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I was leaked a copy of the internal report related to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Investigator exam cheating scandal. Allow me to do the job that the Desert Sun did not do – and that is to tell the whole story beyond Cornett and Colmer who were named by the Desert Sun. The cover-up of this was massive and the Desert Sun barely scratched the surface of what happened. I am not going to publish a entire copy of the documents I received in order to protect people from further retaliation by Stan Sniff.

Remember – we broke the cheating scandal 1/22/2018, several weeks before the Desert Sun Did. See a follow up piece here on 2/12/2018 related to the scandal.

I read the entire 80 page report. Some 26 employees of the department are named. About half straight out admitted fault. The half that did not used hair-splitting nuance to try and dance around what they did. If I was their boss, I’d have all of their files flagged for a moral hazard and would be documenting them for termination (Lt. Mark Bostrom would have more work than he knew what to do with). It is clear that almost everyone involved (there are a few people in this report that appear innocent of cheating) knew what they were doing and that it was wrong, whether they admitted it or not.

I have also noticed that a lot of the people that work for PSB, aka the “Rat Squad” have since been promoted. It is clear as I have been learning about Sheriff Stan Sniff’s department that he uses the scum of the earth (most of whom are from the sewer of the Rat Squad) as a breeding ground for ethically-challenged butt-monkeys to promote to senior management. The more ethically flawed and easy to control, the better. The honest ones are usually terminated with extreme prejudice.

Please note that Katheryn Quezada, who was the original whistle-blower has been promoted twice since she rolled over on her fellow deputies. Promoting self-serving whistle blowers is a standard procedure within the department furthering the decimation of morale. It is reputed that Quezada’s reasons for coming forward were not reasons of conscience, rather that her promotions were the primary nexus.

Several people stick out from the report I received:

Based on what I read, Lance Colmer got thrown under the bus and made to take the fall. Contrast this to Robert Cornett, another central figure, who has since been promoted. Robert Cornett is reputed to be an odd man (and a stone cold racist) who has a complete crime scene tatooed on his back. Sounds like a prototypical member of Stan Sniff’s Team.

It is clear to this blogger that Colmer tried to help a colleague and got turned in to the central figure in order to whitewash the scandal. Of interest is that John Anderson, of Gabe Dennington fame hated Lance Colmer and wanted to destroy him, it is reputed that Brandon Ford and John Anderson worked that angle hard in this case.

Joshua Hephner – guilty as sin, yet was combative and uncooperative with the investigation. The investigators added dishonesty to his investigation file. If I was his boss, I’d have given him max punishment and lined him up for termination. If I was a defense attorney, I’d toss him around like a rag doll. Note that the investigation added lying as a cause for action against Hephner.

Saykham Iemsisanith and Kent Eckenrode – their stuff was forwarded several times to several people. I am sure they got some sort of discipline, but their names are dotted all over this report.

David Komins – guilty as sin, yet called Kent Eckenrode a liar in a lame attempt to save his own skin. See my comments about Hephner.

Jason Gore – This one is a big deal. He is married to Jessica Gore who is Stan Sniff’s executive assistant who works alongside Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela on the second floor. (I never knew her damn name until recently) Jason Gore’s name is all over the report. Unsurprisingly, he refused to admit guilt, even though it is clear he got “help” from three different people including Brandon Frank who freely admitted he violated department procedure. There is a widely held opinion that one of the primary reasons for covering up this cheating scandal was to keep Gore’s name out of the public eye. Connecting Gore to the scandal would have landed the scandal in Stan Sniff’s office. Welcome. Gore is reputed to have quietly gotten some minor discipline related to this.

Please click here for REPORT Page 1,

the REPORT Page 2

and REPORT Page 3 of Jason Gore’s Interview. (the pages are linked individually – so click each link)

Cole Simon – got caught in more than one lie. His name appears repeatedly in the report as a central figure. This guy should not be on the force anymore, period.

Cole Simon called the investigators liars, and earned a notation that his investigation was expanded to include dishonesty.

You can read about Cole Simon REPORT Page 1,

REPORT Page 2,

Page 3 of REPORT (where the dishonesty notation is)

and Page 4 where he emailed following the interview to apologize for his outburst. (the pages are linked individually – so click each link)

Why the Desert Sun ignored Cole Simon and Jason Gore is beyond me. I’ve been told that the Desert Sun warned Sheriff Stan Sniff that the article was coming out and some sort of deal was made specifically to keep Jason Gore out of the story. So, even after the cover-up was unraveled, the attempts to contain the damage continued.

It is also clear from reading the report that several leads were not followed up on, (As I counted far more than 26 names in the accounts of the report) giving complete credence to speculation that the investigation was halted before it ran its’ course. Even worse is that it is also well-known that Undertaker Diyoyo wrote the reports on behalf of the investigator whose name is on them. (Lacy Stutler) Skilled observers will notice that none other than Captain Leonard Purvis signed off on the report. (I was unable to post proof of this without burning my sources) This is extremely unusual and is actually unheard of. No one I have talked to in the department has ever had a report signed off on by a Captain. It is the job of a Sergeant. Understanding the significance of this is a key to understanding the levels of control and cover-up. Captain Leonard Purvis was involved in the cover-up up to his spindly neck. I also take note that then Captain Brandon Ford is the most senior member of the Rat-Squad listed on the report. (Remember Ford appears in stories about the corruption of the department regularly)

Beyond the laundry list of ethical and management failures that have characterized the Stan Sniff tenure as Riverside Sheriff – the cover up of this cheating scandal would be reason enough by itself to fire Stan Sniff.

Thanks to the honest employees of law enforcement, the truth is coming out and people are reading this blog in record numbers. We will continue writing the stories until Stan Sniff is reduced to a political footnote.

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  1. I hope L.D.F. gets a copy of this so the next time Sniff and his band of cut throats on the second floor tries to fire someone over some nonsense, they call all 26 suspects (I mean deputies) in to show the disparity in treatment that is the corornersone of Stan Sniff’s leadership at R.S.O.

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