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A lot was made over John Cox not supporting President Trump in 2016. A governor candidate in a dark blue state is a different deal than a Party Chairman candidate. In California, you have 25% and falling of the electorate that are registered Republicans. You’re going to need democrat votes, so a decision to not support then candidate Trump not as problematic as attempting to be the leader of that same candidate’s party.

David Hadley said the following in 2016 while in the process of losing re-election:

“I have never supported Donald Trump and I’m not supporting him now,” Hadley said in a telephone interview Monday. “I’d love nothing more than to have him step down and be replaced.”

The unfortunate fact is that many on the inside of the GOP share this sentiment. It is the opinion of this blogger that this small oligarchy of Republican insiders are the same people that have turned the “Leadership Drill” loose on Mr. Hadley’s behalf.

It is alleged to this blogger that President Trump is 30 points underwater in favorability rating in California. However, those same polls show him still up 2-1 among California Republicans.

So, something like 70% of the GOP approve of the President. David Hadley is running for Chairman of said GOP. This creates a problem.

“Here is the bottom line: I am not voting for either Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump,” Hadley wrote in an op-ed in the Daily Breeze. “Both have shown themselves unfit for the highest office in the land. Neither reflects the South Bay values that this citizen legislator is trying to bring to Sacramento.”

Got it? Would be CAGOP Chairman David Hadley called for President Trump to drop out of the race and called him unfit to hold office. This is not a winning message for a candidate seeking to unify a party that just received a historic drubbing at the ballot box. How can a would-be party leader try and rally the party when he refused to support its’ nominee for the highest office in America? What kind of message does this send? How can he enforce any discipline in the ranks of the GOP as we attempt to eek out some gains in 2020 or future elections?

Congressman Kevin McCarthy has to know this about David Hadley. There is no way McCarthy can sell the President on David Hadley, rather, it is rational to assume that the White House will simply write off California and leave the remaining 7 Members of Congress to fend for themselves while the ballot-harvesting wolves come for them. What is GOP Kingmaker Luis Buhler and Congressman McCarthy trying to accomplish by foisting this guy upon the CAGOP?

When I first got involved in the CAGOP, I was warned by a then legislative staffer that the if the “Moderates” took over control of the CAGOP, they would kill it faster than the bumbling Conservatives ever could. The Moderates took over the CAGOP in 2010 courtesy of the largess of a single donor. In that time, we’ve lost 10 seats in the Assembly, 5 in the State Senate and 10 members of Congress. Heck, throw in all the state-wides and a Board of Equalization Seat while you’re at it.

But they had control of everything and hired the same people time and again, and they did the same things time and time again.

Regardless of who the paid consultants or campaign tactics were/are, the evidence is clear – when voters can’t see a difference, they choose the real thing. (speaking of being pro-choice) If the Chairman of the California GOP is an avowed never-trumper, then what reason is there for Conservatives in California to rally to the cause? How do you attract liberals to a second party that opposes the President? (Hint there already is a party that opposes the President) This is a serious question.

The above said, then what do you donate to? The #1 selling point on David Hadley is his alleged ability to raise money. Who donates to the CAGOP when the Chairman has alienated the White House? Who donates to the GOP when it is barely distinct from the CADEMS?

David Hadley had a running start, being appointed Vice Chairman of the party to fill the vacancy created after Kristen Olsen was forced to resign in humiliation and disgrace after her affair with Cap and Traitor Chad Mayes became public. While Hadley’s fellow liberal Republicans Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen have been on a public rampage to assuage their bruised egos, Hadley has failed to rally or inspire people despite his numerous appearances. This is why the insiders (most of whom are fellow Never-Trumpers) are left to try to organize an insider Proxy Harvesting Drill to try and harvest CAGOP Proxy Ballots to pre-ordain the outcome of the upcoming party officer elections.

How will CAGOP Delegates feel if said Proxy Harvesting Drill succeeds? How does David Hadley deal with the resentments the rank-and-file delegates will feel knowing that their votes were overridden by a paid Proxy Harvesting drill?

