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One of my least favorite things in politics are a small group of people that make decisions in a vacuum. It is like a “La Coza Nostra”. The fact that I have been in the political scene for 22 years and have not met some of the “Top” Republican Consultants or decision makers is a testament to the secret society that exists. I refer to them as the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

I spoke with Mr. Klemin for about 20 minutes. It was neither a smooth nor a pleasant phone call. I can 100% understand why Matt Klemin has his detractors. Note – I have never met Matt Klemin in person.

Because Matt Klemin threatened to sue me, I am writing this post airing our conversation in public because people have the right to know what $150K+ of party money is being spent on. Secondly, I’ve never been sued successfully in 22+ years of party activism and a f—ing retard (which is what I called Klemin on the phone) like Mr. Klemin won’t be the first.

The chat with Klemin reminded me of why failure is rewarded and why failure is doubled-down on. Matt Klemin appeared to care more about who I was talking to or where I am getting my information than anything else.

He wanted to know what the purpose was for my posts about people on the inside. It’s easy – The Caucus in the State Senate has shrunk from 15 down to 10 on Klemin’s watch and I want to know why I should be happy with that. I also wanted to know why the hell I (or anyone else GOP) should be happy with the large salaries being doled out- the only response was an expletive laden question about whether or not I believed people deserved to be paid.

There was no contesting the facts as laid out, but I did learn that the CAGOP has finally sent out mail on behalf of Melissa Melendez in SD-28. In between expletives and yelling, Klemin did tell me that Wilk, Moorlach and Ling Ling Ling received more money from the party. It should not have taken a brow-beating for that to happen.

There was no answer however for cranking $50K in to a hopeless SD-05 Race for a candidate getting drowned out by a democrat Mod vs Leftist war. It is the opinion of this blogger, that similar to the Johnny Khamis fraud being perpetrated in SD-15, that the Senate Caucus is playing for a moderate democrat and not the Republican.

There was also no answer from Klemin for why the party is pouring money in to Rosalicie Ochoa-Bogh to the expense of Moorlcah, Ling Ling Ling and Wilk.

Matt Klemin attempted to bully me several times, mocking the cough I had from having a throat infection, mocking the blog, attempting to invoke my faith and straight out threatening to sue me. This guy must be a gem to live with.

Worse, a couple years ago, I posted about Matt Klemin having a personal issue that ended up on a police blotter in Roseville. At the request of a friend and current CAGOP Board Member who explained to me the context of the sad situation, I pulled the post. Like a f—ing retard, Klemin used that as leverage in the conversation of today.

It reminded me of when I publicly apologized to Doug LaMalfa and then saw LaMalfa accusing my brother of embezzlement three weeks later on the front page of the Sacramento Bee. About half the time I correct blogs or withdraw blogs the person who benefits from the correction or withdrawal attempts to use that for political gain – this is why politics is full of narcissists and liars. The behavior is encouraged as virtue is seen as weakness.

After talking to Matt Klemin, I still have no explanation for why the Party has doubled down on Tyler Diep in AD72, why they resisted dealing with William “Bill” Brough in AD73, why they are allowing CREPAC to undermine the party endorsement of Kelly Seyarto in AD67, why Andrew Kotyuk has gotten little direct support in AD-42, why Suzette Martinez has gotten little or no direct or indirect party support in AD-38, and the list goes on.

I can draw only one conclusion from my conversation with Matt Klemin based on the 20 minutes of my life I will never get back – he has to be at odds with Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove. It is also possible that he has made decisions in a vacuum without her advice and consent.

What people in the CAGOP / Legislative Leadership need to understand is the rank and file delegates resent all the money being spent given the results. There are tons of decisions made in a vacuum. People with a direct financial interest in the outcome of CAGOP Officer Elections not only get to vote in them, they have a direct impact in the outcome (killing by-law amendments and gathering proxies). When I saw several people paid directly by the CAGOP (for consulting, etc) running around like ants at the convention supporting the current chair of the CAGOP – that did not sit well with me. It reminded me of labor unions buying the elections of the board they negotiate their contracts with. It seems from the way Klemin approached our phone call that he has similar contempt for people that are outside the small sphere of the Oligarchy.

You want to know why I am hammering the political insiders? There has never been room in their tent for ideological conservative activists, ever. Why? Because they can’t control us. We deserve better than having millions raised and squandered on losing repeatedly.

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  2 Responses to “So I Talked to CAGOP Senate Caucus Political Director Matt Klemin on the Phone. It Reminded Me of Why the Current GOP is a Trainwreck”

  1. They may be “La Cosa Nostra”, but you sounded like the true Gangsta in dealing with that loser. Keep up the good fight homie!

  2. I worked as the business manager for a small family-owned business for twelve years. If I had reported to the owners that sales had fallen by a third over an extended period or that shop productivity had dropped by a third over the same period, neither the sales manager nor the shop foreman would have a job. They would have been fired. Nothing personal, but they are hired to produce positive results. If they fail at their jobs, the business suffers and risks failure as well.

    On a side note, anytime a consultant makes you a commitment or promise, get it in writing.

    Blogger’s Note: Amen on all accounts.

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