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For those of you that forgot – I blistered Anna Bryson in 2014. I used the OC Politics Blog as the delivery vehicle and after the 2014 primary was over, Art Pedroza removed my user account from that blog. The part that no one seems to remember is when the Crazed Art Sanchez attacked my wife by name on that blog – as if she had something to do with my political activity. When Sanchez attacked my wife, I removed all filters and I went over the top on Anna Bryson until there was nothing left of her. This is how you respond to bullies. (I may re-post art sanchez’ attack on my wife at a later time if it becomes relevant)

Bill Brough – who I did not work for – was the beneficiary of my demolition of Anna Bryson. This sets up the background for 2019’s version of events.

Shawn “Sex Robot” Gordon has a patch account. On said patch account he writes about Tony and Jennifer Beall like they are the overlords of Orange County Politics. I think Sean Gordon is mentally unstable, and may even be a clinical moron. (At least that is what I think of him and by the end of this post I hope you will agree with me)

The chemically induced obsession of Bill Brough is fascinating really, as I have only met Tony in person twice and Jennifer and I were almost always on opposite sides of things CRA when we were both on the CRA Board. Yet, somehow Bill Brough (when he is in between blackouts) thinks that Jennifer Beall is the cause of everything that has come out about him. Of course it has nothing to do with his own behavior, he is the victim don’t you know.

Every loser like Bill Brough needs an enabler – like Sex Robot Sean.

More fascinating is Shawn Gordon’s other website, it looks kind of like where he goes to let his deep inner thoughts out when he thinks his Bishop or no one else is looking:

If you read the article Shawn Gordon wrote, you may be convinced to get you a Judy Doll of your own. (Perhaps I just dated myself) In reading the article, it looks like Sean basically says sex robots are a healthy alternative to wanking. Next thing I know he will be drinking Coke and smoking a big fat one in his backyard…

“The quiet rise of sex robots” and a rather odd photo adorning one’s discussion of church related service is it not?

Back to the subject at hand (no pun intended).

In March of 2018, I got a plain white envelope with a letter in it sent to my house. Based on what we know now, it detailed the issues between Bill Brough and Lisa Bartlett (#2). It also detailed the issues between Bill Brough and Heather B. (#1 – who Bill Brough outed in likely violation of the law) At the time, I did not know who the victims were or that these allegations were legitimate.

Sex Robot Shawn did not do Bill Brough any favors. By posting this letter – he has basically told the world that the allegations against Bill Brough existed at least a year before they went public. This stands in stark contrast to democrat drills against judicial nominees where they seemingly came out of nowhere.

I called Jennifer Beall at a number I still had for her off of an old CRA roster after I got the letter and asked her about its’ contents. Bill Brough lied to Jennifer Beall and myself. He denied the presence of an assembly investigation (which, we now have a copy of) and denied he’d had any issues that pre-dated his being in the Assembly.

Since I had no hard evidence (I tried calling other people in the capitol and at that time harassment complaints were still being hidden) of Brough’s misconduct, I wrote nothing. Doing due dilligence is similar to my sending Gene James’ long disastrous rap sheet to people in the Orange County GOP to get a response before I wrote about it. (I don’t have a copy of it, but I can easily assume Gene James could not keep his lies straight, and straight out ignoring key issues – including his physically violent behavior pattern)

It appears that Bill Brough’s alcohol-induced delusion is getting worse, as anyone with any grey matter left would have not wanted to put this information out.

Shawn Gordon has filed two recall attempts against Tony Beall. Both have been tossed by the City Clerk because Mr. Gordon is incompetent and does not know what he is doing. Perhaps he could have gone to the San Clemente Zoo to solicit help.

P.S. Speaking of irony, Brough is attempting to run legislation related to drinking and driving. I have a suggestion, perhaps Mr. Brough should call Uber more often rather than driving home from places like Brio. Just sayin…

Just for verification – here is a screenshot of Sex Robot Sean’s twitter account: Note the logo and the obsession with the Beall’s. Yup, the sad shrinking world of Bill Brough.


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