Speaking of Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen, they are starting a 3rd Political Party and are supposed to be making a “big announcement” soon. Will David Hadley publicly call them out for their personal behavior and their ego-fueled rampage at the expense of us all?

To Be Continued…

P.S. Some people criticize Travis Allen for being late to the Trump Game as he only endorsed the President in April of 2016. I worked for one of President Trump’s opponents in November 2015-Feb 2016 in Nevada. I came around to President Trump when my guy Ben Carson endorsed him in March of 2016. Both Travis Allen and myself did something David Hadley never did – we endorsed Candidate Trump before he was elected President.

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  4 Responses to “David Hadley Update: How Can You Lead a Political Party When You Can’t Support Their Nominee for President???”

  1. It would be quite a feat if they can proxy harvest when none of them were smart enough to ballot harvest!!

  2. Thanks for the information. This helps me greatly, in making a decision as to who is the best candidate to head the CA GOP, and take back our state from being a mono-party state. I could never back someone who did not back Trump, then, but especially now. Our state, definitely needs a strong conservative, Republican value based CA GOP Chairman, as our next leader of the GOP in CA. I appreciate your points of view!

  3. Great comments- agree that the party will be given its final death blow if we allow the infiltrators to seize control. We are curious about Stephen Frani? You mention Allen– but can Frank inspire a state of Decline to States, or anyone outside of the status quo and extremely low numbers who turn out for his speaker-dinner events?

  4. I believe it would be the final death knell for a once great political party if the delegates select David Hadley as their next Chairman.

    Shouldn’t “political gains” be used as the measurement when evaluating the health of a political organization? As evidenced by the last election, the California Republican Party is on “life-support” and fading fast.

    If the delegates seriously want to save this Party, then the next Chair should be an easy decision for them. Party loyalty and rewarding a candidate for his time served should not be the deciding factor…not when the CA GOP is in such dire straits and may not make it to the 2020 election.

    Here are the problems I have with two of the candidates seeking to be the next Chair of the CA GOP:

    • He is a never-Trumper and publicly stated his complete rejection of Mr. Trump in 2016. What support do you think President Trump will give the CA GOP should David Hadley become its next Chair? I think “nil” might be a good guess.

    • David Hadley voted to give illegal aliens Cover CA health insurance. Really?

    • As Vice Chair of the CA GOP he helped to annihilate a once great political party by his policies and actions.

    Why would ANYONE keep this individual in a position of power after the total humiliation and destruction suffered last month??

    • Steve Frank is a well-liked man who has done many good things for the CA GOP over the last 20 years but is he the right person to take the reins of a decimated Party on its way toward extinction?

    • Even though a person has been active in an organization for years, he might not be effective in a leadership role. Not everyone would make a good leader. Sometimes a person works well in the background, but not in uniting and mobilizing others. There will be many challenges facing the next Chairman of the CA GOP which will require a strong, focused leader.

    • Steve Frank has some good ideas for helping the CA GOP if he should become the next Chairman. But, I think you have to ask WHY haven’t these ideas been put forth before now? Wasn’t there anyone who would listen to these ideas and make some changes? It wasn’t as if the CA GOP hasn’t been in a free-fall for years.

    • The Chairman should not be someone who is content with the status quo.


    • Travis Allen was destined for this role. He is a born leader with workable, doable plans and a spirit of dedication and drive. Travis is not deterred by roadblocks or challenges, he just finds way to get around them while still getting the results he wants.

    • Travis Allen has 6 years’ experience in the California Assembly, in addition to his Take Back California PAC to help guide him through the many challenges he will most likely face. He also has a gubernatorial run under his belt where he acquired a huge following of supporters.

    • Travis Allen will FINALLY bring the California Republican Party into the 21st Century with ideas galore of how to go about making the changes necessary to make the California Republican Party relevant in California politics, once again.

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