Feb 122019

Peter Kuo is getting lit up on Social Media after our first expose’ on his business dealings. The following is a series of questions being shared all over social media: (The original post was from Susan Walsh)

Watch the Jade Coin Video Here…

Delegates- please pay attention. Peter Kuo is running for CA GOP Vice Chair. This video was posted on Oct. 16th 2018. 
Keep in mind the following:

1.) Asset backed securities need to be registered, if for sale in the United States, with the SEC. If it hasn’t been and there isn’t a circulated prospectus, then Houston, we’ve got a problem.

2.) Do you have an appraisal to the value of these artifacts or did we find them at Target?

3.) What or who is the registered custodian for these artifacts / antiquities?

4.) If I want to redeem my tokens into partial ownership of one of these artifacts, how does that work? Do I get to break a paw off of one of the dragons and call it my own?

5.) With respect to your comments about your new cryptocurrency, how EXACTLY are you going to insure that it will be less volatile than bitcoin? And, which financial institutions have you partnered with that will allow me to use my debit card to do future transactions?

6.) Have you cleared any of this with the Chinese authorities? If these artifacts are worth $100m USD do you have clear, uncontested ownership? And in whose name is this under?

7.) The laws that govern the sale of unlicensed securities, much like a hedge fund, expressly prohibit the advertising of these types of investment opportunities. Clearly, you have failed to pass the “sniff test” under any United States laws. Are these opportunities expressly open to investors outside of the United States?

8.) Who is the insurance carrier available to underwrite your asset backed investment opportunity and where can we expect these artifacts to be domiciled for safe keeping? Your family room is not an adequate answer.

9.) $100m USD is a lot of money and with great ability and stewardship demands even greater diligence and management. Sounds to me like this alone will require a great amount of time and talent.

10.) Why are you running for CAGOP Vice-Chair? Is it for your future ventures or is it to improve the party?

Peter Kuo, I think you are an awesome dude, a violin virtuoso, and a true Trump supporter. I just don’t think you are up for this. We value your enthusiasm but honestly we don’t need the #2 of the CAGOP to be the headline for 60 Minutes.

I wish you well with your endeavors

Your Intrepid blogger is extending an opportunity to Mr. Kuo to respond to the above questions. These issues were pivotal in RightonDaily switching endorsements in Vice Chair Race. Other people beyond your intrepid blogger are asking the same questions. Please email me at [email protected] and I will post your response unedited.

Hopefully your responses will mitigate the need for future posts.

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