Jan 312020

Hat tip to Chad Mayes AD-42 NPP Assemblyman for catching the over 100 Facebook Ads loaded in the CAGOP’s Facebook account. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure has struck again…

First Off – your intrepid blogger has gotten persistent and nagging rumors (all hearsay, but from people with tentacles in DC) that Shannon Grove is interviewing for a Job in the Trump Administration. She has been seen in Washington DC and my inside sources indicate it was for more than legislative business. Note – Grove and Congressional Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are allies politically. This means then, that IF TRUE, Grove would be well positioned for said job.

The significance of this can not be understated. The CAGOP is leaderless and rudderless. The people on the inside know the titanic is headed for the iceberg yet again and Grove is facing the loss of at least two of her colleagues, maybe as many as 4. Senator Jeff Stone jumped late last year, so why not Grove As well?

In case you missed my piece on why I believe the CAGOP will lose 2-4 State Senators, you can catch it here.

I am also being told that the cash cow RNC Delegation Drill in California is not going smoothly. The drill is a multi-million dollar operation being run by CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson, Andy Garakhani and David Stafford Reade (among others) they will be splitting hundreds of thousands in commission dollars.

Speaking of things not going smoothly – I was alerted to Chad Mayes’ twitter feed where he was bragging about his leftist message being adopted by the CRP. I went to the CAGOP’s Facebook page and literally saw over 100 new ads dated 1-27-2020. They all ran for brief periods of time. You can see them under the new Facebook transparency feature. They were ads about Gun-Grabbing, Climate Change, “Dreamers” and a Non-Partisan Legislature. I did not get a picture about the “Common Sense Gun Laws” or Background Check advocacy pieces, but I did get others… read on.

When I worked for Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair – we warned you about “Reframing the message”. This was the $500K waste of money commissioned by the former Republican Chad Mayes. The whole aim was how to adopt democrat talking points as Republicans. Steve Frank warned you.

We warned you that this would become the calling card of the Jessica Patterson-David Reade-Andy Gharakhani GOP. We knew the vision of failed GOP Leadership was to use marionettes to control the outcome of the election and the party to crush dissent and usher in the “New Way”.

As seen on Chad Mayes’ Twitter Feed – DREAMers Ad Paid for by CAGOP

As seen on the CAGOP’s Facebook Page – FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE

This one may as well have been written by Chad Mayes himself!

I read other people’s writings and they allege that the Suicide of the CAGOP has been deliberate. Travis Allen was right. Steve Frank was right. The CAGOP is leaderless and rudderless. I am not sure what they think they will gain as they have spent $700K+ on facebook since 2018, and if this is what they are sending people will just vote for the real thing. (ahem, democrats)

Chad Mayes also looks like an idiot for bolting the GOP as they adopted his talking points – look at the gloating on his twitter feed and the encouragement from the swamp creatures, lobbyists and consultants on his feed.

Given that Shannon Grove is reputedly looking to jump ship along with Brian Jones (who is running for Congress) and Jeff Stone is already gone from the State Senate – what a vote of confidence that is from the people on the inside about the future of the CAGOP?

Meantime, us rubes get looked down upon disdainfully because we actually believe in something, it appears that more than Chad Mayes hold that disdain for the rest of us.

Now you can read this piece about why I think we are in for a loss of 4-7 seats in the Assembly with renewed meaning. 2 Have already bolted, as many as three more are expected to bolt and a few more may lose outright. Given what’s going on can you blame any of them for jumping off a sinking ship?

There is a part of me that is actually glad that the Consultants and Staff took over the CAGOP and that Jessica Patterson and crew aborted conservatives off all of the Committees of the CAGOP. There are no straw men left to blame and they own the entire disaster. Now that gives even more clarity to why Mrs. Grove may be looking to bolt herself.

To be continued…

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  2 Responses to “Is the Senate Minority Leader Grove Interviewing for Job With the Trump Admin?, the CAGOP Touts Climate Change, “Dreamers”, Gun Grabbing and Non-Partisan Legislature?”

  1. It is true, the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure has the CRP in lock down mode. Their loyalty is to the Kartel of Kriminal Konsultants. Hopefully they will realize they are on a death spiral and be more inclusive going forward.

    Too many of the Republican legislators have forgotten Republican principles and values. For example, All Republican Assembly members except Obernolte voted for AB-48. Voters will see this on the Mar 3, 2020 ballot as State Proposition 13. It is not about the Prop 13 that limits increases on property taxes. It massively expands the ceiling that schools can raise in long term bonds ($15 million for construction + $12 million in interest) and limits contracts to Project Labor Agreements (PLA). Republicans have sold out to debt, the bond brokers, and the labor unions.

    In the Senate six of ten voted for AB-48. Jones, Moorlach, Morrell, and Stone opposed.

    .See https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billVotesClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200AB48

    The CRP leadership has chosen to remain neutral, while county central committees are taking positions to OPPOSE Prop 13 (AB-48).

  2. FYI,

    Jay Obernolte supports the #GlobalWarming aka #ClimateChange aka #ClimateCrisis aka #ClimateBreakdown aka #ClimateEmergency scam. Obernolte said at the RTPP forum that he would have voted for the massive #CapAndTrade tax if it was “refundable.

    Tim Donnelly called out #GlobalWarming aka #ClimateChange aka #ClimateCrisis aka #ClimateBreakdown aka #ClimateEmergency for the scam that it is.

    Tim Donnelly will never, ever, ever for a #Amnesty. Can you say the same thing about Obernolte? [BTW, incumbent Paul Cook, who endorsed Obernolte, voted for the #DemParty’s latest mass #Amnesty bill.]

    Isn’t Jay Obernolte also part of the “oligarchy of controlled failure” you write about?

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