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As Steve Frank’s campaign manager, I am thrilled that so many people got a chance to see all of the problems with the CAGOP up front. I’ve seen the scripted, pre-planned conventions for years. I’ve also written several times about the internal corruption of the organization. Anyone with any experience with the CAGOP knows that they have been at the center of the decline of Republican Numbers in California.

It was on display for people to see in spades.

The centerpiece of Jessica Patterson’s campaign was re-writing history. She was also aided and abetted very well by a cadre of folks – as the large margin of victory suggests.

One of the groups that aided her the most were the CAGOP’s staff.

Jessica Patterson purged the CAGOP’s Staff among her first actions as “Chairwoman”. The people brought in are weak and incompetent based on what I experienced. They are also grotesquely biased and it showed. One has direct ties to David Stafford Reade and another came up in the Faulconer operation.

Please allow me to disclaim this post – if any member of the CAGOP’s Staff construe this or any future post or email as a threat of physical violence that leads to another visit by law enforcement to my house – I will sue every last one of you for filing a false police report. I do not do physical violence, that is for the cowards on the left. I also do not write emails, texts, blogs, etc. anonymously.

I am not going to hold my breath waiting for an apology either, so the only option I have is to make the lives of those that tried to get me thrown in prison over political disagreements hell. Welcome to Right on Daily, because what you did was stupid and you guys on staff at the CAGOP proved you are as corrupt as David Stafford Reade.

I am going to use political flares and a political gas truck to burn down the CAGOP. (and I have for years by the way) I have used this terminology for years and anyone that knows me knows this. Now, every current member of the CAGOP’s staff are in the line of political fire. However, because the word political did not accompany flares and a gas truck, the FBI came to my house. (Google Right on Daily Burn down the CRP – then see what comes up snowflakes)

It took the agents 30 seconds to profile me and the visit ended with one of them fixing my front door mat that had been blown over by the wind when they weren’t lauging over the absurdity of the situation.

Read more about the FBI visiting my house. That is indeed a new first in politics for me. Ashlee Titus, the CAGOP’s attorney sent Steve Frank an email on Wednesday 2-17-2021 indicating the weak, corrupt staff had involved law enforcement.

Steve Frank got beaten badly – which means they called the FBI on me after it was well known that Jessica Patterson was going to win in a blowout. Let that sink in. Given that it was clear they were in communication with the consultants and staff on Patterson’s campaign there is no way they did not know.

So what led to the FBI being called? – 7 requests for information regarding how the paperwork for county parties was verified. On the 7th request I threatened to light the staff up on my blog for their refusal to be transparent. Only after they called the cops on me did Steve Frank get the information!

What was there? They take everyone’s word for it – as I suspected all along. Several counties controlled by moderates got extra convention delegates they were not entitled to. They were avoiding sending me the information because they knew I’d understand the problems instantaneously.

I had to press the staff, sometimes 5 or more times for information on other issues.

It was also clear to me as I pieced the pattern together that they were forwarding our communication to the campaign of Jessica Patterson.

I am also convinced by circumstantial evidence that they sent the final delegate list to Mrs. Patterson at least a day before we got our copy.

The staff also appears to have lied to Carl Brickey and told him to send the complaints regarding bogus delegates to the proxies and credentials committee instead of the rules committee. This was done of course to forestall the complaints, which were sent to the CAGOP’s Rules Committee which is a disaster unto itself. (David Stafford Reade is on that committee – which is like inviting Ivan Boesky to a financial planning seminar) I previously wrote about the complaints.

When two of our (Steve Frank) people were at the CAGOP’s Headquarters – there were two attorneys from Ashlee Titus’ Law Firm present to intimidate our volunteers. It was put to me they were texting someone (like Titus herself) constantly.

The people observing the proxies also confirmed to us that the CAGOP’s Staff knew what the election outcome was going to be as I was called by one of them who relayed a quick conversation they heard between Scott Winn, Corey Uhden and the staffers present. It was also clear that the Staff were happy Jessica Patterson was winning big.

The Staff consistently played games with the timing of the release of information.

The Staff moved the time of the Northern Region Caucus twice – both times making it later in the morning. Given that the legislative staffers appointed as delegates are much more laxsadasical about these sorts of meetings this appears to have been done in a vain attempt to help Deborah Wilder who got crushed 76-48. (OMG, there is another one of those trigger words again) Also note that at the time 25 total delegates with votes in this race were in dispute.

