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So while the California Dental Association PAC is pouring money in to Chad Mayes, the California Realtors PAC is funding the equally as disastrous Steve Manos. While Andrew Kotyuk in AD-42 appears to be raising some real money against Chad Mayes, GOP leadership appear content to let CAGOP Endorsed Kelly Seyarto swing in AD-67. The Swamp are making moves all over California and in some cases Republican “Leadership” appear complicit.

Look at all those Political Action Committees!

Keep California Golden” PAC is pouring money in to Chad Mayes in AD-42. Keep California Golden has received money from CREPAC (those Realtors again), the CCOPA (prison guards), SO Cal Edison, the CCSA (Charter Schools), Phillip Morris, PG&E and others.

As previously highlighted, the Dentists are also pouring money in to Chad Mayes in AD-42. This sure looks like it is Mayes’ reward for selling out the GOP to them when he was leader. The sheer amount of money being spent by his pimps suggests that this “independent” thing may not have been such a wise move for Mayes. (But it sure made Mayes feel better about himself)

Remember, we were able to find the CREPAC fingerprints on money being spent to boost Melissa Melendez’ opponent Elizabeth Romero in SD-28. (Click here for part one) It is the belief of this blogger that the Swamp is lining up an attack on Melissa Melendez as they want a amoral democrat in SD-28 they can control.

Click here for our breaking news story on 2-6-2020 about CREPAC lining up an attack against Kelly Seyarto in AD-67 and Melissa Melendez in SD-28.

At a time of my choosing, your intrepid blogger may begin looking at the leadership and consultants behind CREPAC, the Dental PAC and others that feel like it is their God-given right to pick legislators. It may be a good public service to start tearing the veil off of the “la coza-nostra” similar to what I did in the run up to the coronation of CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson. These consultants and power brokers need to be known by the general public.

This brings us to CAPE – California Alliance for Progress and Education. I see this PAC pop up from the Swamp from time to time. This PAC is being used to attack Andrew Kotyuk in AD-42. It is funded by CREPAC (those realtors AGAIN), CCPOA (prison guards), the Building Industry Association and some Pharma Companies. Of further interest is a transfer of money ($80,000) with Keeping California Working PAC – funded by Chevron, SoCalEdison, the Dentists (surprise!) and Farmer’s Insurance. (Time to cancel your policies and move them)

It looks like the Swamp knows Chad Mayes is in trouble. $400K ALREADY and there is 4 Weeks to Election Day!

Remember, CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson once worked for pay for Chad Mayes via California Trailblazers. So did others within the sphere of leadership there.

Then we have the Oil interests savaging Lloyd White in favor of Rosalicie Ochoa-Bogh. This appears to be the only race where the Republican Leadership has been able to line up support for their endorsed candidate. There is also a personal angle here to explore. Coalition to Restore California’s Middle Class… PAC, is funded by Marathon Petroleum, Valero, Chevron and others.

This PAC has cranked in $250,000 attacking Lloyd White who is running against the anointed one Rosalicie Ochoa-Bogh. I find it interesting that this PAC is also playing in two Stockton Area races, boosting the corrupt Carlos Villapudua for AD-13 with about $500K and the equally as corrupt Manmeet Grewal for SD-05 with at least $200K.

So, it looks like Shannon Grove and someone else in California more powerful than her on the R side got the oil people to come in after Lloyd White. What I know of Shannon is that she plays super Christian on the surface and she is meaner than a junkyard dog. (That is not a bad trait to have as a leader by the way) That said, it appears that she threatened Lloyd White, then exerted pressure on the local GOP groups to line up behind Rosalicie and is now teaching Lloyd a lesson for running and hiring Dave Gilliard as his consultant.

Similar to Jessica Patterson threatening Andrew Kotyuk related to Nathan Miller, Dave Gilliard is on the blacklist. Kotyuk was also told not to hire Dave Gilliard according to the same people that told me the Nathan Miller story. CAGOP Leadership are talking openly about Gilliard’s client going after the corrupt Tyler Diep in AD72 as the reason – but Gilliard was blacklisted long before that as I’ve heard of two other candidates leveled with similar threats before Janet Nguyen’s sudden challenge to Diep.

Remember – Tyler Diep’s campaign account is full of democrat donor money. The last laugh will be that of Diep when he bolts the GOP should he survive the challenge by Janet Nguyen and the Democrat also named Nguyen. Click here to see the labor unions and bay area liberals donating to him. Iron Workers, Carpenters, IBEW, SEIU and others are clearly delineated. You see Govern California Courage Committee – this is a consortium of Bay Area tech liberals like David Crane, Arthur Rock and others that hunt conservatives down in Primaries.

In AD-67, the CAGOP Endorsed Kelly Seyarto hired Dave Gilliard. He has been left for dead by CAGOP Leadership.

While I have no direct proof of a blacklist or the threats to candidates regarding their choice of hires, I have had the Nathan Miller Story confirmed. I have also had at least three instances of CAGOP leaders making it clear their preferences for campaign staff to candidates. Yet, none of these candidates are getting much in the way of support at all.

This is where the feckless weakness of the CAGOP Leadership comes in to raised relief. The party leaders used to be able to influence these special interests away from certain races or candidates. What is happening in AD-67 for example is either retaliation against Kelly Seyarto for not doing what he was told or the CREPAC coming in to a void to buy a member in to a seat (regardless of Manos’ laundry list of issues).

