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The case of Donald Vincent Brooks is the latest example of the absolute and complete failure of Stan Sniff’s leadership. The issues that have permeated the department. In this case it is rampant racism.

I’ve heard about Chief Deputy Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood’s notorious racism from almost day one of my efforts to take down Stan Sniff. I knew of Wood using the N-word, using words like slant, spick, etc.  long before I ever learned about his skull tattoos commemorating those he clipped in the line of duty.

I was alerted to Donald Vincent Brook’s case a while ago (not by him, by the way). Apparently, Brooks got in to an altercation and it was used to fire him. Anyone reading this blog will realize that there are several potential felons still on the county payroll who did things far worse than Brooks is accused of. (Making threats, or something like that)

The investigators on Donald Vincent Brooks’ Case? None other than Tony Pelato and Robert Cornett.

A pitchess motion is a defense motion where personnel files are requested as they speak to the voracity of the investigator involved in the case.

You will recall that Cornett was up to his gigantic neck in the cheating scandal. Whoops.

Linked here is Page 1 of Robert Cornett’s Interview. Page 2 is here. The final snippet Page 3 is here.

Robert Cornett’s story looks pretty similar to that of Lance Colmer. Colmer got disciplined and Cornett got promoted. Robert Cornett is now a “Master Investigator” as is Tony Pelato.

Robert Cornett is reputed to be a strange man, amongst his picadillos is that he has a full crime scene tattooed on his back as a commemoration of the one time in his life when he felt like Rambo.

In Brooks’ Pitchess motion, it references the Desert Sun article, but for the benefit of Mr. Brooks and his attorney, I have provided them with an advance copy of Mr. Cornett’s interview. I hope it assists them in nailing Stan Sniff and his department to the wall. (I’m here to help)

As you recall, we blasted Tony Pelato here on the Right on Daily Blog as he betrayed several friends and associates, selling his empty soul to Stan Sniff. (Who ironically is a reputed Atheist)

In the previous article – we detailed how Tony Pelato was terminated for use of excessive force. As we learned from the Picthess motion, Pelato beat up a black suspect.

Donald Vincent Brooks is black.

In the pitchess motion, Brooks’ defense counsel details Cornett’s role in cheating on the advancement exam as a basis. But the primary basis for the motion is racism.

The motion cites the following:

Pelato beat a black suspect calling him a nigger.

Apparently, Pelato used to use the “N-Word” like it was a universal adjective in his conversations and this fact is well-known in the department. (Ahem, Sniff promoted him)

Cornett referred to Sgt. Victor Tejada, a black dominican as a nigger.

They indicated that Cornett and Pelato teamed up to get Terry Jones, who is black, fired by lying about him.

Now your intrepid blogger understands why the Donald Vincent Brooks pitchess motion has the second floor in a tizzy.

You can read the entire filing here as I got it off of the County of Riverside’s Website. It was filed on 5/7/2018. My sincerest hope is that Cornett, who appears to have been rewarded for dishonesty and Pelato who should not be a cop ever again anywhere are both held accountable.

Ultimately, both owe their positions on the force to their fealty to the tyrant Stan Sniff and the culture that has coddled these white sheet wearing slime (at least that is what I think of them, and hopefully as you are reading about their history, you will also).

As a civilian, perhaps I have a naive idealistic standard about cops… you know expecting them to behave to a higher standard. In Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff Department there are a lot that are anything but. Worse, Sniff seems to reward corruption.


Cornett may have falsified evidence by omission. (read Page 6)

It is clear from the motion that Cornett may well have altered text messages obtained using a tool known as “Cellbrite”. Cellbrite is supposed to crack open a phone and get its’ contents in their entirety. The allegation made is that Cornett may well have been cutting and pasting selected bits of text messages to create a false narrative against Mr. Brooks. Since Brooks has his phone he’d be able to tell right away what Cornett did.

It was made clear to this blogger that the Cellbrite report was not entered in to evidence as a Cellbrite report is not alterable. However, it is possible to cut and paste and manipulate the information in a written report (without the Cellbrite report being entered in to evidence).

The wording of the motion says the following ” … are taken out of context, out of chronological order, and are sampled from complete sentences which provide contexts that reframe the meaning of the phrases…” Referring to what Cornett put in his report in order to get Brooks arrested twice. It appears that Brooks has had to post two very large bonds, adding further insult to the apparent railroading. (I’d really like to know what Brooks did to piss of the Sheriff)

The issue is that if they could nail him to the wall for a domestic incident (misdemeanor or felony), he’d lose his ability to carry a gun and then would get fired.

