May 252016

Lee Neves is a fixture in San Joaquin County Politics. He likes to think he is a major force in San Joaquin politics when he is hanging out at the Epic Lounge with his buddies.

Neves has a hair-trigger temper and has publicly threatened several political opponents and lists convicted felons on his list of past associates.

I got some background on Mr. Neves as a matter of course, because usually bullies have trails behind themselves. ( Thanks to a past associate who helped on the first Silva campaign with Neves and Sawyer.)

Neves has had a long career in politics – including working for the scandal-marred Steve Samuelian. (Samuelian would enjoy the Epic Lounge a lot were he in San Joaquin County)

Neves, however has a history of not paying his bills.

Neves has a $28,788 Tax Lien dated 3/16/2015. Perhaps this is why he got so freaked out over Tony Amador running? Does he need the money to pay the IRS?

Northstar Education Finance, Inc got a judgement against Neves for $6167 that does not appear to have been satisfied.

Also in 2010, Neves was liened by the IRS for $23,209.

None of the above three appear to be released or satisfied in any way.

Neves has a smaller Tax Lien of $3550 dating back to 2007 as well.

Did Katrhyn Nance know about this when she hired him(especially since Neves has taken nearly 50% in fees of what Nance has raised for her campaign)? You can make bank that the DCCC hit squad when defending McDonkey will make an issue of this!

Since Mr Neves is very concerned over the finances of his opponent’s campaigns – I decided that Mr. Neves needed to know that I am concerned that he needs to attend to his own finances as it appears he owes the taxpayers of America over $55,000. While he is at it, he should make sure he pays back the education loan he defaulted on.

Just sayin’

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