Jul 312018

First off, Incumbents are not supposed to get 31% in the Primary in a top two election. Chad Bianco beat Stan Sniff 36-31 in the Primary, an astounding achievement for a relatively unknown challenger. If that was not bad enough – then Stan Sniff released his financial report ending on 6/30/2018. It indicates that he is in more severe trouble than the election result indicated.

Here is the bottom line – Stan Sniff has 87,700 in available cash when you subtract debts.

Chad Bianco has 239,000 in available cash when you subtract his debts.

What Stan Sniff did in my opinion was hold off on paying his campaign manager until 5/20 in order to make his financial position look artificially better than it actually was. You will see that Sniff paid out something like $200,000 in expenses after the 5/19 cutoff for the last pre-election report.

This is a common trick, while legal it is unethical. It seems to fit the motif of Stan Sniff.

Bianco, on the other hand rolls in to the fall general election in a strong position to finish off Stan Sniff.

This poor financial standing explains a lot of Stan Sniff’s seemingly bizarre actions. I had made a determination that Sniff is in a “Narcissistic Rage” and will spend the waning days of his administration scorching the Earth. Look at what has happened since the primary:

The Christian Dekker promotion makes perfect sense. Everyone knows full well that Dekker will not survive probation, but Sniff owed him.

Dave Kurylowicz’ actions, getting increasingly more desperate are explained as it is clear he knows Sniff is in serious danger. It is my opinion that Kurly as I call him is freaking out trolling people on social media as he was to replace Raymond Gregory as the gay avenger in the second floor.

Ray Wood is equally as desperate as he is throwing lines out all over the place trying to see if he can thwart the flow of information to your intrepid blogger.

Sniff and crew are hunting for people to retaliate against and in fact Sniff had a deputy suspended 80 hours without pay for the egregious act of having a Bianco sign in his hand. Multiple stations are having witch hunts to find out who is feeding your intrepid blogger information.

Sniff had a fundraiser at El Felonasco Restaurant with 4 people in attendance that raised a paltry $8,000.

Stan Sniff is attempting to use injured and passed away deputies as campaign props.

He is also preparing some more ethic promotions in order to use, similar to the disgusting patronization of Misha Graves in the primary.

Stan Sniff has left his campaign signs out in defiance of local ordinances all over the county.

Sniff’s friends in the local media can not save him now. Stan Sniff is going to have to do something he has never done before – appeal directly to the voters about why he should be re-elected. He has proven incapable of deviating from his script.

Since the 6/30/2018 cut off for the just released report – Sniff has reported a pathetic $36,500 in large donations. This means that the best case for Stan Sniff is something like $126 – $128K in the bank. This means then that Chad has double the money that Sniff has no matter how it is spun. Note that $25,000 of the $36,500 came from one source, Fred Noble, who has given the Sheriff almost $200K combined over the years.

People have been screwed out of their off-days, with schedules getting changed for no reason.

People have been thrown off of the Bomb Squad, the Detective Bureau and other teams by several members of Sniff’s management team. It has been systemic.

If you are reading this and you support Chad Bianco – celebrate this news for a short period of time. Realize that Stan Sniff is now in the “Wounded Bear” phase. He will stop at nothing to win, he will also burn the department down to the ground on his way out the door. Make bank on it, this is 21 years of experience speaking from watching many flawed candidates.

To those supporting Stan, get out now while you can save yourselves. To Stan you are expendable anyway. Get out while you can.

To those in Stan Sniff’s leadership team – the Right On Daily Blog will continue to hunt you all politically until you are run out of the department and/or thrown in Prison for what you have done.

To be continued…

Jul 312018

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Remember, Stan Sniff just had a man suspended for two weeks without pay for having a Chad Bianco sign in their hand while in Uniform.

Will the two people pictured in violation of the uniform code get suspended for their violations of policy?

The guy in the middle is missing a t-shirt under the uniform shirt.

The guy to his left has an mustache that is completely out of regulation due to its’ length.

View this closeup so it is easier to see.

That’s right – the Sheriff does not even follow the dress code that is in the “General Orders”, the hallmark of a Narcissist. The rules do not apply to Stan Sniff.

Let’s suspend Stan Sniff permanently in November.

Jul 312018

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Story #1 on 6-12-2018 within 7 days of election night was full of information, including these highlights:

More than one deputy was kicked off a special team by the second floor, some for having a Chad Bianco Lawn sign and others because of the actions of other third parties (not themselves!) Somehow that retaliation was supposed to show that third party who was boss or something. The retaliation also included changing Regular Days Off (because they can) under the guise of eliminating “Yellow Days” (think hammering the taxpayers for overtime). Magically, the employees that were screwed with were all Chad Bianco supporters!

Speaking of overtime, we bring you this story from Jarupa Valley Station featuring one of our favorites, Sgt. Christian “Baluga” Dekker. Dekker signed up for some overtime at Jarupa, he showed up at 5AM was logged in as a deputy (meaning he had to take calls), but reputedly never left the office the entire time. Yup, we got ripped off for 12 hours of overtime by Christian Dekker. As he left at 5PM. (But I am sure he illegally recorded his co-workers if his pattern was consistent with past stories) Perhaps Ray Wood is getting a signed statement from Dekker.

