May 032016

Cristi Beckstead-Nelson has not been heard from. Perhaps that is merciful.

IMG_3751[1]Kevin Kiley’s campaign is also progressing as he has staked his political future on taking the Pete Wilson endorsement down the political toilet bowl.

As Kiley is swirling, Bill Halldin was invading Sun City Lincoln for yet another event. This one was attended by some 50 people. I could not fit them all in the photo. It was one of the largest coffees I had ever been to. (Another Halldin event a couple weeks earlier was the largest)

Bill Halldin answered questions for an hour. The audience was mixed in political persuasions, the host was a democrat. All left supporting Bill after he gave no-compromise answers to a battery of questions. It isn’t the stance, it is how you approach it and handle disagreement that distinguished Halldin’s approach.

I could tell that people that disagreed with what he said on some issues were respectful and bought in to him as a candidate because of his community service and his record as he stated it on the Sierra College Board.

Where did this leave Kiley? (Short a few Signs)


The street pictured used to have Kiley signs on it. It no longer does.

They have been replaced with Halldin signs. No manipulation here, just an honest conversion with facts presented by the candidate himself.

Not pictured is the street around that corner that went from 5 Kiley signs down to 2 that is now sporting 3 Halldin Signs. Perhaps the other two Kiley sign owners were unable to attend last night’s coffee.

The Kiley #EPICFAIL – when people are presented with a choice between the 31-year old single, never-married trial lawyer who has had 3 jobs in the 4 years he has been out of law school versus the 54 year old Halldin who has lived here and run a business here the last 17 years uninterrupted… Out go the Kiley signs and in come the Halldin signs.

Somewhere, out there is a Tropical Depression, a Mik and a Smile, someone without a voice, someone who forgot her name and God’s gift to conservatism. I think I missed someone… 6/7/2016 will not be here soon enough.

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