Jan 022019

David Hadley is running to be the California Republican Party Chairman. Part of his appeal is that he wants to do something about the anti-business climate in California. He also talks about how expensive it is to live in California.

Let’s talk to Mr. Hadley about his yes vote as an assemblyman on AB 305 (2016) that increased Worker’s Comp Costs by eliminating any apportionment of pre-existing conditions. So, imagine a new claim on the same bum knee? Imagine someone with an ongoing back injury getting in another accident? The Insurance Carrier would end up paying twice. AB305 were it not vetoed would have caused a 20-30% spike in California’s already absurd Work Comp premiums! 

How about SB350 in 2016? This is the 50% of California Energy to come from “Renewable” Sources. Renewable does NOT include Hydroelectric power, by the way – the cheapest and easiest way to generate Gigawatts. Wind Power is extremely expensive for a variety of reasons as is Solar Power. SB350 will increase power bills as much as 35% according to estimates. Hadley did his part.

It is pretty much impossible to take Mr. Hadley very seriously as an advocate for Republican Values, much less common-sense values given the variety of votes he has taken. 

When given other chances to stand up for lower costs – Hadley skipped SB 2153, a $2 Tax on Lead-Acid Batteries and AB 339 which was an attempt at artificial price controls on Prescription Drugs (which anyone with basic economics training knows causes shortages and price surges) When we needed David Hadley to stand up for common sense and against the artificially high cost of living in California, he was absent. Or, worse, he was complicit in it.

But wait, there’s more…  

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  3 Responses to “David Hadley Update – Making California Un-Affordable!”

  1. Who is running for GOP chair that hasn’t been a sell out? Most of the local GOP’s are just as bad if not worse!

  2. Instead of telling us how bad Hadley is…Why don’t you try to tell us ‘How Great’ your candidate Travis Allen. Then when you realize he ‘aint all that great’…perhaps you will consider taking a hard look at the only real conservative in this race..-Steve Frank–

  3. David, obviously, you haven’t followed Travis Allen’s political journey. Travis is also running for CA GOP Chair. He is is articulate, knowledgeable, well-spoken, has the energy of the base, and has raised the most funds. Travis has a very large support base (half a million followers just on FB) and is known for his common-sense, rational solutions to California’s many problems. You can check him out on FB or http://www.jointravisallen.com. Travis is also on Twitter and Instagram.

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