Mar 012016

HalldinAssemblyLogo2For those of you paying attention to the AD06 Race, you will notice that several months after the purchase of the Ted Gaines endorsement, ($2500 check written on 10/6 and announcement made on 10/13) Liberal Republican Cristi Nelson announced the endorsement of Beth Gaines. One could only assume that this check was written out of somewhere that is not reportable on Cristi’s end this time.

Bill Halldin on the other hand- EARNED the Rocklin Chamber PAC endorsement (on the heels of the Roseville Chamber PAC endorsement). You don’t have to buy endorsements when you have an actual connection to the district.

Dear Aaron,

Good morning. 

I am excited to announce that our campaign has received the endorsement of the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee — the third local Chamber PAC to endorse my candidacy. Please see the Rocklin Chamber PAC’s release below. 
With the latest endorsement, all three local chamber’s PACs that have endorsed so far have backed our campaign. I am gratified to have the support because these local chambers are key voices for businesses and for our communities.
More big news: our campaign’s volunteers have made a great statement — collecting signatures from 1,100 neighbors from around the district to help put me on the ballot. That’s more than twice as many signatures as collected by any other campaign, demonstrating the breadth of our strong grassroots organization. Thank you! 
Finally, below is an invitation to my next fundraising event, coming up on Wednesday, March 9 and hosted by DF Properties and Denio’s Farmers Market in Roseville I hope you can join us as we continue to raise the money necessary to be successful in June.  
Thank you again for your interest and support! 
Some candidates attempt to brag or embellish their accomplishments. 1100 In-Lieu signatures is a large number, ask any seasoned campaign veteran. Perhaps this is why a private investigator has made public records requests in to Mr. Halldin’s information from his time on the Sierra College Board? (His opponents are preparing to attack him, an admission that they know they are running from behind)
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