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Remember Sgt. Christian Dekker? His coworkers call him the Baluga – a reference to a Baluga whale. There is a resemblance.

4 $150 Checks to the Sheriff, check.

Teaming up with Correctional Sgt. Martin Tochtrop (even calling for snipers on the roof of the jail) to set up an inmate. Check.

Milking overtime (including a recent example of soaking up 10 hours on a holiday while beached in his office). Check.

Illegally recording his co-workers to try and play whistleblower. Check.

Suing and winning an employment practices lawsuit against the same department. Check.

He has met the qualifications to be a Lieutenant.

Sheriff Sniff is on a Narcissistic Rage, he is going to burn the department down on his way out. Look for a series of moves designed to tell the rank and file to go to hell. Christian Baluga Dekkker is reviled by the rank and file and it was on his watch (as the admin sgt) that the garbage at Jurupa went down. Remember the busted A/C Unit and the gaggle of fans (more arrived after the station made the blog)? Yes, this bumbling idiot that did not get the A/C fixed is becoming a Lieutenant.

Swat Team? Who needs a SWAT Team? All the bad guys are getting early released anyway, right?

 The next rumor is that Stanley is rolling up his sleeves about to pull a rabbit out of his hat to make Kevin Jeffries happy. Supposedly he is going to disband the SWAT team and make it a collateral Duty assignment and send all those deputies out to the county areas especially Lake Elsinore. It’s All Temporary and nothing but smoke and mirrors until the election

If true, I guess that is my answer to my open letter to Kevin Jeffries. Similar to refusing to cooperate with ICE and stuffing the Serial Child Molester Investigation in to Kevin Duffy, it looks like the Sniffmeister is getting ready to run a Potemkin Village Drill in Riverside County to try and give a false appearance.

At the same time, Sniff gets revenge on more people and decimates another team… thus extending the Narcissistic Rage.

The Riverside DA’s Office Did What? 

Did you hear the DA’s office is requesting the defense attorneys automatically requesting pitchess motions on any deputy/Inv who goes to trial that was involved in the cheating scandal?
That in itself is causing quite a stir on the second floor
For those of you that are not aware of the mass cheating scandal in the department, you can read about it HERE and HERE. Due to a media blackout and sparse coverage of scandals within Stan Sniff’s department – we decided to post the entire list of cheaters in a later blog.
The entire list is posted here in this blog for your reference and to make sure the DA’s Office has it.
It looks like the “Second Floor” is losing contain on all the crap they have been covering up.
The funny thing is that the DA’s office is just trying to be upfront before the case starts so that they don’t end up losing the case and being sanctioned for not disclosing the information they had knowledge of.
The second floor is all pissed off telling them that they are overstepping their bounds
Watch for more stuff like this as Sheriff Sniff is scorching the earth on his way out the door…

  15 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Promoting the Corrupt, Incompetent Sgt Dekker, Disbanding the SWAT Team and RivCo DA’s Office Requests Automatic Pitchess Motions on Cheating Scandal Participants!”

  1. What a political nightmare this cheating scandal is for Sniff. He went against the advice of the county attorneys when he decided not to terminate all the cheaters because he was afraid of the political fallout that would follow. Sniff thought he could keep this scandal under wraps by doing things his way, but he was dead wrong because an intrepid blogger from NorCal has assisted Sniff with an opportunity to “come clean” by blowing this thing out of the water. Now Sniff’s “I know everything and I will do things my way” attitude has cost everyone in this county because of the potentially hundreds of criminal cases that will be thrown out of court. Now he wants to blame the DA’s Office because they are being honest and forthright with the information they have knowledge of. Once again, it’s “blame someone else” for Sniff’s own screw ups. What another horrible embarrassment for the rest of the department.

  2. This will be Sniff’s legacy as a leader. But this legacy will also follow his minions because they allowed Stan to destroy the Department. So the likes of DiYorio, Vest, Wood, Horton, J.J., Evans, you are just as guilty as Stan. So when history does not look kindly upon you, it is because you had the opportunity to do the right thing, and failed, not only as leaders, but as decent human beings.

  3. Dekker is not deserving of a promotion, but he is like the rest of Stan’s “Tools,” and is only in it for himself and,”How does this benefit me personally.’ Calling Dekker a “Tool” is an understatement. When he was a detective at the Temecula Station, he would wait until the end of the day and inform the detective sergeant “I have a follow-up to do” to hose the Department for overtime when he had all day to do his work. He was a mediocre detective, which is why he was “Asked” to leave homicide, and was always at odds with his fellow detectives in the bureau because he was always late with turning his reports on cases. And it got to the point that he was being transferred to Temecula SET to bring peace back to the detective bureau. But I have to give it to Dekker because he learned from the bad guys. Dekker kept, “Book” on everybody so when he was called in for his behavior, he starts deflecting the blame and says,”so and so did this” to get the spotlight off of him and on to someone else. Dekker even went so far as to say,”I don’t kiss just one ass, I kiss everyone’s ass.” Dekker may claim the title of Marine, but just like Kevin Vest, he forgot the values that go along with that title. In the New Testament, book of Mark 8:36, it states, “For what shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and lose his soul.” Dekker has certainly lost his way in his desire to profit at the expense of others. So if newly minted Lieutenant Dekker approaches you in a friendly manner, please remember the snake did the same thing to man in the Garden of Eden.

