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I’d say I told you so, but even I could not predict rate of the massive collapse all over the state as Republicans are being hunted to extinction. I am constantly being forced to revise my estimates of losses mounting for the California GOP and today’s update is even more evidence to support my pessimism. There is no leadership.

In CA-12, Grifter of the Year Nominee Deanna Lorraine could only respond with an Airplane flying an Impeach Pelosi banner. Meantime, SFGOP Chairman John Dennis was threatened by ANFITA, the tweet with video of the confrontation has been retweeted 36,000 times. Andy Ngo, famous for his run-ins with ANTIFA also covered the incidents that happened at the well-publicized clean-up in San Francisco on Saturday 2-1-2020. NGO identified the man as a teacher in the San Francisco School District.

Where was the CAGOP? John Dennis got endorsed by the SFGOP in early January – yet the CAGOP Leadership did not act. John Dennis lives in San Francisco and has legitimate fears for his safety as he is fighting within one of the most lopsided Democrat Areas in the Country and CAGOP Leadership has let him rot for a month.

In CA-03, Tamika Hamilton now has over 80% of the local County Parties, recently gaining the Sutter GOP Endorsement, putting her at roughly 85% of county parties by Republican population. Despite an attempt from the deranged Charlie Schaupp to muddle up the CAGOP Board, the endorsement is proceeding. An interesting note: Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove – allegedly seeking a job in the Trump Administration so she can beat a path out of California – is the only endorsement the other candidate has in CA-03. Schaupp for his part, is a reputed male chauvinist (several people that have had run-ins with him have told me as such) and has gone all out in some sort of personal rampage against Mrs. Hamilton. What a great look for the CAGOP, a 70-year-old White Guy leading the opposition to a 30-Something Black Conservative Candidate.

Shannon Grove has other issues, such as her support for Prop 13. That’s correct, the alleged conservative Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove supports a $15 Billion Tax Increase that mandates ONLY Union Labor on all of the projects. The GOP Leadership are completely lost, but knowing at least Shannon Grove supports Prop 13 suggests why the CAGOP has attempted to avoid the issue.

So, was Shannon Grove also attempting to muck up the hard-fought endorsement for Tamika Hamilton in CA-03 in favor of the disaster known as Sean Feucht?

Late today, 2-6-2020, your intrepid blogger was informed that the CAGOP Board has moved their meeting up one week from 2-20 to 2-13-2020. This decision was made this morning.

The feckless weak CAGOP Leadership is having other consequences:

You will see their fixation with Roaslicie Ochoa-Bogh SD-23 when you click on their financial reports. The CAGOP has put about $110K of their meager resources in to Rosalicie, trying to knock off Lloyd White in a Primary. Why are they fixated on a Primary?

Why have we not seen a dime to Kelly Seyarto, CAGOP endorsed in AD-67? Where is a donation to Laurie Davies, CAGOP Endorsed in AD-73? Since the CAGOP leadership seem fixated on contested primaries – those are two clear and easy ones to look at.

Melissa Melendez, John Moorlach and Scott Wilk have received a fraction from the CAGOP that Rosalicie has. All three are vulnerable to defeat – but apparently Lloyd White (a Republican) is a bigger problem than the democrat opponents to the three aforementioned Senators.

Melendez in SD-28 is going to get attacked by the California Association of Realtors. Because they perceive weakness in CAGOP leadership and the rumor about Shannon Grove is widely believed, it appears that CREPAC is going to spend money on people that will sell out on budget bills that will keep them getting what they want out of government. Did Shannon Grove throw Melissa Melendez, Scott Wilk, John Moorlach and Ling Ling Ling Chang under the bus by not exerting more leadership, or worse seeking to escape California to save her own self?

I have blasted CREPAC for years. During the Luis Buhler / David Reade / Andy Garakhani days of rampaging against Conservatives with big money (Remember Spirit of Democracy PAC that attacked Conservatives for years?) – CREPAC, Chevron, PG&E, the Dental Association and others were participating in big money drills in Republican Primaries to elect Cap-and-Trade type Republicans. (along with Mr. Munger being the main donor)

Perhaps this is why CREPAC is also going in Big to attack Kelly Seyarto in AD-67 in Favor of the corrupt disaster Steve Manos. Where is Marie Waldron? Was she too busy defending Bill Brough’s leadership vote to watch her flank for a turncoat big money donor? Where is CAGOP Leadership? Why did they allow Kelly Seyarto to remain so weak that CREPAC and other tax-raising big government third house swamp creatures could come after him?

Read More about CREPAC’s Choice Steve Manos here: 2 Evictions, 4 Judgements, 2 FTA’s, 2 Federal Tax Liens, 1 Utility Lien, 5 State Liens, a Default and a Bankruptcy worth over $1.3 Million. The 2 Evictions? Yup – Real Estate Offices Manos Ran in to the ground. Apparently, these are the kinds of Candidates CREPAC want in office – including William “Bill” Brough who CREPAC donated to even after the scandals surrounding him were fully metastasized.

If I am a Realtor, I am embarrassed at the actions of the people running CREPAC at the State Level – a dirty realtor and a dirty assemblyman one of whose victims is a Realtor from Southern Orange County! Really?

In CA-42, the CAGOP has given Andrew Kotyuk a whopping $21K after threatening him over his choice of staff. (Remember how Jessica Patterson told Kotyuk not to hire Nathan Miller?) Kotyuk’s reward for hiring the consultant Jessica told him to is a whopping $21K.

Irony of all ironies – Nathan Miller works for Steve Manos. The man deserves to make a living even as I am bombing his boss.

My source of information about the CREPAC led independent expenditures coming against Kelly Seyarto and Melissa Melendez are impeccable – as in the source has been over 90% accurate. It is possible the Realtors donate to another PAC that is then used as the delivery vehicle as I have seen in past campaigns, but the attack(s) are coming.

So were Marie Waldron, Jessica Patterson and Shannon Grove asleep at the switch? What kind of “deal” did they make regarding Prop 13? Will the CAGOP leadership endorse Donald Trump? Will they support the will of the CAGOP County Parties and help Seyarto, Davies, and endorse Tamika Hamilton and John Dennis?

To be continued…

Note: SD-XX = Senate District XX, AD-XX = Assembly District XX, CA-XX = Congressional District XX

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  1. ..:” Schaupp for his part, is a reputed male chauvinist (several people that have had run-ins with him have told me as such) “… Name them! I will not sue you because you cant get blood out of a turnip….

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