The decision about the electronic voting system was also kept under wraps, but the staff was involved in the decision despite a lot of opposition from the party members that pay their salaries.

The initial release of delegate appointment notices were sent late on 12-23-2020 going in to a holiday weekend.

The rollout of the technology was a disaster, we had dozens if not hundreds of follow-ups for missing information. There were at least 30 people I am aware of that were victimized by the sloppy paperwork and could not vote on election day.

And – they called the FBI on me because my frustration with them boiled over.

The consultants that control most of the CAGOP know that the staff are mostly incompetent, if not corrupt. That is also my opinion based on what I have seen and the consultants take advantage of them.

Steve Frank lost by 294 votes – well beyond the roughly 70-80 dubious delegates I identified. Thus, it makes no sense to sue the CAGOP for the grotesque violations of rules and by-laws, I’d win the lawsuits but the remedy would change nothing. I’d also have cause to sue them over the committee members with conflicts of interest as well. However, what these people did in order to prevent any vetting or a fair hearing related to these is the subject of future posts.

40% of the current delegates to the CAGOP are Staffers, Consultants or employees with a personal financial interest in politics. That no more represents the CAGOP than a man on the moon, and this theme will repeat in future posts.

I will finish with this about the FBI visit. I appreciate the people that contacted me about it expressing their outrage (as most of them still voted for the people that called the FBI on me), I took note of who celebrated it (I got reports back) and others that tried to avoid the issue. It is important to pay attention to details to properly asses people’s character.

In the next installment, I will break down some of the corruption of the CAGOP that was on display. Then, we will get in to an analysis of the elections that occurred over the weekend.

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  5 Responses to “Rigging a Convention: CAGOP Convention Summary Part 1 – the Crooked and Incompetent Staff”

  1. Transparency is not the middle name of the CRP. I got the due process in rules, but transparency is a foreign language for the organization. I do fear in 2022, that Jessica will use the Nancy Pelosi strategy and try to shut down any candidate who is not in her camp. Yes, we may have the right to speak to the board, but they do not want the announcements of the number of candidates that might be stripped of endorsement known.

  2. Thank you for your summary of the CRP convention. I was not a delegate, nor was I asked to be one. I am a 20+ member of San Joaquin RCC, secretary/executive board member most of those years. Our leadership has always quietly rubber stamped CRP leaders, but offered minimal info on them. Since I have paid more attention to Steve Frank’s newsletters in recent years, I value and give credence to the talk he gave to Impact Republicans on Feb. 15. You mentioned Scott Winn, a member of our RCC, who has been leading Dwight Williams around. Scott has done great damage to our credibility and has snookered too many of our members. I would like to volunteer to set San Joaquin RCC politically ablaze. Hope you can offer a word or two on that subject.

  3. Ya know, I actually found myself missing the leadership of Jim Brulte this weekend. Somehow he kept the idiots in our Party ‘in check’….But that is no long the case and the corrupt ‘Bill Thomas’ machine, aided by DSR is now in full control. One bright exception was the County Chairman’s association—Real Republicans are now in charge there!


    The #CA #RepParty held its convention last weekend. Once again the party had a choice between a dedicated conservative, Steve Frank, who wanted to transform the CA #RepParty into an effective political fighting force, and the establishment, political consultant choice, Jessica Patterson. Patterson is part of the Republican consultant class, who specialize in charging Republican candidates large amounts of money to help them lose.

    The vote was secret by electronic voting using a company selected by Patterson. There is no way to know whether the vote was honest. Ronald Reagan said “trust by verify.” This election, or any election, by electronic voting, is “trust but don’t verify.” What could possibly go wrong?

    Whether the election was honest or not, the CA #RepParty chose Patterson who will keep the CA #RepParty as the California version of the “Washington Generals,” the faux team the plays the Harlem Globetrotters in their shows.

    Read more here.

  5. This reminds me of the old cartoon with Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football.Every year, Charlie would attempt to kick the football and every year Lucy would pull it away at the last moment and Charlie would end up on his butt.

    Do you folks understand yet that the CRP is highly resistant to change and has fended off nearly every attempt to make positive change? The biggest visible changes are useless virtue signalling of a “green” logo and a more politically correct chair.

    If you folks had put even a fraction of that effort into other ways to get good people in office and influence policy, we would be way better off today.

    If the party can’t see that Steve Frank is far more competent than Jessica Patterson, there is zero hope for it. If it has to resort to unethical tricks to enforce its will on members and rank and file Republican registrants, then it doesn’t deserve to survive.

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