Feb 132020

I have been sharply critical of Jessica when it is warranted. In the Case of CA-03, she honored the will of the local GOP Central Committees. Well done Jessica and Thank You for doing it even when so-called party leaders had other agendas.

As I had written previously, for reasons that elude me Shannon Grove made the CA-03 endorsement all about her. As expected, Shannon attempted to table the endorsement. This is a parliamentary trick that is typically done when someone knows they lack the votes to block a motion. Apparently, more than a few of Tamika’s supporters on the CAGOP Board were in favor of tabling the endorsement rather than engaging in conflict.

Jessica Patterson broke the tie on that vote in favor of proceeding. Thus, she honored the will of the six county parties that endorsed Tamika Hamilton. She stood up and told Shannon Grove no, we are proceeding with a vote because this is what we were asked to do by the local parties.

Note – I will be going in to more detail shortly, but this is not the only circumstance where Patterson has stood up for the local parties. With the exception of AD72 (where one of Tyler Diep’s staff is a consultant for the CAGOP and Diep was a major endorsement for Patterson’s Chair campaign) and the apparent inaction in AD67 – Patterson has been helping Kotyuk in AD-42 and Laurie Davies in AD-73. I’ve been told of others where Patterson has provided material assistance that I can not remember right now.

Once the vote to table failed. Shannon Grove, Ted Gaines. Of those remaining, only Doug LaMalfa, Tom Ross, Marie Waldron voted no.  It appears that the party establishment was opposed to the grassroots.

Shannon Grove and Doug LaMalfa attempted to scuttle all 6 endorsements with motions to table and motions to adjourn.

THANK YOU CAGOP VICE CHAIR PETER KUO. I was told that Kuo was advocating for Tamika and calling fellow board members.

THANK YOU CAGOP NORTHERN REGION VICE CHAIR Matt Heath. He was standing up for all of his County Parties and Tamika who he was an early supporter of

THANK YOU CAGOP NATIONAL COMMITTEEWOMAN Harmeet Dhillon – she also lent her influence and stature to Tamika.

If 80% of the local party leadership can’t pick an endorsed candidate – why have a procedure at all?

Once again, Shannon Grove’s Rampage Continues… although this time it was unsuccessful.

Meantime – check out Tamika Hamilton’s Bio and ask yourself why any GOP leader would not want to endorse?

Tamika Hamilton was born in Calvert County, Maryland in 1984. Estranged from her father and born to an underage mother, Tamika was fortunate to be raised by her grandparents who she credits with first instilling in her the importance of public service. Tamika’s grandmother, Geraldine, took on extra work cleaning houses, while her grandfather, Francis, worked two jobs to help provide for Tamika growing up. Tamika says she is so fortunate to have had role models in her life that taught her the importance of hard work and service to her country. Tamika’s grandfather, a Purple Heart recipient for his heroic service in the Vietnam War, was the first to encourage Tamika to serve her country in the military. Within a month of graduating high school Tamika arrived at basic training for the United States Air Force.

Over 14 years of active duty in the Air Force, Tamika has been stationed at five different bases and two deployments in the Middle East as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, the United States Global War on Terror. During her 14-year military career, Tamika was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal, Joint Service Accommodation Medal, Air Force Meritorious Unit Award, and Air Force Good Conduct Medal. Two years ago, Tamika chose to become an active Air Force reservist so she would not have to deploy with young children at home.

Tamika and her husband, Ray Hamilton, live in Dixon, California with their four children Kaedyn, Gabriella, Ryan and Beau. Ray is also a veteran (US Navy) and continues their family’s public service as a local police officer. Both Ray and Tamika are active in their local church and volunteer with local community groups. It was Tamika’s experience with her homeless ministry, particularly her work with homeless veterans, that caused her to take a stand for her community and run for Congress.

Tamika’s district is a very dynamic and diverse cross section of California with farming, viniculture, urban population centers and two Air Force bases. As a candidate for office, she is focused on core issues that will actually impact the daily lives of her constituents.

The CAGOP is a dumpster fire. In 22 years of party activism, I’ve never seen it like this before.

At the end of the meeting Congressman Doug LaMalfa attacked the process as “Compromised”. Wow dude that was just idiotic.

To be continued…

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