May 282020

I have alleged that Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle and others are seeking to strip the guts out of the CAGOP and turn it in to nothing more than a glorified PAC to use as a candidate clearing house. This is the only possible conclusion you could draw when presented with evidence of systematic extermination of Travis Allen supporters, Steve Frank Supporters, Retaliation, Favoritism and decisions with a clear nexus of exclusion.

This is the Jeff Randle pattern – exterminate the grassroots, gut organizations to a shell you can control. They did it in 2010 with Meg Whitman when they systematically retaliated against everyone that helped or supported Steve Poizner. It is the opinion of this blogger backed up with evidence that they are leveraging the CAGOP to promote Kevin Faulconer for Governor in 2022 and someone who may or may not be Kristen Olsen for #CA10 in 2022 (or whatever the district is renumbered to post re-draw). Remember, Jessica Patterson was paid some $10,000 by Kristen Olsen’s county supervisor campaign in 2018 and Olsen helped pay her salary for years when she ran California Trailfailures.

I have now been told by more than one candidate that the party insiders have not even been coy about what they are looking for in potential recruits – White Men need not apply. (Unless your name is Kevin Faulconer) How that isn’t racist is beyond me.

That’s right folks, the now defunct California Trailblazers gave Tyler Diep Money, then Diep betrayed his mentor Travis Allen. Also note Jessica Patterson’s $12,000 a month salary from California Trailblazers.

AD-72: One of the most egregious examples of the moral bankruptcy of Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle and the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure inside the CAGOP is their refusal to honor the will of the OCGOP when they pulled their endorsement of the corrupt, feckless Tyler Diep. Diep’s issues were issues of integrity, legality and governance. However, Tyler Diep betrayed Travis Allen in favor of Jessica Patterson for CAGOP Chair. Apparently, that is all it takes to get the party leaders to defend the corrupt.

In CA25: the CAGOP ignored the will of the Ventura and Los Angeles GOP and refused to endorse Mike Garcia. Now, they are claiming credit for his win after screwing him over in the primary. The money spent on Garcia’s behalf? While directed by Tom Ross (Cal Plan), it appears from my reading of the FEC report to have all been national money directed to the CAGOP (perfectly legal) in order to get the bulk mail rate of the party thus cutting the cost for the 30 some pieces of mail they sent.

In SD23: Old White Guy Lloyd White was shunned by the party establishment and railed even though he was clearly in a strong position to run for State Senate. (He started in first place on election night proving his position) Rather than let SD23 alone, the Party spent 70% of their resources picking a primary winner WHILE IGNORING OTHER DISTRICTS. Beyond the demographics of the candidates, why else did the CAGOP pick a primary winner in SD23 while letting Mike Garcia Swing? Kevin McCarthy had endorsed one of Garcia’s primary opponents so the demographics did not even matter- the rest of us be dammed.

In AD67: Kelly Seyarto was pre-primary endorsed by 100% of the underlying County Parties. (Riverside GOP) Jessica Patterson and crew ignored him. Seyarto is a white male. They are still ignoring Seyarto in Party Communications.

IN CA-43 – Joe Collins continues to hold a CAGOP endorsement. Collins (who is black) raised $1 Million, but only spent $2000 on campaigning. Joe Collins also claims to be a sovereign citizen. In addition to renouncing his US Citizenship by claiming to be a sovereign citizen, he once claimed in court filings that his bodily fluids are worth $15 Million.  The Daily Caller also covered it too. It looks like Joe Collins is living the high life off of donors’ money running a scam. Bonus: He has 4 Children by four women and appears to have multiple court cases related to his refusal to pay child support.

As of the creation of this blog – Joe Collins is still endorsed by the CAGOP. Why is Jessica Patterson ignoring this disaster? Is it because her handlers don’t have a candidate lined up for CA-43 (or new district) in 2022?

We know why Jessica Patterson and Scott Winn singled out Ted Howze, it looks like they have a paycheck lined up in 2022. Anything Howze did pales in comparison to Joe Collins or the next group of Jessica Patterson supporters:

Then there is the matter of CAGOP Delegates that are actively campaigning AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP. The by-laws of the state party are clear that a delegate to the CAGOP that campaigns against the nominee of the GOP can be removed as a delegate. The Chairman of the CAGOP also has discretion over delegates as well.

Section 2.01.06 Discipline of Delegates
(A) A majority of the Committee or the Executive Committee may remove, censure or reprove any regular or appointive delegate who, during his term as a delegate, affiliates with or registers as a member of a party other than the Republican Party, publicly advocates that the voters should not vote for the nominee of the Party for any office, or who gives support to or avows a preference for any publicly announced candidate of a party other than the Republican Party or for a candidate for partisan office who is opposed to a candidate nominated by the Republican Party, or who fails to pay dues in accordance with section 2.01.09 or who pays any obligation to the Committee with a check drawn on a closed account or returned for non-sufficient funds (“bad check”).

Mike Madrid is a delegate to the CAGOP. Luis Alvarado is a delegate to the CAGOP. Scott Winn is a delegate to the CAGOP. All three are actively and openly opposing and/or campaigning against President Trump.

Mike Madrid is publicly a part of the Lincoln Project. This is a group that is attacking Trump supporting incumbents in their re-elections and of course is attempting to defeat the president.

Unlike #CA10 GOP Nominee Ted Howze – Mike Madrid, Scott Winn and Luis Alvarado all voted for Jessica Patterson for CAGOP Chair. I guess all can be forgiven in that case even as the three of them attack Republican activists and candidates with aplomb. In the case of Mike Madrid – he worked for Antonio Villiariagosa as well.

If any of you think that Jessica Patterson will stand up and call out these three delegates for their opposition to the president or invoke the process in the by-laws to remove these people as delegates, think again. The fact that Joe Collins continues to hold a CAGOP endorsement despite the clear fraud that he and his campaign is when added to the other stuff proves that current control agents of the CAGOP are morally bankrupt.

As a Bonus – Jessica’s hero Mike Madrid on the dope rhyme: (It is as if Jessica Patterson, Scott Winn and others coordinated the attack on Ted Howze…)

This is the leadership of the California Republican Party – as morally corrupt as the FBI that tried to take down President Trump. Ironically, some of these people were probably rooting for the Mueller investigation.

To Be Continued…

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