Mar 272019

Kevin Kiley hoarded $480,000 in his campaign account, while Brian Dahle raised and spent $1 Million trying to help his colleagues survive the 2018 election. Kiley had $200,000 more in the bank as recently as 6 weeks ago, yet at best managed a tie with Brian Dahle.

Brian Dahle is married with Children and has thousands of acres of ranch land. Kevin Kiley is single, never married and started a fake Cattle Company with Doug Ose (IMO), specifically to fabricate a background.

Brian Dahle owns a Gun. Kiley does not. Dahle owns a Home, Kiley does not. But Kiley stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once.

STOP STOP STOP Everyone!, I won. I am invincible.

If I got 28% of the vote, I would not be claiming victory. It comes across as arrogant and an attempt to overcompensate. The correct way? Hey! We’re in the runoff against “(insert hyperbole here)”.

So why is it not surprising that the ambitious Kiley is already making calls to people just hours after election night? It is not. It is not bad strategy, but does indeed underscore the differences between the candidates – Kiley is ambitious and seeks a lifetime in office (namely Congress) and Brian Dahle is a citizen legislator with a real business and family.

While Dahle was on his ranch in 2016-2019, Kiley was out campaigning. It appears to this blogger that Mr. Kiley has chosen a political career over a family.

Perhaps the above reasons are why Rex Hime has signaled clear support for Brian Dahle?

Perhaps your intrepid blogger is not alone in disdain for the calculated scheme? If you still have doubts after our series in the Primary – take a look at his email claiming victory. Take a look at the emails he sent out of his state assembly account promoting the special election.

Again, I ask where do the voters of SD-01 or AD-06 factor in to this? Similar to Ted Gaines, who I have hammered for years, it appears that Kiley has locked in to the same pattern. Shop till you drop for another office. At least Kiley will not have to sell a house to office-shop.

Speaking of Calculating, Note that at least the Placer GOP and El Dorado GOP Central Committees were not aware that Kevin Kiley’s proxy ended up in the hands of Kevin Eastman (a Jim Nielsen staffer), making him a Jessica Patterson Supporter. Two cent com members I spoke to were quite surprised to learn that Kevin Kiley did make a choice in the Chairman’s race despite trying to be clever and not endorse. It is this sort of pattern that works in the short-term, but not long term. I was told that Dahle’s support of Patterson was a factor in those two GOP Cent Coms endorsing Kiley. It looks like they were both lied to – I worked for Travis Allen, I know who supported who. No one representing Placer County supported Travis Allen, including Congressman McClintock and Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.

Three things Kiley does not own – land, a gun or a dog

Now that Kiley is in the runoff – will the fake cattle company, sending mailers about being the “endorsed candidate”, etc. resonate? Or will the brutal reality about his lack of life experience and work history – including his 2016 ballot title of “Deputy Attorney General” come in to clearer focus? It was clear that tying Kiley to Kamala Harris was devastating, a fair shot given that he centered his 2016 campaign around his work for the AG’s office.

This is why Kiley has to fake a resume. Dahle’s family and his ranch / equipment. (Three more things Mr. Kiley does not have)

As I type this, Kevin Kiley is nervously making phone calls to all of the supporters of Rex Hime. Kiley intuitively knows he is in trouble as his clear campaign strategy was to play for the runoff against the wicka-loving Silke Pfluger. Now Kiley is in the fight of his young ambitious political life.

We watched Kevin Kiley come unscrewed in the last four weeks as he was starting to buckle under the weight of the scrutiny over his background (or lack thereof). The fact that some cent com members did not know about his double-dealing on the CAGOP Chairman’s race shows there is still work to be done.

Perhaps Kiley’s donations from Yelp!, Google and Facebook should be talked about, beyond the coven of Bay Area Antoino Villariagosa supporters who also donated to Mr. Kiley?

Perhaps the fact that Rex Hime picked up almost all the local government endorsements on the natural in Placer County (instead of Kiley) needs to be discussed?

The runoff is going to be quick, brutal and intense. Kiley has to defend a record of trying to avoid the tough issues and having little or no resume. He has to defend the resume he has. He is also going to have to make the case to the establishment, most of whom disdain him, that he is their option over Brian Dahle.

Then, what does Kiley do in an attempt to woo the handful of Democrats that will vote in the runoff? He is after all the “Endorsed” Republican Candidate who enviously pointed out the Prison Guards and Realtor’s Unions helping Brian Dahle with expenditures in the primary.

The problem for Young Mr. Kiley is that he can’t get to Brian Dahle’s right. While he may be younger and prettier than Dahle, he does not have a family to post photos of. (Let alone a House or a Gun)

I’ve been 100% clear about my issues with Mr. Kiley. He made poor choices. He has not been forthright. He has been selfish. He continues to try and create a false narrative about himself. I can’t trust him to legislate and govern without self-interest. Neither can you.

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