May 302016

SD04 Senator Jim Nielsen headlines the impressive list of state-level representatives that have stepped up for Bill Halldin.

“I trust hard-working, conservative business owner Bill Halldin to protect taxpayers from the Sacramento big spenders. Bill will work with me to stop the early release of criminals and to ensure consequences for those who continue victimizing our communities. I enthusiastically endorse Bill Halldin for State Assembly.”

Jim Nielsen, State Senator

Jim Nielsen is currently fighting attempts by Placer County Supervisor Jack Duran and others to turn Placer County in to a giant pot farm. (Speaking of Very Important Issues)

AD03 Assemblymember James Gallagher, whose District Borders AD06 to the North also joined AD05 Assemblymember Frank Bigelow whose District shares the largest border with AD06 of any Assembly District:

“Bill Halldin is a natural leader. We need leaders like Bill Halldin to join with me and the other conservative leaders in making the tough decisions in the State Assembly. Bill’s proven success at creating good paying, local jobs and owning a successful business for 17 years make him uniquely qualified to serve. I am proud to endorse Bill Halldin for Assembly.”

Frank Bigelow, Assemblymember

AD33 Assemblymember and assistant Republican Leader Jay Obernolte just joined the team recently. He said this:

“Bill Halldin will fight to create jobs and stop tax increases in the Assembly. Bill will bring to the Assembly the practical experience of running a business for 17 years and a deep commitment to public service. He will make a great representative for this district.”

Not to be outdone – well respected former State Senator Tim Leslie has endorsed Bill Halldin along with popular former Assemblymember Roger Niello:

Bill is a successful business owner, with deep knowledge and experience in our region. He is exactly the kind of leader we need in Sacramento to improve the business climate in this state and create jobs.”

Now – this is what it means when Republican Leaders are uniting behind a candidate for office.

No other candidate for AD06 has more than two state level endorsements. The above list includes 4 active members and 2 well-respected former members of the State Legislature.

May 302016

IMG_4238_2 (2)I have written before that I think young Mr. Kiley has potential. That time is not now as his youthful lack of discipline and campaign integrity are overshadowing his talent.

There are several reasons why Kevin Kiley’s seemingly bizarre campaign is making more sense now. All he has is Pete Wilson, who barely polls anymore.

Kevin Kiley is not a Deputy District Attorney, he is a former Deputy District Attorney. He is no longer on the state Payroll. This is deceptive. He is unemployed and his job is running for office, this is not a good place for a candidate to be in.

Kevin Kiley is 31 and 4 years removed from law school. This suggests that he is inexperienced in life, let alone business.

Kevin Kiley left the AD04/AD06 area for 12 years. He returned on or around May 14th 2015, and declared his candidacy on or about May 27, 2015. This suggests he moved back from the Bay Area specifically to run. In fact, he is renting the house he lives in.

Kevin Kiley has been overheard saying conflicting things depending on the group he is in. This is a classic case of either dishonesty or an undisciplined candidate. (A common failing of a first time candidate)

Kevin Kiley is a social liberal. He is anti-prop 8 and has criticized its’ author for writing and defending it

Kevin Kiley said in a Sacramento Bee Interview that the issues of Legalizing Weed, the Delta Tunnels and High Speed Rail are very unimportant to him. This suggests the influence of his Bay Area donors, where the Tunnels are a non issue, but legalizing Weed and HSR are popular. This is called trying to split the baby.

Kevin Kiley is funded by Bay Area Liberals. His donors include a who’s who of Obama bundlers and donors to the Democrat Party.

Kevin Kiley has little, if any support from inside #AD06. His mail has implied an endorsement of former Sheriff John McGuinness who has given quotes and photo opportunities to at least 3 of his opponents.

Kevin Kiley claims that more than half his donors are from inside #AD06. This is deceptive again as 77% of his money has come from outside the district, with the overwhelming majority of that from the above-mentioned Bay Area Liberals.

