Apr 022020

Is this Peter Kuo’s Latest Scam?

The post by Peter Kuo on his facebook page from 2 months ago speaks for itself. We’ve written at length about the list of bizarre businesses he has and the number of LLC’s / C-Corps that have been shut down. You’d think if the Vice-Chairman of the California GOP had a magical device that could Contain/Destroy the ChinaVirus we’d have heard about it by now?

Where’s the aircraft factory?

I am also still waiting for my Jade Bitcoin. BTW – the video of Peter handling ancient antiquities seems to have disappeared from the website.

I just keep getting reminded why I had a bad feeling about Peter Kuo when he first announced his vice chair campaign.


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  One Response to “CAGOP Vice Chairman Peter Kuo, International Man of Mystery. On 1-24-2020 Claims He Has Technology That Will Destroy Coronavirus”

  1. God bless this man. When he isn’t Indiana Jones rescuing Jade antiquities from the wrong hands in Communist China he is moonlighting as Jonas Salk to save the world from the scariest manufactured bioweapon the world has seen in a lifetime. Elon Musk, eat your heart out.
    #WhereisPeter #WhatwouldPeterKuodo #elonmusk #tesla

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