May 082016

I guess the young man is too young to remember Pete Wilson wrecking the CAGOP with his badly bungled Prop 187 caper. The Ecconomist Penned a devastating piece on Pete Wilson.

Pete Wilson also polls terribly here in this district – which is why Kiley’s Campaign team has sought to focus on one of the few issues Pete Wilson had right… that said, I took an email from another candidate in another race and adapted it for a humorous interlude:

Bill Halldin Ain’t No Pete Wilson Republican!

I received the funniest phone call from a friend worried that Pete Wilson endorsed Bill’s opponent Kevin Kiley in the 6th Assembly District.

I replied that of course Wilson supported Kiley. Kiley leveraged a personal connection to Wilson and they have a lot in common!

When Wilson supported lowering the two-thirds voting approval rate for school bonds, Bill opposed it!

Pete Wilson as Governor supported billions in tax increases. In Bill’s 5 years of public votes on the Sierra College Board, he never voted for a tax or fee increase.

In fact, Bill was a key leader in gutting the Rocklin Business fees that approached $100,000 a year, getting them slashed to no more than $125 a year!

I suppose that’s why Bill Halldin is supported by Senator Jim Nielsen, Assembly Member James Gallagher and legendary Ronald Reagan Alum Lew Uhler – President of the National tax Limitation Committee. (amongst a ton of others)

Kevin Kiley says he will not support a tax hike, yet his donors are Bay Area Liberals and his highest profile endorser wrecked the GOP with Prop 187 and the largest tax increase in state history (at the time).

Pete Wilson supported gun control, same sex adoption, taxpayer funded abortion, bigger government – all things Bill fought and still fights. Kevin Kiley has stated clearly that he supports Same-Sex Marriage.

Kevin Kiley, well, I have no idea what he would really do. His entire employment history lasts 4 years and he is unemployed now! He has told different groups of people different things while on the campaign trail.

Who could forget that Pete Wilson traveled the nation opposing Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Bid in 1976. Kiley? He came out of the closet for John Kasich over Ted Cruz… what was that?

So in the end, Bill Halldin ain’t no Pete Wilson Republican. I guess Kevin Kiley is.


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