Because Mr. Kiley is young and inexperienced, when exposed to scrutiny, experienced political people understand he is not ready for the Assembly.

Kiley’s major endorsement, Pete Wilson, appears to have come as a result of his hiring the Son of Wilson’s long time legal counsel to be his campaign manager. The youngster was falling asleep in trailblazer training sessions.

Kiley’s other major endorsement has been revealed to be a fraud.

I have seen other evidence that his campaign is a classic “Potemkin Village Drill”. This is a term us old grizzled warriors use. He has been able to get away with this because of the crowded 11 person field.

True to form in a Republican election, all the candidates are fighting like hell to be unique. The pity is that several good people are wasting their money in a fruitless effort.

May 292016

CAAAAAAN YOOOOOOOOOU FEEEEEEEEEEEEL THE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Tonight...It looks like I have been given a dual promotion… I am now the official campaign blogger AND Campaign Manager of Bill Halldin for Assembly. I am honored that YOU are here to share this moment with me.

Then I realized that it was Kevin Kiley that gave me the promotion. Maybe it was as real as his volunteer base, but I digress…

Young Mr. Kiley is proving that he does not have what it takes to be an assembly-member.

It is also clear that it is indeed Young Mr. Kiley that is starting to buckle under the pressure of a hotly contested campaign for Assembly.

The other problem for Kiley – other than being a liberal financed by Bay Area Obama Bundlers – is that he in his own words deemed Pot Legalization, Delta Tunnels and High Speed Rail as “Unimportant”. All three are disasters for the State of California. #EPICFAIL

So, yes – let’s get back to the challenges that are facing California. As Young Mr. Kiley has missed the train on several of them…

Leave us also not forget, Kiley has a handful of unknown endorsements locally. Bill Halldin has over 70 recognizable Republican leaders supporting him. When Kiley sends several pieces of mail asserting that Republican Leaders are unifying around him in a deceptive attempt to confuse voters, it is at best a stretch and is most likely a bald-faced lie.

I am not the only one that took exception to Mr. Kiley’s deception, I have been made aware of a host of local recognizable Republican leaders including Mayors, Supervisors and Partisan elected officials who took exception to Young Mr. Kiley’s tactics. There is a price to be paid for making such moves within a campaign. (scorching the earth)

Now that Young Mr. Kiley has been called out on his campaign rhetoric, he is attempting the classic victim pivot. #EPICFAIL

May 222016

Kevin Kiley is an unemployed Attorney whose current job is running for office. He is not a current deputy Attorney General of Kamala Harris – the extreme left wing AG who manipulates title and summary on ballot measures to impact elections. This would include her deception on Prop 47 – the “Safe Neighborhoods Act” which has precipitated the crime increase he rails on – yet he helped create as he was on the payroll of its’ main benefactor.

Young Mr. Kiley is 31. What do we know about him? He tells Sun City Voters he is a conservative. He tells San Francisco Voters that Andy Pugno is “Not the Image of the Republican Party we should present”, because Pugno wrote Prop 8.

AS I wrote – Kiley has taken over $250,000 from out of AD06, with 90% of that haul from the Bay Area. I posted a list of the whos’ who of Bay Area left-wing donors, including Obama Bundlers.

Why would these rich socialists support Kevin Kiley? Is it based solely on his gay marriage stance?

We may have finally gotten a glimpse in to who Kevin Kiley is courtesy of the Sacramento Bee.

Kiley attempts to parse his words on a variety of issues.

He lists sucking the North State Dry with Delta Tunnels as very unimportant to him, he lists recreational weed as very unimportant to him and he lists the extremely unpopular High-Speed Rail garbage as very unimportant to him as well.

So – while opposing legal weed, he doesn’t care. While opposing the delta tunnel, he doesn’t care. While opposing the High Speed Rail, he doesn’t care. Got it?

