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The number one knock on Peter Kuo is that he is gone, sometimes for several weeks at a time. In just the last couple of months, Kuo has been in Las Vegas and Indonesia for extended periods. His Facebook is replete with trips overseas for a variety of “businesses” he is involved in.

Your intrepid blogger has determined that Mr. Kuo has something like 6 businesses, with only one being clearly a US-based interest. That is his Farmer’s Insurance franchise. It is highlighted on Yelp below:

It seems that Peter’s constant trips overseas have had a residual impact on his business. I am wondering if the same inability to be available will negatively affect us in the CAGOP?

The Farmer’s Insurance agency appears to be the lone US business Mr. Kuo is involved in.

In a previous post, we wrote about Mr. Kuo’s business dealings with Russians in China.

(Photo credit Facebook: Peter Kuo)  Zooms of the photo show that the writing in the background is in Chinese suggesting this photo may have been taken in China.

As an Insurance Broker, one of the reasons I left the Principal Financial Group in 1999, is because they were always asking about outside business ventures. As an independent broker, as long as I write good business and do nothing illegal, the insurance carriers I represent ask few questions.

However, one guaranteed way to lose your insurance license is when you venture in to the world of unregistered securities, financing, venture capital and the like. It appears from my research that Peter Kuo has quite a few things to answer for. We will explain in more detail what unregistered securities are in future posts…

Farmers, being a captive company, has to have a similar policy as my former employer for their agents. I am wondering what, if anything Farmer’s knows about Peter Kuo and his multiple business ventures, including the Russians, Chinese, frequent world travel and other ventures he is involved in.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Peter Kuo, once exposed to scrutiny, presents a variety of problems for the CAGOP. There is a lot behind the violin-wielding Mr. Kuo…

(Photo credit Facebook: Peter Kuo)

Russians. Venture Capital. “Investments”. Chinese Aircraft. Aliases. Absentee business owner. This is Peter Kuo…

Venture Capital. How is Peter Kuo able to be a Business Consultant, Venture Capitalist and an Insurance Agent at the same time?

The website is linked here. It is really hard to find a whole lot of activity that is outside of their website, I also note the lack of testimonials or success stories on the website.

It appears that the venture capital company is being used as a front for the next enterprise.

Then, we roll in to jdxcoin.com. This is one of the unregistered securities Mr. Kuo is involved in. There is a video on the homepage that took me three times to watch before I could finish it.

From Peter Kuo’s Facebook Page

From the website:

Peter Kuo

Peter Kuo (COO) Peter is an advisor to Andra Capital, the CEO of DCLC International Group (a custom airplane manufacturer) and the Executive Director of the Venture Capital Roundtable, Silicon Valley. Peter is also an Insurance Veteran with Farmers Insurance for over 25 years, owning his own agency. Peter’s website is www.vcr-sv.com. LINKEDIN

Why We Exist

JDX Coin exists to monetize rare, White Jade Antiques that have been hidden from the world for over a century. JDX’s goal is to become the world standard, most secure, asset-backed stable token that will compete with Visa and one that people can trust for their savings as well as for their day-to-day transactions.  

If you are able to finish watching the video, they are basically trying to leverage a few artifacts from a long passed Chinese Dynasty in to an unregistered security. If Farmers knew about this, they would not be happy. They are soliciting investors in to their Jade-backed bitcoin to the tune of $100 million.

When you download the white paper on the website, it says that the coins will be sold/traded entirely outside the US yet here he is, raising money for it in Silicon Valley.

Frankly, watching this makes me nervous as heck. This video, if obtained by the media, could be a huge embarrassment to the California GOP due to the questionable nature of this type of business.. And, of course Peter Kuo has a lot of photos of him with Russians doing business in China with Kuo. (In case you are living under a rock, Russians are not very popular these days).

How would Peter Kuo run or participate in all these businesses – mostly offshore – and have any time at all for the California GOP?

When you add in the laundry list of business entities, the 20+ phone numbers he is associated with and the turnover of business entities he is associated with, there is a lot that does not add up. Next up, we explore the Chinese and Russians.

Peter Kuo at his “Aircraft Factory” (Source: Peter Kuo’s Facebook Page)

Peter at his “Aircraft Factory”…

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