Apparently on 6/9/2018 the day I am referencing, Shift 2 at Jurupa Valley had something like 9 deputies on the clock including “The Baluga” Dekker who was beached in an office all day. The City got ripped off.

As you can see, Stan Sniff’s Narcissistic rage started on election night, as the retaliation against anyone perceived to be a Chad Bianco Supporter started almost immediately.

On 6/28 Stan Sniff had a fundraiser at El Felonasco Restaurant, continuing his pattern of associating with Felons.

6/26/2018 – Stan Sniff Golden Boy Bob Epps does his part to further the Narcissistic Rage of Stan Sniff, having Lt. Werges toss Rafael Cuevas off of the Bomb Squad.

On 6-27-2018, we exposed a major failure in Leadership. We blew the lid off of more antiquated, malfunctioning equipment and the listless, incompetent leadership at Lake Elsinore Station. (Captain Daniel Anne, Lt. Smith and Lt. Magnan)

  1. The Sgt pointed out that he was in the field because several in Sheriff’s Admin indicated that the “Watch Commander” should be in the field.
  2. They indicated that the staffer attempted to reach the Sgt. on the WC Cell Phone.
  3. The WC cellphone did not work.
  4. The Sgt. Indicated to the Captain, Captain Anne that the Cellphones were malfunctioning and obselete.
  5. As the irate citizen started becoming so enraged he was spitting on the glass of the station – Lt. Smith and Magnon continued sitting in their respective offices while the now freaked out staffer was finally able to reach the Sgt. who was several miles away from the Station.
  6. The Sgt. pointed out that there were more armed people in the station at the time of the incident than were out in the field.
  7. The Sgt. pointed out that there is a need for updated cell phones that actually work every time they are needed.

The following week, on 7-2-2018, we profiled a witch hunt going on at Lake Elsinore as the embarrassed Station leadership were trying to hunt down our sources.

It also included a follow-up story on Lt. Robert Rose, who miraculously still has his job (and did not get disciplined at all) despite pulling his gun on Civilians TWICE in road rage incidents. (Compare that to the deputy who got suspended 2 weeks for taking a picture of himself with a Chad Bianco sign) Rose made some extremely racially charged comments at a training class he was teaching. (Yes, Stan Sniff has this guy training people)

Finally on 6/28, we opened up a story and expose’ on a lot of misconduct at the Southwest Jail. It included an inmate getting a gun in to the jail. (this apparently happens a lot after Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez made policy changes making it harder for CD’s to search people)

Stan Sniff’s leadership of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is a Disaster.

Jul 302018
This past week I had to do a lot of night riding because of the extreme heat. I rode through Death Valley, and made stops in Bishop, Lone Pine, Shoshone, Baker, Needles, Blythe, El Centro, and La Quinta. In Death Valley, it was 109 degrees at 1:09 a.m. The bike tour now turns towards some more habitable environments of our great state.

On Wednesday, Konstantinos Roditis, candidate for California Controller will be joining me for the second half of this bike tour. This means that you will be able to meet two great statewide candidates at each of these stops.

We have been working hard to nail down as many details of where we are going to be. If we are in your neighborhood, please make sure to stop by. Please be sure to share the event with your friends and family so that they too can join us.

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Mark Meuser

*updated bike tour schedule below

Bonus Event:

Jul 302018

Blogger’s Note: This was emailed to me. This is a pointed example again of how our of touch Stan Sniff is with today’s police force and how listless the management is. Some may wonder why I take time to blast Lieutenants and Sergeants. Read this through and then you will understand that the leadership disease has permeated all the ranks of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. This is a lasting legacy of Stan Sniff. This also speaks to Morale in the Department, a concept that is disregarded by the Press Enterprise (whose editor is a good friend of the sheriff), most local TV Stations and the Desert Sun. Once you read this, you will wonder as I do, how any bad guys get caught.

A Day in the life of an RSO (Riverside Sheriff’s Office) Deputy

Many people have asked me what it’s like to be a cop. Each time I tell them that there is not another job in this world I would rather do. Most of my colleagues feel the same and truly want to go to work and make a difference. Sadly though, roughly 250 of these colleagues have left the Riverside Sheriff’s Department for greener pastures in the past year. To someone not associated with RSO, it may seem odd that so many of this department’s finest law enforcement officers are leaving. I want to share what the average day of a patrol deputy is like.

Each day you leave your house and family you leave knowing that you may never come back. I never really dwelled on this and just accepted it as part of the job but the knowledge is always there. Most of us know someone that has been injured or killed in the line of duty. If you spend enough time wearing the badge you will lose someone. Admittedly, the toll seems to be harder on the real law enforcement heroes, the families that wave goodbye to as we go to work.