Now take a look at his delta tunnel answer:

I cannot support a project that would use eminent domain to seize farms and cost upwards of $50 billion when it is all said and done while potentially damaging the Delta’s already-fragile ecosystem.

Whoops – Young Mr Kiley used a left-wing talking point in opposing the delta tunnels.

Now we have a pattern, folks.

Kevin Kiley is a social liberal. End of story. He is trying to have the pot issue both ways and is using left wing environmentalist talking points on the delta tunnels. A lot of Bay Area liberals love the train to nowhere as well – in my opinion, this is a clear nexus for Kiley to try to split this issue.

Weed is to the left as the State of Jefferson is to the North State Tea Party. Making Weed legal (while banning plastic bags) is their next civil rights fight (since, it appears that men can now use the women’s bathroom thanks to an Obama dictate).

Kiley? Well, I don’t think weed should be legal because it causes crime… but, I really don’t care about the issue.

Note to young Mr. Kiley – let this old man tell you how a real conservative responds to the weed issue:

Numerous studies show negative health and social impacts from use of marijuana. California has led the way in curtailing tobacco use. We should not legalize a harmful drug like marijuana that will lead to more drug use, particularly among children. (Bill Halldin)

It took until now to finally out Kevin Kiley as a Bay Area Liberal Republican. I knew when I heard a while back that Kiley backed Gay Marriage that this was not an isolated liberal stance. Usually someone that supports Gay Marriage has a lot of left-of-center positions as well.

This is not an appropriate candidate for #AD06. Maybe for #AD10 – the district Cristi Nelson thought she was running for in a past facebook post of hers.

I would like to conclude by thanking the Sacramento Bee, of all places for their service in assisting me in vetting Mr. Kiley.

May 132016

20160513_150557Something I have not seen in a long time – a three way “Gang Bang” piece. This comes courtesy of Andrew P Pugno.

Halldin gets swatted, Cristi Beckstead Nelson gets Punched and Young Mr. Kiley gets Piledriven.

Did you know that Kiley was one of Liberal Democrat Attorney General Kamala Harris staff stooges? It is even complete with a picture of that hideous beast (Harris) along with a little donkey. I note that Kiley is made to look 18 years old.

The triple meaning of Cristi Beckstead-Nelson taking a ton of labor union endorsements and promising them “Good Representation” in the legislature was special. I was laughing out loud. I don’t think Ms. Beckstead-Nelson was planning on getting slapped in this campaign. I still have not figured out how Ms. B-N got so many endorsements with taking any checks from them! (as she claimed at the GOP debate – what’s a little lie between friends)

I am, however not sure which misdeed Pugs was referring to regarding Mr. Halldin – but I am sure he has more fun in the offing for all three of his leading opponents.

It appears that Mr. Pugno was having a Mik and a Smile while watching the tropical depression miss landfall, while making this piece.

BTW – of the four, only Halldin is free of the chains of law school.

20160513_151816That said, Pugno just got JACKED UP. I mean he got NUKED.

I will get a better copy of this later – but it quotes Howard Jarvis and the NFIB – both Conservative organizations calling Pugno a liar.

It also calls him out for claiming to be an outsider yet taking a ton of campaign cash from insiders.

Finally, it talks about all the lawsuits Mr. Pugno has filed to make money. Perhaps Mr. Pugno’s lawsuits assisted Mr. Pugno in borrowing $17K from Family and parting with $208k of his own money to finance his current run for office? Just sayin…

This attack on Pugno was much better than the first one.

20160513_150516Allow me as a post-script to add this image of the front side of Pugno’s hit piece on his opponents.

I like Pugno. I worked for him in 2012. Now I am helping Bill Halldin in 2016 (who Pugno is attacking). This Picture of Andy Pugno makes me think he took a shower and shoved a dress shirt on after digging a trench under the Gasden Flag in his backyard. Pugs might want to try a different picture… for a mailer to anyone other than freedom fighters. Just sayin…