  4. Brause will be the next promotion to lieutenant. He did what was asked of him, do not come out with an endorsement.

    Sniff will continue to promote selfish yes men in an effort to sink the ship when he loses.

    Dekker only Works for self benifit. He will never stand up on his own to help others unless he gains himself.

    He committed entrapment when he let that inmate ride up the release elevator. Everyone knew they traded wristband inside the release cell. The personal questions asked upon release were wrong but Dekker told the release deputy to ignore it. But once again he created a situation where he can be the hero. But he will be a great lieutenant.

    Soon he will be strolling in around 10 and court staff will be complaining. Watch and see!

  5. FYI. Jennifer Kenitzer never cheated or got any punishment. She was interviewed based on information that she spoke with the whistleblower prior to the whistleblower notifying the LT about the cheating.

  6. Blogger’s Note: She is on the list, and your comment in an attempt to hair-split an invalidate the rest of the post is noted.

  7. Dekker does keep book on everyone he comes into contact with. When he was a new sergeant at SCF, he was telling the other Sergeants that he created folders on his computer for all his employees so he could keep notes on the staff members on his shift for evals. and add comments when appropriate. And I bet he also keeps confidential notes on the higher ups he works for as well. And he won’t stick up for anyone unless he can benefit from it, but will burn you to the ground in a minute if it will make him look good. As a famous man once said,”Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others, and is not the opportunity to satisfy personal gain.” I guess Dekker must have nodded off when they discussed leadership at MCRD, and at SLI.

  8. Christian Dekker is quick to sow the seeds hate and discontent, and lay the blame on someone else to save his own skin. When the security guard stole something like 1.5 million from the Soboba Casino, Dekker was one of the detectives called in to assist, and he immediately started accusing Detective Greg Harrell of screwing the case up and other unfounded allegations. Detective Harrell was a very respected detective, and did not deserve to be treated the way he was by Dekker. But Dekker was more concerned with his own image than to solve the case. Detectives Harrell, and Doug Fry were able to solve the case, arrest the suspect and recover the money, in spite of Dekker’s interference. If Chesty Puller was still alive today, he would have Dekker standing tall on his quarter deck and explain himself.

  9. Dekker is the first one to throw down the “hostile work environment” card when things don’t go his way, or he does not get what he wants, which is what he did in Temecula. And the second floor is giving this individual a command. They have no one to blame but themselves when the complaints start flooding in. And the courts can be a political mine field, so don’t be surprised if Dekker throws a Deputy on a mine in order to save himself. “Old Duckboard” would be very disappointed in your behavior.

  10. Beluga is a fat ass pyromaniac. He starts fires and is too fat to run away so he blames someone else. He doesn’t realize when the investigation into the fires leads back to him. They just followed the Twinkies wrappers and flies to this pos. Oh, I mean Lieutenant Dangle deez nuts on your chins.

  11. Dekker will try and play the victim in this, like he has done in the past. Remember Eric Hamilton, and how Dekker even told the newspapers that he had to develope an evacuation plan for his home because of him. Dekker even filed a lawsuit against the Department. Dekker also made allegations of violation of department policy, excessive force, false imprisonment, false arrest, ect. All Dekker did was destroy the reputation of the Sheriff’s Department, and yet this buffoon is given a command. Incredible.

  12. Dekker will play the same broken record when he becomes Lieutenant and will “Blame others for his own mistakes.” Although this is the current management style endorsed by the second floor. This is not a foreign concept lost on Dekker that when you assume command, you accept responsibility for your watch. Dekker knows this, but will point the finger at whoever he can in order to deflect blame. And this is the second floor’s concept of a leader. What the second floor is doing is sabotaging Bianco’s command when he wins the election in November. So go ahead and promote all the village idiots you can right now, they will still be on probation when Bianco takes over. So keep your old shirts Christian, you may need them come January.

  13. Ah, the useful merits of a one-year promotional probationary period. For those who may believe unethical behaviors could insulate from a “without cause” demotion, sorry, but nope.

    LEMU has some thoughtful tidbits laid in the ratified contract.

  14. Dekker is a disgusting fat body! He has dishonored himself and he has dishonered the entire department. Sniff says, I’m promoting him so from now on whenever Dekker fucks up, I will not punish him, I will punish all of you!


  15. I work with Dekker at JVS and he is a total ass kisser. One time Dekker was absent or late to a staff meeting and Capt Hedge asked where he was. A Lieutenant looked under the table where Hedge was sitting and said, “Well he’s not under there.” Dekker knows no one respects him. The deputies hate him and his peer Sgts can’t stand him. His only friend is Kusy and he’s a total idiot too, promoted way past his ability. As a lieutenant, Dekker will screw something up, as he always does, and surely blame a Sgt for it. At least I won’t have to see his fat, dumb truck ass at JVS anymore. Capt Hedge even put out an email telling people to make sure they congratulate Dekker on his promotion. Really Hedge? That email sounded like you were ordering us to congratulate that worthless POS.

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