Feb 192021

I met a couple of the FBI’s finest today.

I was tipped off Thursday AM by an insider that Ashlee Titus’ legal threat was real. According to the Agents that I spoke to, the CRP’s staff called the Sac Sheriff. The Sac Sheriff contacted the FBI who went to my old house in Roseville. (How they did not know I had moved is beyond me) The agents from South Reno told me it took them exactly 10 minutes to find me.

After the initial 30 seconds of tension after they showed me their badges and they started relaxing realizing I was not a threat, I invited them in. We had a plesant conversation, they were admiring the view from my Kitchen and complemented me on my house.

Too bad that the CAGOP did not send the FBI to investigate the 440,000 ballots that were sent to dead people and to people like me that moved out of state. But I did get a mailer from Kevin Faulconer today.

This is the same CAGOP that has rigged the Proxies and Credentials Committee to stuff complaints about clear-cut violations of the State By-Laws and State Election Law.

But – they called the FBI on me.

As I type this blog, my phone is blowing up with complaints about the disaster that is the voting system. Apparently at the County Chairman’s Association meeting they had to go to a roll call voice vote because the voting system failed repeatedly and it was not user friendly.

But – they called the FBI on me.

They admitted that they don’t follow up on paperwork and take people’s word for it.

But – they called the FBI on me.

Understand that the same people that have called Steve Frank a racist, told people he is good buddies with Bob Mulholland, crushed Modoc County, cheated with organizational meetings, violated the by-laws filling vacant legislative districts, threw long-time activists out of the party delegation, went to the flawed electronic voting system, have been caught repeatedly playing games with timing and release of information…

… Called the FBI on me, Steve Frank’s Campaign Manager.

Now ask yourself what kind of California Republican Party do you want? One that puts forward Rule 5 that would rig an endorsement for a candidate without the input of delegates? Do you want a party that unequally applies election law and uses parlimentary tricks to cover up by-law violations? Do you want a party controlled by fake proxy votes?

Do you want a party that uses bully tactics to control outcomes? Like, calling the FBI on the opposition candidates’ campaign manager.

Only you can prevent forest fires. Please elect Steve Frank CAGOP Chairman.

Every campaign I experience something new. The bullying of delegates, cheating, staff malfeasance, whisper campaigns, game playing, attorneys trying to rig the process, election disasters… this is all standard stuff. Even the 31st legal demand letter (in this case an email) was nothing new.

Meeting two dudes from the FBI in my dining room and shooting the breeze about politics and how nice Reno is to live in? That’s a new one. I suppose I can thank the staff of the CAGOP for that one.

Choose wisely – these people are going to the bottom of the playbook with their tactics. I am not going to be intimidated by these people nor should you be, nor should you reward the tactics they are employing.

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  5 Responses to “CAGOP Update: The CAGOP’s Staff Literally Called the FBI on me!”

  1. The CA GOP killed the Republican Party in California, and the CA GOP has ensured Democrat control of the state.

  2. Thanks for your dedication! I don’t generally come to CAGOP conventions but I had to be at this one to support Steve — Denny Schneider (new chair 62nd AD—western LA areas surrounding LAX)

  3. This is pretty slimy stuff coming from the desperate and failed leadership of the cagop.

  4. That they have to cheat to win speaks volumes about the their “leadership” and their character.

  5. I rejoined the CA Rep Party solely to be a delegate and vote for Steve. This may be a short stay.

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