Jan 162020

Bill Brough knows personally how the democrats in Washington DC must feel. He keeps moving the goalposts and losing.

There are a lot of consequences to alcohol abuse.

Losing. Like seeing AB1273 get trashed in committee in the State Legislature.

State legislators have killed a bill that would have blocked Orange County’s toll road agencies from building new roads.

The California Assembly Committee on Local Government on Wednesday, Jan. 15, voted against a bill from Assemblyman Bill Brough that would have kept the Transportation Corridor Agencies from building any new bridges or toll roads after Jan. 1, 2020, and from issuing new bonds to finance projects.

Ouch, Billy. The spiritual basis for your 2020 campaign was just flushed. Now, it is back to distilled spirits…

He had put a pause on the bill until this year, saying he wanted to see an external audit and more transparency from the agencies.

The TCA recently released an external audit of a communications and outreach contract with Venture Strategic, saying it “found no malfeasance.”

But saying the audit wasn’t comprehensive, Brough said he still wanted to see his bill move forward.

4 Audits later is the detail that William “Bill” Brough and the OC Register neglected to mention. The OC Register could not bring itself to come right out and say the audit cleared everyone as that would require them to contradict / retract a previous story where they practically parroted Harvey Englander’s talking points. The OC Register can read more here in the interest of Journalism.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) released the results of an external audit of their communications and outreach contract with Venture Strategic, Inc. (VSI). Flatly contradicting false statements made by politically motivated actors and reported in certain news articles, the audit found no malfeasance, a 99.88% billing accuracy rate, a net underbilling to the TCA of $5,761, and a satisfactory review of assigned task orders and corresponding deliverables and work product.

When you have to move the goalposts to support your position – you are losing. Bill Brough has a lot in common with the National Democrats playing the “Get Trump” game. It sucks to be Bill Brough, but remember he did it to himself.

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