If Cornett is guilty of any of this stuff, Brooks has a lawsuit stone cold and Cornett should be sitting in a Jail Cell (before he gets fed-kicked due to Sniff’s mismanagement).

The same culture that covers up a serial child molester has given rise to Cornett and Pelato. God help us all. This is the Stan Sniff legacy.

P.S. See a “real” photo of Cornett.

  24 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Pitchess Motion from Former Deputy Donald Vincent Brooks Reveals Racist Underbelly of Team Sniff”

  1. Well written Pitchess Motion.

    I believe this motion will be granted to much evidence to ignore it.

    I wouldn’t want to be either of these lying clowns and get cross examined in a public forum.

    Thanks for posting this RODB.

    Sounds like the making of a great Civil Rights lawsuit.

  2. Good job @Aaron F. Park. Another example of double standards. Take Roman Martinez for example. He was alleged to have had a domestic abuse incident while he was a sworn deputy. He wasn’t fired, he was reclassified to a correctional deputy so he could keep working. He was eventually promoted to Sergeant. He is now retired, but it shows a pattern and practice for RSO.

  3. A Cellbrite extraction report can run into the thousands of pages, depending on the amount, and type of information that is downloaded. So a specific search would have been more appropriate. The power we are given is for the benefit of the victim, but it’s also to disprove false allegations. As a Master Detective, Cornett should have included the Celebrate report, that way there would not have been any allegations of misconduct. But what concerns me is “where was the detective sergeant?” Now if the detective sergeant signed off on the report, then Master Defective Cornett is off the hook because it’s the responsibility of the detective sergeant to make sure the report is accurate, and answers all the questions necessary to either prove, or disprove the allegations. I am not protecting Master Defective Cornett, he can defend his own actions, (good luck with that Robert), but let’s face it, that is the detective sergeant’s responsibility to oversee and direct the activities of the bureau, and to make sure Cornett and the other detectives are doing his job correctly. Being assigned the detective sergeant position is a very mighty task to perform, but if the detective sergeant can’t, or won’t do his job, than how can we hold Cornett, or any other staff member to a higher standard? This is the problem with the Sniffy-Sniff regime, people are promoted to positions of authority that are beyond their capabilities. It’s time to clean house, and get rid of these political appointees in management and make RSO great again.

  4. I’ve heard Brooks refer to himself as “The only black man in Alabama who’s never committed a crime” multiple times. Who’s the real racist? He embarrassed himself when stopped by a marked unit form another agency for driving like an idiot screaming at the guy, “This is my beat. This is my house.” Not saying he has no case, but he aint the innocent angel he’s made out to be either…

  5. What is irrefutible is Pelato and Cornett’s History. If Cornett is even partially guilty of maniuplating the cell phone data, Brooks will walk. What I have learned about the RSO as a whole is that there are no innocent parties anywhere.

  6. Aaron, please do not put me in the same barrel of monkeys as “Peckerhead” Wood, or no zest Vest, or Kent the cheater, or Zacky Farms the predator. There are good, solid people that work for the Department that have done outstanding work for the public. The problem stems from the top, and right now Sniff’s house is falling down around him, and this is because of his failed leadership, and of all the tools he is promoting because he has the attitude of,”They may be an idiot, but they will do as they are told.” Lets not lose sight of the objective, to gain new leadership for RSO. That is the only way things will get better. It’s my department as well, and I have a stake in its future, that is why so many of us are fighting to cut loose all the dead weight on the second floor.

  7. LMFAO the Sergeants signs off on the report so the two investigators are covered in what they write? MAYBE it can and will be shown that the Sergeant is part of the conspiracy?

    I guess some didn’t follow that massive debacle with Los Angeles County Sheriff and the FBI three years ago.

    Sheriff, Undersheriff, Internal Affairs Captain and 12 or so Deputies convicted of felony crimes.

    The Deputies ONLY defense, we were following orders from the boss. ALL convicted in unamious jury verdicts.

    @4 yeah that incident will definitely throw up a serious defense for Sniff. LMFAO AGAIN. Comments like that always excuse criminal misconduct.

    I guess some in RSO don’t know what reasonable doubt means.

    To use to battle toothless tweekers and believe they are ready to work for Robert Mueller.

    Correct Aaron in your analogy.

    Hey Homer Piles just how many times have you hammered Internal Affairs in your day?

