May 012016

For those of you that are long-time readers of this blog (weather you admit it or not), you may remember that I took an interest in N Allen Sawyer and Carlos Villapuda. The whole caper of the convicted felon Sawyer was that he was attempting to unseat Sheriff Steve Moore with someone who was raising thousands of dollars in cash contributions. Villapuda was using his campaign account like a slush fund and of course, N Allen Sawyer was the convicted felon campaign consultant running the whole mess.

Bonus: They were all Democrats, too.

Well, now it looks like Sheriff Steve Moore got some ‘splainin’ to do of his own. He likes to run guns. Ok, maybe that is a stretch, but he is under investigation for taking advantage of weapon seizures to amass quite an arsenal for pennies on the dollar. Whoops.

Somewhere, the convicted felon N Allen Sawyer is feeling robbed.

District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar said the investigation is complete. The records have been sent to the state Department of Justice and to the FBI for review, she said.

Federales? What the hell is in the water in San Joaquin County!?

Steve Moore endorsed Kathryn Nance for Congress. Whoops.

Congresswoman Mimi Walters, whose own Chief of Staff just got indicted by the feds on 8 felony counts, has also endorsed Nance. Whoops.

Kathryn Nance looks like the second coming of Angie Dickinson on her website. Why didn’t she vet her endorsements any better?

Nance and her husband are both Sargents in the Stockton Police force. Quoting another article:

And, he said, in another incident in 2011, a batch of old department guns that had been acquired when the park ranger division was absorbed by the Sheriff’s Office were sold under fraudulent circumstances.

According to Prieto, the batch was stripped to the frame at the order of his sergeant who has since retired, and the frames were sent to Adamson Police Products, a police supply and gun store in Hayward. San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office employees returned to the store to buy the frames and reassembled the guns with the parts that had been removed. The guns were purchased by employees for personal use.

Discount guns courtesy of the taxpayers? This is the current mess besetting the Stockton Police Department.

Someone wake me up when this bad dream is over. In the meantime, make sure that Kathryn Nance is not nominated for #CA09 or else the democrats will slaughter republicans wholesale.

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