Feb 142020

From Scott Lay’s The Nooner:

Phillip Chen AD-55 has gotten some money as well.

I also checked and found that finally, they have sent some money to Ling Ling Ling Chang and John Moorlach. Chang got close to $40K and Moorlach is now around $30K (Both got money AFTER the initial criticism from Right on Daily) Click here to see the recent cash infusion to Ling Ling Ling Chang. Perhaps I should continue bludgeoning Shannon Grove (and Matt Klemin) so that the vulnerable GOP Senators get supported instead of money being diverted to the ego-fueled rampage in SD23.

As I type this, Ochoa-Bogh (SD-23) continues to have received more money than all the vulnerable senators combined as it appears picking a primary winner is more important than helping vulnerable incumbents. (Update: as of 2-13-2020 it looks like $150k)

Where are the CAGOP Emails to Party Members? Where are the Facebook Posts to Party Members? These things are free or cost very little? Where are the phone calls from interns? The party should be communicating with its’ members in AD-67, AD-73 and AD-42 and telling them to ignore the Swamp money and vote for the GOP-endorsed candidates! Or, are they afraid of the swamp? It is a legitimate question.

The only thing I have seen is the disaster that was discovered by Chad Mayes with the 100+ facebook ads using left wing talking points.

It is clear that the Assembly and Senate Leaders and staff are at also odds with Party Leadership. The upcoming fight Shannon Grove picked over what should be a non-controversial endorsement in CA-03 is a prime example. One candidate has 6 County Parties, the other none. (BTW- Tamika Hamilton got endorsed despite a determined effort by Shannon Grove)

Along the lines of meddling, I am also wondering if the Assembly Leadership is participating in the Realtors undermining the CAGOP Endorsement in AD-67 as well.

In the case of AD-42, AD-67 and AD-73 be clear on this: It appears that Jessica Patterson is honoring the endorsements of the local parties and is trying to help these three candidates. This is what the Chair is supposed to do, the problem is that she is not in a strong position to wield influence over the third house (aka the swamp) or intransigent Legislative Leadership. However, that being said, where are the free or almost free forms of communication from the CAGOP in to those districts. (Back to Basics anyone?) In addition, Patterson stood tall for Tamika Hamilton in CA-03.

If Bill Brough survives the primary in AD-73 the OCGOP is going to get slaughtered in Orange County even worse than I believe. The biggest impediment to dealing with the morally and fiscally corrupt William “Bill” Brough has been assembly permanent minority leader Marie Waldron, this fact is undeniable.

Now for an example of everyone being off the reservation: the Case of AD-72. Tyler Diep: the fact that the un-endorsement has been ignored by party leaders is unacceptable and is something Jessica Patterson should rightly be criticized for. It will be even more of an embarrassment when Diep bolts the GOP. Massive amounts of money are heading in to the district and I have no clue of the outcome – but the local party took a position that the state party is ignoring. Yes, I am also asserting that Permanent Minority Leader Marie Waldron is involved in that, too. Note that a staffer of Diep (Matt Fleming) is a paid consultant for the CAGOP, and Tyler Diep outright betrayed Travis Allen (despite Allen setting him up to run for AD-72) endorsing Patterson for CAGOP Chair.

In SD-28 I have gotten word from multiple insiders that Shannon Grove and the party insiders do not like Melissa Melendez and have basically left her on her own. Why then, did they recruit her to jump from AD-67 to SD-28? Was this just a ruse so they could run her through? Given what I am learning this is not out of the realm of possibility. Melendez has gotten some money from the usual crew from CAGOP donors so I am wondering about mixed messages, again weak leadership.

While Melendez has gotten $3K from the Party, SD-05 disaster Jesus Andrade has gotten about $25K. Andrade’s district is being saturated with independent expenditures in a Democrat battle royale. That 25K may have well been set fire to. I also found another $2K to Andrade from Grow Elect, basically controlled by CAGOP people. (Update, another $30K was just pumped in to Andrade)

In AD-42 (Kotyuk vs Chad Mayes), I’ve had insiders send me opposition research info against Kotyuk in an effort to draw equivalence between Kotyuk and Chad Mayes. This suggests that the Assembly and Legislative insiders want Chad Mayes re-elected. Jessica Patterson, the CAGOP Chair has indeed been very helpful to Kotyuk and has helped him raise money while the caucus crew appears to have other ideas. The Swamp is in to Chad Mayes for about $500,000 now.

Stay Tuned as we go through the finance reports of the California Republican Party to identify the players that are earning income from this implosion.

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    Jay Ober4nolte supports the #GlobalWarming scam.

    Tim Donnelly calls it out for the scam that it is.

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