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UPDATE: I have been told that the CAGOP has not formally endorsed President Trump and has NOT TAKEN A POSITION ON THE MASSIVE Prop 13 Education Bond of 15 Billion Dollars. (It also includes a provision for Union Labor only and allowing districts to double their bond indebtedness). WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP???

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I was recently alerted that Tamika Hamilton received the Sutter County Republican Party Endorsement. This brings her to the 80% threshold. That is, if you are endorsed by County Parties representing 80% or more of the population of the district you are in, you become eligible for the CAGOP endorsement.

Note that the CAGOP acted quickly to revoke the endorsement of Chad Mayes, using technology to have an online board meeting the day after he filed NPP and Andrew Kotyuk qualified as a GOP Candidate.

However, the next regularly scheduled board meeting of the CAGOP is in 15 days on 2-20-2020.

Two weeks ago in CA-12, John Dennis was endorsed by the SFGOP representing 100% of CA-12. He is running against Grifter of the year candidate Deanna Lorraine who lists how-to podcasts about fetishes, Japanese Rope Bondage and other neat stuff in her Make Love Great Again business. She also has an active unpaid $40,000 tax lien.

In CA-03, Tamika Hamilton, a prototypical GOP Candidate is running against Grifter of the year candidate Sean Feucht. (he is in a neck and neck race with Deanna) Hamilton has won contested endorsements in Lake, Yolo, Solano, Sacramento, Glenn and now Sutter County against Feucht.

The troubled Tyler Diep, rumored to be the next Party Jumper in AD-72 was un-endorsed by the OCGOP. The OCGOP represents 100% of AD-72. The silence from the CAGOP leadership is troubling. A young man who wrote an oped in the Orange County Register defending Tyler has also been a paid consultant for the CAGOP. Tyler is a darling of the “Third House” – the coven of lobbyists and consultants that manipulate laws and policy in Sacramento. Diep’s CRA Score is 50%ish and he supported AB5 killing jobs and a variety of tax increases and regulatory boondoggles. He has replaced Catherine Baker as the resident liberal-McCain Republican in the Assembly.

See this screenshot from California Trailblazers to Tyler Diep – are they protecting their investment by defying the OCGOP? Remember the current CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson earned over $1 Million dollars running California Trailblazers before becoming CAGOP Chair.

Meantime, the CAGOP has donated token amounts to the embattled Scott Wilk and Ling Ling Ling Chang amongst others on the Senate Side – but they are pouring in hundreds of thousands in to SD-23 candidate Rosalicie Ochoa-Bogh. It appears that the CAGOP has their favorites. Bogh is in a contested primary with Lloyd White who appears to have been marked for (political) death by party leaders. How fun it is to watch tens of thousands of dollars wasted picking primary winners while at least a dozen other GOP candidates could use the help. (See also Andrew Kotyuk, who has gotten something like $30K from them that I am aware of)

While they pour money in to Rosalicie Ochoa Bogh – Andrew Kotyuk is not fully funded, the CAGOP Endorsed opponent to the slimy William Bill Brough is just now getting an influx of money (none from the party) and it may not be soon enough. If Brough is the nominee in AD73 the GOP will lose that seat. In AD-67 CAGOP Endorsed Kelly Seyarto has gotten tepid support from Party Leadership in the CAGOP, while Steve Manos (who has as much baggage as Brough) continues to be more viable than he should be.

Melissa Melendez, who left the safe AD67 to Run for SD-28 in the wake of Jeff Stone (who got a Trump Admin Job) has gotten 1/3 of the amount of money the CAGOP has poured in to Rosalicie Ochoa-Bogh. Note, Melendez is far from a lock to hold SD-28. Note: Wilk, Ling Ling Ling and Moorlach are all extremely vulnerable. Why the rampage of money for Bogh, where is their support?

Don’t forget the nagging rumors about Shannon Grove (Senate Minority Leader) looking to bolt California for a Trump Admin Job in DC.

This is part of how the sausage is being made and part of the insider information that I know which is contributing to my extremely negative outlook on 2020. All that said, the CAGOP has less money now than at any time since Tom Del Bacardi was CAGOP Chair.

CAGOP Leadership – LEAD. Call a meeting and HONOR the endorsements of local parties and stop picking winners.

To be continued…

NOTE: CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District, AD-XX = California’s XX Assembly District. SD-XX = California’s XX Senate District

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