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I saw a blurb in the Hill (biased as they are) about another GOP candidate in a hopeless Congressional District CA-34 espousing conspiracy theories. While the Hill never reports on the vile disgusting things fringe dems have to say – we got this:

Doesn’t @BillGates finance research at the Wuhan lab where the Corona virus was being created?” Wright tweeted, earning hundreds of retweets and likes. “Isn’t @georgesoros a good friend of Gates? Isn’t it always when @HillaryClinton tweets that fire and brimstone hits us? Check Gates Foundation and Clinton Foundation for stock sells.”

The day before, responding to a tweet espousing a largely debunked theory on the origins of the virus from Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Wright tweeted, “The Corona virus is a man made virus created in a Wuhan laboratory. Ask @BillGates who financed it.”

Let this be a lesson to GOP Groups everywhere. Vet all candidates, ESPECIALLY those in marginal or safe D districts. They seem to be magnets for grifter candidates.

This gets me to Omar Navarro and Deanna Lorraine. Deanna has now slid to 1.8% of the vote in CA-12. She is in danger of dropping to 5th place. Omar Navarro as we reported has just overtaken the equally as crazy Joe Collins in CA-43 by 17 votes for second place. Omar could end up in the runoff while in jail.

Joe Collins (IMO) and his consultant should be prosecuted for fraud. Unfortunately, what they did while unethical is legal.

As written by former SOS Nominee Mark Meuser:

Sad, sad, sad.

In Congressional District 43, there were three candidates in the race, Maxine Waters, Omar Navarro, and Joe Collins. Based upon the election results right now, it appears that Maxine Waters will be running against Omar Navarro. The media is reporting that Omar Navarro is in prison so that means, the Republicans in the 43rd Congressional District were so uneducated about the race that they voted for someone in prison.

There was another Republican in the race, Joe Collins. I decided to look at Collins campaign reports to see what happened. Joe Collins raised over a million dollars. Yes, you read that right, Joe Collins raised over a million dollars to run against Maxine Waters but was unable to beat a Republican who was in prison to make it into California’s top two.

I had to figure out, what did Joe Collins spend a million dollars on that they could not make it into the top two against a candidate who is in prison.

It appears about $625,000 went to the fundraiser to raise the million and another $215,000 went to the campaign consultants. Over $141,000 went to food and travel (I guess Joe Collins loved staying at the Ritz.)

The total spent on online advertising – $389.01.
The total spent on printing – $1,021.91
The total spent for a web site – $219.

That is it: $1,629.92 out of a million dollars was spent on voter outreach. The rest of the one million plus dollars was spent on consultants, fancy hotels, and nice restaurants.

No slate mailers purchased. Nothing. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the consultants other than the lawyers who filed the campaign finance reports did to earn their $200,000+ consultant fee.

It is sad that the Republican voters in CD 43 voted for a Republican who was in prison.

It is sad that a Republican candidate raised a million dollars but did not spend any of the money getting his message out.

It is sad that Republican contributors were duped by some fancy fundraising campaign to give their money to a candidate who was not even serious about campaigning.

Then the insanity that was Omar Navarro and Deanna Lorraine comes in to sharper focus. Please note that my experiences with Jason Aula suggest he is as nuts as Omar has proven to be.

Deanna is running around protesting her “innocence” to anyone that will listen. I guess she figures since she spoke at a few Churches that somehow absolves her of the consequences of her behavior.

Let CA-12 (Deanna Lorraine), CA-34 Joanne Wright, CA-43 Joe Collins and Omar Navarro be a lesson to EVERYONE… vet your candidates. Do not endorse for the sake of endorsing.

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  3 Responses to “CA-12, CA-34 and CA-43 Update: Let This Be a Lesson To Us All About Vetting EVERY Candidate for EVERY Office.”

  1. Blogger’s Note: Gotta love the he-said she-said. The overarching point has and will be that Deanna Lorraine should never be taken seriously as a candidate for anything regardless of her dalliances with Omar. Omar has a lot of issues and it appears that Deanna took advantage of him. Period. Omar may well end up in prison for a long time and that part is separate from Deanna’s behavior.

    I’m sure this comment won’t make this in but This is really sad. I am so tired of your assassination of Deanna’s character and total distortion of what happened with her and omar Navarro. How do you sleep at night pretending to be a christian but lying so much? I was personally friends with Omar during this time and I remain close friends with Deanna. She is a good person and all you and your sponsor John Dennis do is try to destroy her. I witnessed his abuse of her. The specific things she recounts in her Declarations that the courts and Judges have read, the hundreds of texts messages that have been reviewed by the DAs and Law enforcement, his constant calling and texting and sexually extorting of her, I was there while this happened and saw this with my eyes. Any time DeAnna called him it was because he was extorting and blackmailing her so heavily with threats of printing nude pictures and defamatory information to YOU and other media, with death threats and threats to harm her and her family she would finally give in to calling him. She would rather call him then see him or sleep with him which were his other demands. She also recorded all her phone calls for her protection.

    All of this evidence has gone through 4 different Judges plus the LA County Judge that originally granted DeAnna the maximum 5 year RO from him in August. Its gone through 2 different county’s law enforcement and DAs and detectives units. Each time Navarro has a court hearing, him and his attorney ask the Judge to review their decision and consider letting him out of jail. They have reviewed all the evidence many times and each time they come to the same conclusion, that Navarro is a threat to public safety, to himself and to Lorraine. They don’t just slap 8 felonies on someone and remand him back into jail without bail for frivolous reasons. They don’t keep someone in jail without bail for frivolous reasons. They have deemed him a serious threat and they have said each time at the hearings that if they were to let him out and he follows through on his very serious and numerous threats to kill Lorraine, they don’t want the blood on their hands. If you keep thinking Omar is somehow innocent in this, you are saying your opinion is somehow more superior than both San Francisco District Attorney’s and Law Enforcement, and LA County DAs and Law enforcement, and 4 different Judges.

  2. There are no nude photos of her because she has stated more than once she is abstinent. That means all the rumors of her lover(s) named in this blog are false. Abstinent means no nude photos, ever.

  3. We almost had issues in CA-27 as well. It seems like we need to do background checks even on the placeholder candidates.

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