In SD-28, I have to wonder if Melissa Melendez is on the death list. If so, is it because Leadership or some powerful Republican feels threatened by her? Does Shannon Grove really support Melendez or does she see her as a threat to her authoritah? (And why would Grove care as she is reputedly seeking a post in the Trump Administration)

In SD-23 it is 100% clear that this race is the focus of everything to the exclusion of Ling Ling Ling Chang and John Moorlach – suggesting that Republican Leadership have written off Orange County entirely. SD-21 Senator Scott Wilk is getting a lot of help from some of the Same IE’ PAC’s I attacked in this and the previous post. Wilk may yet survive, which would narrow GOP losses to 3-4 Senate Seats. How the GOP handles SD-28 could also determine weather that seat is lost as well

If you’re Tyler Diep and you know the GOP Leadership look like they are writing off Orange County – and you see the way they handled the scandals in AD-73. Then, you look at the union money in your account and wonder why you even need to bother staying a Republican. Tyler has this debate in his head while the Republican leadership use Dave Gilliard as a straw man to blame for their ills within their own ranks.

Then Tyler Diep looks next door to AD-74 which is supposed to be the number one pickup opportunity for Republicans and there is a contested primary with the two factions of the OCGOP having a proxy war. This is not unlike the two asian communities having a proxy war in your own district. Why do you stay GOP again?

Count em. SD-23, where they have bet the ranch on Ochoa-Bogh who is far from a lock to win.

SD-29 and SD-37 in Orange County, token if any action.

AD-67 a safe R seat, with the party endorsed candidate tossed to the wolves.

SD-28 special election, far from secure an apparent decision to leave Melissa Melendez out to dry as well.

AD-42 Andrew Kotyuk is holding his own against an onslaught of independent money on Chad Mayes’ behalf while a bunch of party leaders that used to work for Chad Mayes are doing little to help Kotyuk.

But hey! They are showing Lloyd White who’s boss in SD-23!

Quite sad it is.

To Be continued…

Note: SD-XX = Senate District XX, AD-XX = Assembly District XX, CA-XX = Congressional District XX


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  One Response to “3-2020 Election Update: Weak Leadership Has Consequences: Get to Know The People Hunting the GOP in to Extinction Part 2. (The Swamp)”

  1. The Redlands Tea Party Patriots endorses Lloyd White in Senate District 23.
    There are three Rep candidates in SD23, Lloyd White, Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh and Cristina Puraci. The Redlands Tea Party Patriots initially did not endorse any candidates in Senate District 23. But for the issue of immigration, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots would have endorsed Lloyd White. Lloyd White won 64% of the straw poll at our November 7 meeting.

    After observing the candidates and the campaign, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots cabinet voted 5-1 to endorse Lloyd White for the following reasons:

    #1. Lloyd White has the best grasp of the issues.

    #2. Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh is the CA #RepParty establishment choice. They greased the skids for her from the outset, never giving the other Rep candidates a fair chance to earn the Rep Party endorsement.

    #3. The CA #RepParty establishment through an “independent” committee recently launched a deceptive, deceitful attack in Lloyd White through mailers and costly TV ads. This despicable hit piece triggered our reassessment of who to endorse in SD23.

    [If only the CA Rep Party establishment fought as hard against the Dems, the CA Rep Party might win more elections.]

    #4. Before RTPP’s candidate forum on November 7, we offered the candidates three chances for extra credit.

    –(a) Attend a School Choice town hall and post that on their Facebook pages. Of the three, only Lloyd White did so.

    –(b) Post on their Facebook pages their opposition to the #DemParty’s #SeXXXEd that is so explicit, if you showed the materials to children outside of the #GovernmentRunSchools, you would be arrested and prosecuted as a sex criminal. Of the three, only Lloyd White did so.

    –(c) Attend a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil outside the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in San Bernardino. None of the three did this.

    #5. RTPP thanks Cristina Puraci for her work on the Redlands School Board trying to mitigate against the Dem Party’s horrific #SeXXXEd. However, we do not believe Cristina is a viable state senate candidate at this time.

    #6. The other Rep, Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh, has a poor grasp of the issues and does not know what she believes. We observed her on the campaign, and she has not grown or developed her own beliefs.

    By way of example, when we interviewed the candidates, we asked Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh her position on the #DemParty’s massive #CapAndTrade tax increase that her former boss, Chad Mayes, supported. Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh first gave Chad Mayes’ rationale. When asked what Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh would do on Cap and Trade, she had no opinion.

    There is an old joke, “When I want your opinion, I will give it to you.” Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh is the opposite. “When Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh wants her opinion, she asks the Rep Party establishment for it.”

    If elected, we believe Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh will vote however the Rep Party establishment tells her to vote. The Rep Party establishment’s positions often differ from the Tea Party principles of making and keeping America great through personal and economic freedom and a debt free future. Even when the Rep Party establishment agrees with our Tea Party principles and policies, the establishment often lacks the courage, backbone and “you know whats” to fight for those principles and policies.

    Personally, Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh is a nice person. However, as a candidate, there is no way RTPP can support her when we have a much better choice in Lloyd White.

    Therefore, RTPP urges all freedom loving, America loving Americans in the 23rd Senate District to vote for Lloyd White.

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