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What does a City Council Candidate who has been investigated for felonious activity have to do with a candidate for Congress?

A lot when that candidate for Congress is running on her uniform. If I was Kathryn Nance, I would not be so proud of being a member of the Stockton Police.

It is alleged that Sam Fant has been running an illegal gambling operation and a prostitution operation at the University Plaza Hotel. It appears that it is still on going, why hasn’t the Stockton Police shut it down?

A 2014 article details some of Fant’s activity:

• At 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 29, police say Fant met Mkrtchyan in front of the downtown hotel and that same day Mkrtchyan deposited $110,000 in cash into a Sacramento-area bank.

• Mkrtchyan and Fant also were observed together several other times, police say, including once exchanging “a white plastic bag” that contained a lock and chain used to secure one of the alleged gambling sites.

• In the wee hours of the morning on Feb. 14, police say Fant was in the Fat City Internet Café at 2700 E. Country Club Boulevard and “appeared to be in charge.” Police say he was in the “teller’s area” of the business.

• On numerous occasions, according to the document, Fant practiced “counter surveillance” driving techniques, a seeming indication he feared he was being followed.

At 10 p.m. May 9, police say they were following Fant on Wilson Way near Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. They say Fant “rapidly turned his car” to get behind the detective. Police say the detective sped up and Fant chased him on the Crosstown Freeway at 100 mph. The detective ultimately eluded Fant, police say.

Rather than pop Fant for being a miniature organized crime boss, they finally lit him up for felony cheating on his campaign finance reports. Now, why did they settle for this? Is this like “tax evasion” was to Al Capone?

I am having some issues with the Stockton PD and basically everything going on down there. Undaunted, it appears that Fant continued his illegal activity

Voters elected Drain and Bronson to the Manteca Unified board in 2014. Bronson resigned from office in May and Drain stepped down in August, both amid allegations they had used false addresses when filing to run for office.

Fant is alleged to have helped Drain and Bronson get onto the ballot to run for the school board. Adams said Drain and Bronson allegedly listed the same Manteca address at one point, though neither lived there.

“It was definitely an address that Sam Fant is familiar with,” Adams said.

Adams added, “Information at both preliminary hearings kept coming out suggesting we needed to do an investigation into Sam Fant’s involvement.”

Fant, a longtime associate of Mayor Anthony Silva, has been involved in several controversies in recent years.

Three years ago, then-City Manager Bob Deis accused Fant of claiming to represent Silva in official city business without the appropriate credentials.

It appears that Stockton is a cesspool. If I am congressman McDonkey, I am considering donating to Nance’s campaign so that I can have her as my opponent in the fall. You just can’t pop out of a sewer and not be soiled. It is just not possible. Nance should have thought about this before attempting to wrap herself in her uniform to run for office.

Hant? He should go to prison for a very long time.

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