Feb 222021

WOW. I got this mailer at my Sun Valley Nevada address on Thurday 2-18-2021. I was tracked in to the Steve Frank Campaign and did not stop to digest it before I threw it out.

It appears that the whole thing was planned. This mailer was supposed to Arrive Fri-Sat and appears to have gotten the COVID Treatment from the Postal Service. It typically takes a bulk mailer 5 days from Print to mailbox. As this proves, it can sometimes be 8 days.

It arrived at CAGOP delegate’s email addresses today in most parts of California. The code on the mailer indicated it was 4+ day bulk. It appears that the mailer went to current and former CRP delegates from the previous term. I got it and a couple others got it that were not current delegates but were last term. The rest are all current delegates.

This means that Kevin Faulconer’s crew sent this mailer on 2-12 or 2-13, allowing an extra day for President’s Day 2-15 being a federal holiday. As you recall, the now infamous rule five made state news headlines and Jessica Patterson was humiliated in to having it pulled 2-18-2021, the same day my mailer arrived.

The fix was in, until they got blown up (uh-oh, another trigger phrase).

This is a piece I wrote about the CAGOP’s Rules Committee which is full of Faulconer Alum and Attorney’s to make sure the CAGOP’s By-Laws were gutted to enable a small group to endorse a governor candidate in place of the 1,428 delegates. In the piece I outlined how the circumstances were controlled, the system rigged and why Kevin Faulconer had to have the CAGOP completely mortgaged to him.

Even the author of the By-Law admitted to the Sacramento Bee that the purpose was to allow the executive committee (of 100 people, 50 appointed by her majesty) to have had the jurisdiction had it passed!

Given that the CAGOP’s Rules Committee had pre-written substitutes for submitted by-laws, you know this whole thing had been rehearsed.

Now, lastly – notice the common messaging between Kevin Faulconer’s campaign, this mailer and the CAGOP’s sham on-line convention. Does it look the same?

Same consultants. Committees full of Faulconer Alum. Biased, incompetent CAGOP Staff full of Faulconer Alum. They had it all planned, then it got blown up. Not even a visit from the FBI could slow your intrepid blogger down.

Oh and how dare the rank and file have an opinion.

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  4 Responses to “Right on Daily Special Update: A Piece of Mail from Kevin Faulconer Proves That the CAGOP Convention Was Rigged From Jump Street – Then Rule 5 Died”

  1. I got one today….I threw it in the trash where it belongs.

  2. I got mine today.

    Glad we blew up rule #5! A win for the good guys!

  3. We got it also, but since we don’t support liberals or never Trumpers,
    I tossed out.

  4. I too received that mailer and thankfully didn’t check my mail until Monday. I came close to up-chucking when I saw the over-sized mailer. Did the remainder $75,000 (from the $200,000 from the RNC) perhaps go towards this in -your- face mailer? Glad #5 taken out!!!

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