, Inc got a judgement against Neves for $6167 that does not appear to have been satisfied.

Also in 2010, Neves was liened by the IRS for $23,209.

None of the above three appear to be released or satisfied in any way.

Neves has a smaller Tax Lien of $3550 dating back to 2007 as well.

Did Katrhyn Nance know about this when she hired him(especially since Neves has taken nearly 50% in fees of what Nance has raised for her campaign)? You can make bank that the DCCC hit squad when defending McDonkey will make an issue of this!

Since Mr Neves is very concerned over the finances of his opponent’s campaigns – I decided that Mr. Neves needed to know that I am concerned that he needs to attend to his own finances as it appears he owes the taxpayers of America over $55,000. While he is at it, he should make sure he pays back the education loan he defaulted on.

Just sayin’

May 222016

Lee Neves is Rico Suave. Just Ask him (to tuck in his shirt at the CRP Convention when you see him) he will tell you.

Lee Neves has had some interesting friends over the years. One such friend is one of my favorites – N Allen Sawyer who got sent to prison for being a crook. He fried along with Baxter Dunn the former Sheriff of San Joaquin County.

Baxter Dunn and N Allen Sawyer are recurring themes in San Joaquin Politics.

Currently, Neves is attempting to end the career of Elbert Holman in San Joaquin County, Mr. Holman had a few things to say about that.

Lee Neves really needs to start vetting his candidates and relationships better. After the Carlos Villapudua Disaster (who is ironically running for Stockton Mayor) Neves did end his relationship with the convicted Felon Allen Sawyer.

Neves is currently the consultant for Kathryn Nance for Congress. Mr. Neves was apparently a little more than agitated that Tony Amador  decided to run for Congress again. Neves is reputed to have flown off in to a rage, threatening to do in Jeff Acquitispace and Scott Winn.

It seems that the bevy of felons that Neves associates with have worn off on him well.

So why is a woman who has wrapped herself in her police uniform affiliated with Neves?

Given that Sheriff Steve Moore is is serious legal trouble and that another Stockton Council Candidate, Sam Fant got run up on charges related to campaign finance instead of the real issues he has…

… you start to wonder about the Stockton Police Department and why they did not nuke Fant for what he was really doing. Lee Neves is getting paid a lot of money by them to do their bidding.

Do not forget that Don Parsons is still in the mix. Parsons is working with a few candidates that include, wait for it. Carlos Villapudua. Parsons and Neves frequently collaborate on projects and unlike Neves – Parsons is still associated with the Felon Sawyer.

I do remember when I lit up some of the Parsons / Neves stable for the massive amounts of cash contributions, this was not an isolated instance of lawlessness in San Joaquin County.

Kathryn Nance appears to have a Neves noose around her neck. That is pretty damn hard to fit under her police uniform, wonder how she did it?

May 042016

What does a City Council Candidate who has been investigated for felonious activity have to do with a candidate for Congress?

A lot when that candidate for Congress is running on her uniform. If I was Kathryn Nance, I would not be so proud of being a member of the Stockton Police.

It is alleged that Sam Fant has been running an illegal gambling operation and a prostitution operation at the University Plaza Hotel. It appears that it is still on going, why hasn’t the Stockton Police shut it down?

A 2014 article details some of Fant’s activity:

• At 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 29, police say Fant met Mkrtchyan in front of the downtown hotel and that same day Mkrtchyan deposited $110,000 in cash into a Sacramento-area bank.

• Mkrtchyan and Fant also were observed together several other times, police say, including once exchanging “a white plastic bag” that contained a lock and chain used to secure one of the alleged gambling sites.

• In the wee hours of the morning on Feb. 14, police say Fant was in the Fat City Internet Café at 2700 E. Country Club Boulevard and “appeared to be in charge.” Police say he was in the “teller’s area” of the business.

• On numerous occasions, according to the document, Fant practiced “counter surveillance” driving techniques, a seeming indication he feared he was being followed.

At 10 p.m. May 9, police say they were following Fant on Wilson Way near Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. They say Fant “rapidly turned his car” to get behind the detective. Police say the detective sped up and Fant chased him on the Crosstown Freeway at 100 mph. The detective ultimately eluded Fant, police say.

Rather than pop Fant for being a miniature organized crime boss, they finally lit him up for felony cheating on his campaign finance reports. Now, why did they settle for this? Is this like “tax evasion” was to Al Capone?

I am having some issues with the Stockton PD and basically everything going on down there. Undaunted, it appears that Fant continued his illegal activity

Voters elected Drain and Bronson to the Manteca Unified board in 2014. Bronson resigned from office in May and Drain stepped down in August, both amid allegations they had used false addresses when filing to run for office.

Fant is alleged to have helped Drain and Bronson get onto the ballot to run for the school board. Adams said Drain and Bronson allegedly listed the same Manteca address at one point, though neither lived there.

“It was definitely an address that Sam Fant is familiar with,” Adams said.

Adams added, “Information at both preliminary hearings kept coming out suggesting we needed to do an investigation into Sam Fant’s involvement.”

Fant, a longtime associate of Mayor Anthony Silva, has been involved in several controversies in recent years.

Three years ago, then-City Manager Bob Deis accused Fant of claiming to represent Silva in official city business without the appropriate credentials.

It appears that Stockton is a cesspool. If I am congressman McDonkey, I am considering donating to Nance’s campaign so that I can have her as my opponent in the fall. You just can’t pop out of a sewer and not be soiled. It is just not possible. Nance should have thought about this before attempting to wrap herself in her uniform to run for office.

Hant? He should go to prison for a very long time.

May 012016

For those of you that are long-time readers of this blog (weather you admit it or not), you may remember that I took an interest in N Allen Sawyer and Carlos Villapuda. The whole caper of the convicted felon Sawyer was that he was attempting to unseat Sheriff Steve Moore with someone who was raising thousands of dollars in cash contributions. Villapuda was using his campaign account like a slush fund and of course, N Allen Sawyer was the convicted felon campaign consultant running the whole mess.

Bonus: They were all Democrats, too.

Well, now it looks like Sheriff Steve Moore got some ‘splainin’ to do of his own. He likes to run guns. Ok, maybe that is a stretch, but he is under investigation for taking advantage of weapon seizures to amass quite an arsenal for pennies on the dollar. Whoops.

Somewhere, the convicted felon N Allen Sawyer is feeling robbed.

District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar said the investigation is complete. The records have been sent to the state Department of Justice and to the FBI for review, she said.

Federales? What the hell is in the water in San Joaquin County!?

Steve Moore endorsed Kathryn Nance for Congress. Whoops.

Congresswoman Mimi Walters, whose own Chief of Staff just got indicted by the feds on 8 felony counts, has also endorsed Nance. Whoops.

Kathryn Nance looks like the second coming of Angie Dickinson on her website. Why didn’t she vet her endorsements any better?

Nance and her husband are both Sargents in the Stockton Police force. Quoting another article:

And, he said, in another incident in 2011, a batch of old department guns that had been acquired when the park ranger division was absorbed by the Sheriff’s Office were sold under fraudulent circumstances.

According to Prieto, the batch was stripped to the frame at the order of his sergeant who has since retired, and the frames were sent to Adamson Police Products, a police supply and gun store in Hayward. San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office employees returned to the store to buy the frames and reassembled the guns with the parts that had been removed. The guns were purchased by employees for personal use.

Discount guns courtesy of the taxpayers? This is the current mess besetting the Stockton Police Department.

Someone wake me up when this bad dream is over. In the meantime, make sure that Kathryn Nance is not nominated for #CA09 or else the democrats will slaughter republicans wholesale.