Sep 152019

This stuff writes itself. CAGOP Vice Chairman Peter Kuo ladies and gentlemen. Our Vice Chair is a senior advisor to Ro Khanna.

Meet JDX Coin – the website is down, but its’ contents are memorialized forever.

Another business venture is linked here. You will notice that there is limited information on the three-page site. It is a startup consulting company that alleges to recruit investors from China, Taiwan and Indonesia. I am struck by the typos on the site, lack of “Who we are”, the lack of testimonials and no physical or mailing address listed.

It is the opinion of this blogger that the Venture Capital Company he has a website up for is dubious.

While at the CAGOP Convention, the Violin Wielding Peter Kuo had a young kid carrying his violin and at one point a much older woman carrying it. However, when it came to posing for a photo:

If you’re lucky, Peter Kuo, violin in hand (or with a chaperone), may show up in your county to get you a Chinese Government owned location for a phone bank!

Your intrepid blogger is just waiting for the extremely biased state media to get ahold of this story. Yikes…

So when Madam Chairman Jessica Patterson is not getting throttled by the feckless GOP leadership, she has a complete zero for a vice chair. I suppose the six-figure salary she is getting as CAGOP Chair is a consolation. #FACEPALM

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  6 Responses to “Peter Kuo Update: Moving Up in the World, Not Satisfied Being Ro Khanna’s Senior Advisor, He Upgrades his Violin!”

  1. Peter is like the ‘Mr. Popular’ we all knew in High School…He goes out of his way to be everyone’s friend. However, so far I see no adroitness or political courage on his part to show that he would ever be able to make the tough decisions and stand his ground on issues vital to the rebuilding on the California Republican Party. It’s great to be liked by everyone, but can he lead? Can he stand his ground against the ‘Wolfs’ that control the party? A violin can only get you so far…Can he lead or even survive the fight in the ‘gladiator circle’ of CRP power brokers?

  2. “CRP Power Brokers”….

    I haven’t laughed this hard in ages….

    “CRP Power Brokers”….


  3. Pat…you want names? Several are on the Rules Committee… They control 100s of proxies each convention.

  4. Pat…. “A power broker is a person who influences people to vote towards a particular client (i.e. elected official or referendum) in exchange for political and financial benefits. Power brokers can also negotiate deals with other power brokers to meet their aims.” (Wikipedia) …

    So now if you are a consultant, staffer or political operative…and you control up to 30% or more of delegate votes via alliances and proxies, and you wield that power to help your ‘candidates/allies’ or accept financial benefits…You’re a ‘Power Broker’ And I saw at least 3 big ones in action at the Indian Wells Convention. 600+ delegates present and 300+ proxies. Need I say more?

    (There were even reports of delegates offered $75 for their proxy if they were not attending by the ‘Power Brokers’–That should be illegal…but its not, at least not yet!)

  5. Those $75.00 “bribes” are the definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” in legalize terms. But D.A. Mike Hestrin is not interested in holding people in political office accountable ever since he allowed the local Sheriff and his executive staff to walk away with their fat retirements after all the malfeasance they committed. Maybe the Feds should look into these three power brokers and their illicit behavior.

  6. Maybe we should stop judging others like Vice Chairman Peter and try to get some Republicans elected LIKE PETER IS.

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