When you get to work usually head to the locker room and strap on the uniform. Now in RSO, this uniform is grossly outdated and consists of pants that are a 55% polyester and 45% wool blend that have the breathability of plastic wrap. The shirt is another polyester blend that bakes you alive during the summer and does nothing for you in the winter. Salt colored sweat stains appear during the time it takes to walk to your unit to load the vehicle for the shift. I won’t even touch the gun belt and vest. More modern uniforms are available and have been adopted by allied agencies but for some reason RSO admin refuses to join this century. This is the same uniform that was worn by deputies in the 1980’s if not before.

Walking into a law enforcement locker room is like jumping into a shark tank with a bleeding wound. If you have a weakness it will be found and exploited. You have to grow thin skin or else you will be eaten alive. Now I’ve always maintained that you can tell how well a shift gets along in the first 30 seconds of walking into one. A tight shift will be laughing and making fun of each other while little will be said on a team with dissention. I’ve been on both types of shifts and the attitude found in the locker room directly impacts the results of the work on the streets. Many of the world’s problems could be solved if world leaders would listen to salty cops locker room conversations.

Once done getting geared up and loading the unit for the shift ahead you are treated to briefing. Briefing is where the whole weight of RSO administrative nonsense can be seen. The Sergeant or his/her corporal hold briefing and tell you about some new policy that admin has dreamed up because one deputy somewhere did something dumb, chastising you for being on a late report list, handing back the bucket report you turned in the day prior for minor changes that really don’t matter to anyone, and maybe some type of nonsensical training video from POST on the hot topic of the day. Sometimes staffing is so low that Sergeants are already asking for volunteers to hold over after their shift because the next shift already has people calling in sick. A shift’s leadership is on full display here. There are usually two types of Sergeants. Good Sergeants that take care of their troops, encourage them, motivate them, and seek to professionally develop their troops. Sadly these Sergeants are like baby pigeons, you know they exist but rarely see them. They normally don’t promote past Sergeant because protecting your troops from admin nonsense is frowned upon.

Then there is the other type of Sergeant. This type of animal has no desire to develop his troops and will often use phrases like “Your morale is not my problem”, “You are high paid secretaries”, or my personal favorite “If you don’t like it here you can apply somewhere else”. This Sergeant is generally a micromanager that sees the troops as a liability to their chance at promotion and a larger pension. Gone are the days of chewing a deputy’s ass, brushing them off, and letting the deputy lick his wounds and learn. They have been replaced with formal report kickbacks that haunt your I-File during promotion time, formal write-ups and PERS investigations that never get purged, and of course administration’s FAVORITE tool: RETALIATION! These Sergeants are the type that troops attempt to flee from when shift change requests are asked for. I can remember when we had an impromptu flow chart of where we thought certain Sergeants were going to so we could avoid the bad ones. A Sergeant can make or break your shift so we were sure to choose wisely.

Once briefing was completed it was time to do what street cops do, go 10-8 and clear the board of calls. To the motivated, this was the time to clear as many as possible so you could go do proactive work. To the less motivated this is a chance to find a reason to stay in report writing and pretend to do follow-up or cherry pick non-paper calls and generally screw over their partners. Every cop can instantly name those types and they are widely despised but will eventually become Administrators. Many times the board is jam packed and you can only roll your eyes and wonder what the shift before you actually accomplished. The citizens are usually very pleased to talk with the poor deputy that has to respond to the theft of their lawn gnome they called in five hours prior which they believe to be of such great importance that we should ignore the robbery or shooting that occurred at the same time.

As you power through your shift, you do your best to grab a bite to eat between calls. You take one report call after another but are unable to sit and write reports because the calls continue to flow in knowing that you will be on the dreaded late list again unless you violate policy and write reports at home. You wonder how in 2018, Sheriff’s Admin has not figured out how to utilize the internet to allow citizens to file an online report about a minor crime like a stolen lawn gnome like other agencies have done. You respond to assist other departments during your shift and notice that their equipment works, is not held together with duct tape, and admire their modern and seemingly comfortable uniforms. Sometimes the other officers encourage you to apply with their agency but you realize that you would lose your 3% @ 50 pension and know you are truly stuck at RSO.  Around hour 8 you have a headache and are often left wondering how humans evolved pat the Stone Age. Now is when the fun starts. The message light on your unit computer lights up with another request from your Sergeant asking for volunteers to donate another six hours to RSO because the next shift has all decided to call in sick. When no one answers the Sergeant “arbitrarily” orders a deputy to donate the next six hours of his/her life to making sure that minimum staffing is needed. The best is when the Sergeant offers no words of sympathy or thanks. You realize that you are nothing more than a warm body and a number to the county and the department and just thank the Lord you are one day closer to retirement.

This is the day of a Riverside County Deputy Sheriff. We see our best and brightest flocking to other agencies taking their training and experience with them yet Stan Sniff does nothing to stop it. He simply claims that it is a voluntary draw down of his department to help his budget issues caused by his troop’s salaries. In reality, patrol shifts are wildly undermanned to the point that it is only a matter of time until a Deputy is hurt. It doesn’t have to be this way folks…you know what to do in November.