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Allow me to start 2020 by saying that Bill Brough is deranged and his buddy Sex Robot Shawn did not do him any favors by talking about a letter I received 20 months ago. (Note: AD-73 = California’s 73rd Assembly District)

Whoopsie. Your intrepid blogger saves the envelopes, too.

When also-ran candidate Ed Sachs filed against William “Bill” Brough in 2018, there was a buzz about issues related to Bill Brough’s conduct. On 5-14-2018, Your Intrepid Blogger received the above envelope with a three-page document in it. Note – this was 14 months before the lid blew off of Brough’s Sexual misconduct scandal.

The document described almost 100% accurately the Sexual Battery allegations against Bill Brough by Hxxxxxx Bxxx, who alleged that Brough rubbed his erection against her at a public event. This story must have been referred to as Whistleblower 1 in the document. I never knew the name of the victim until Bill Brough outed her and she went on public record with the crime victims of Orange County.

May 14 2018 Anon Letter

Note the details

Note that a summary the official assembly complaint of Whistleblower One is here for your review. I have every page of both complaints and have not published them at the request of the person who sent me the documents. (The source is not a part of any campaign in AD-73)

In February of 2015, Assemblyman Bill Brough followed me into the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel and sexually battered me by pressing his erection against me and saying, “You know I’m really into you, right?” I was shocked and disoriented and stammered something about being married. I’ve no idea why I said those particular words, but he replied, “So am I.” This happened after almost two years of subtle and overt attempts to initiate an intimate relationship with me. At all times, he has been in a position of power over me. When the un-welcomed conduct began, he was a Chief of Staff working for the Assembly and I was a district representative working for the Senate. The power imbalance remained when he became a legislator and I accepted a governmental affairs position that required me to lobby state legislators, the position that I still hold…

Similar to the national democrats that are trying to Impeach the President because several scandals are unraveling, Bill Brough believed in his alcohol-induced delusions that having Sex Robot Sean write about your intrepid blogger contacting his office related to this document would somehow impugn my credibility. All it did was prove the allegations where known long before I wrote about them. (Think validation, folks)

Then there was the second issue that we all now know was Lisa Bartlett. It is her standing up in public in July 2019 to tell her story that set off the string of events that have William “Bill” Brough in serious jeopardy of losing his re-election.

Absolutely no doubt this described Lisa Bartlett

Your intrepid blogger is aware that Assemblyman William “Bill” Brough has driven drunk several times according to human sources in Orange County. He may well have driven drunk with staff or family members in the car with him. The significance is that both of the above incidents involved alcohol and one alleges a possible DUI – then a third woman who I spoke with (also outed by Brough, and quoted by OC Crime Victims) indicated that Brough was drinking with another member of the legislature at a bar when she was mistreated.

The part of the letter I was sent that Sex Robot Sean and Bad Billy did not publish follows – and it will become clear why they did not publish it as you read on:

It is clear that the person that sent this letter to me had spoken with Lisa Bartlett. Back in 2015-2016 when HB’s complaint was investigated, it appears that Lisa Bartlett was also interviewed and the Assembly Rules Committee came up with hair-splitting legal nuances to dismiss the complaint with no action. Now that we are in the #METOO Era, This complaint that was stuffed is among the 5 known (as many as 12 according to inside sources) that are in the Assembly Rules Committee now. It was re-filed as justice was denied in 2016.

How interesting – the letter attacks Diane Harkey in 2018. Harkey was one of the first to come out publicly against Brough in 2019

The letter makes points that the OCGOP Establishment were all in lock step with Bill Brough despite the well-known issues with Brough. Even your intrepid blogger from 400 miles away knew that Brough was a drunk and a “Pig”.

Ed Sachs (who I don’t support in AD73, by the way – I prefer Laurie Davies) made valid points in 2018 about Brough’s issues and the potential damage to other Republican Candidates.

Now – I believe that part of what motivated Lisa Bartlett to finally stand up publicly 8 years after her incident with Brough (and I am sure there were others) is knowing that Brough was clinging to the institutional support. Harkey defended Lisa Bartlett from Day One. Your intrepid blogger was not contacted by Harkey, Bartlett or anyone that works for either of them at the beginning of my shelling of Bill Brough in July. I was contacted because the OCGOP detonated that fateful evening in July of 2019 and some were trying to control the explosion.

What has happened since?

We now know about 4 Women and a 5th complaint that is anonymous but in the capitol.
We know that the investigators have spoken to dozens of people
We know that Bill Brough’s Campaign Finance Reports are replete with dozens, if not hundreds of dubious expenses – There is a bona-fide investigation with the State FPPC in to those complaints.
We know that Bill Brough has a proven history of personal financial maladies
We know that Bill Brough has a documented pattern of drunkenness

ATLAS PAC Endorsed Laurie Davies
The OC Lincoln Club Endorsed Laurie Davies
The OC GOP Endorsed Laurie Davies
The CA GOP Endorsed Laurie Davies
The OC New Majority Endorsed Laurie Davies

Laurie Davies is assembling a long list of supporters.

Now the above should give you even more perspective for why your intrepid blogger believes that the Assembly Rules Committee – controlled by Democrats who would love nothing more than to see Bill Brough make it to the runoff – are going to stuff the release of the sexual misconduct report until after the March Primary.

So what happened in 2016 when I believe the Assembly Rules Committee covered up a complaint against Bill Brough – may well happen again in the form of a delaying action to inflict maximum political damage on the GOP. This means waiting until after the March Primary when in theory, a severely wounded Bill Brough could be on the ballot against a dem in the fall. He would get hammered by all kinds of dam campaigns and be used as a lead weight on any Republican in Orange County.

But wait, there’s more – the swamp is bubbling, wait until you read tomorrow’s post about the people in Sacramento and Orange County’s political scenes who are trying to triage Bill Brough…

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