  8. So, by YOUR standards, if a Deputy screws up an investigation and the sergeant signs off on the investigation having that knowledge, it’s the deputy’s fault and the sergeant goes free. I don’t think so Kenny. As a sergeant, it’s his responsibility to hold his troops accountable, and if he does not, it’s his fault. Now that same sergeant does not have any control over misconduct committed by said staff member, and has an obligation to report that offense, and let the subsequent PERS fall where it may. And yes, I have hammered I.A., I was facing numerous hours over a very petty issue. But this manager’s inflated ego decided to go all the way, and the court found in my favor and I received no discipline. It’s because of inflated egos that the Sheriff has lost several terminations, and disciplines involving 80 hours, 40 hours, 24 hours, 16 hours, and 8 hours in addition to the numerous hours I was looking at. Drain the swamp.

  9. Good Morning World!!!!

  10. NO shit Homer the Sergeant is responsible. And the attorney SHOULD hold him responsible.

    LMAO still one serious elephant in this room you’re trying to be a Rambo for the cause behind a fake screen name.

    You kicked ass with IA once but you’re scared to use you real name and think your comments should be considered the real world shit and information others should consider credible?

    Boy you never been in the military have you? You haven’t shown the finger at anyone in your day.

    You know enough about this crap to get yourself in trouble.

  11. @cant let this one slide, you are trying to say because someone acts a certain way it’s okay to treat them like shit and ruin their career/ life. If that the case the upper echelon, numerous Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants should be terminated and prosecuted for their acts or lack their of.

    Sounds like you have no empathy for your brothers in blue who got screwed over. It’s the mind set of, “Better him than me,” that sniff and his leaches depend on to keep any resistance from rising up.

    You clearly have never experienced the harsh reality of a biased investigation by the turd squad. I hope you never have to go through that crap. Remember all it takes is a lie and an unethical investigator and you’re done. Then you are in the same boat as the others you try to demean. And don’t think it can’t happen. You work for RSO.

    I’m not saying Brooks got railroaded because he’s black, but when two investigators have a history of racial slurs in their background it doesn’t help their case. It also doesn’t help when the investigators from the turd squad are notorious liars. I’d have a better chance finding a four leaf clover, next a pot of gold, with a leprechaun siting on top of a unicorn nearby, before I could find an honest, ethical, and moral turd squad investigator. You know what they say, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.” So Brooks burn this mother to the ground.

  12. I know from experience many sergeants don’t comprehend anything associated with computer forensics or cellular phone reports generated by Cellbrite. I’ve been questioned on the stand a few times about my own reports and NEVER has the sergeant who signed it off been tasked with explaining whether my report was accurate. It’s on the deputy, investigator, whoever wrote the report.

    I’m sure civil court is different, they call on everyone to make them look stupid. Should the sergeant have taken a better look at the report? YES!! But Corhhole manipulated the text messages to make the communications seem suspect. Wonder what other reports he’s doctored over the years?

    I agree under Sniff’s so called leadership, this department’s reputation has been the laughing stock of all the Inland Perspire. I agree, Homer, the turds promoted don’t know the first thing about leading, managing, or even making a decision on their own, which diminishes the credibility of our leadership. This department does not have sergeants who think for themselves anymore.

    Back in the day, good sergeants made the decisions and if they got yelled at, they did so to protect their troops. Now, they undress in the parking lots, expose their junk like To Catch A Predator pervs, attend online classes whilst their corporals do all the work, etc.

    I agree there have been some wrong choices made over who gets promoted, but what has been uncovered (and known by the rank and file for so long) these promotions are a means to dumb down this department’s management structure. You can buy a rank by kissing Der Fürher’s ring or contributing to his campaign. All one has to do is look at who is on the 2nd Floor as an example how dumb this administration is.

    Not to say all those promoted under Sniff have sold their souls to get ahead. But I’m sure many of our recent promotions will think twice before voting for Bianco since it may seem like a slap in Sniff’s face not to endorse him. I hope I’m wrong and they vote for the correct person June 5th.

    My question is: what supervisor hand picked Fellatio and Cornhole to run this investigation in the first place? Was Fellatio REALLY REALLY the sound choice here?

    Tony Fellatio struts around like he’s a cop’s cop, but the reality is he is a fraud. Tony has always been about himself, which fits the Sniff template very well. No wonder he is supporting Der Fürrer, there’s a chance he can stay on his knees and glide without doing any real work.

    To have this blemish on your character, and this is really the foundation of all good cops, character. Tony’s character is built on the badge and not his heart. He’s one of the few who after graduating the academy and once the badge was pinned on his chest, a cape suddenly appeared behind his pimply back. Word is he was rejected by LASO (where he worked as a non-sworn jailer) because he failed the psych. Wonder what they found lurking in his subconscious?

    Probably a bit of racism mixed with low self esteem and a short man’s syndrome. At least LASO had the foresight not to hire him (saved a lawsuit or two) but he seems to thrive with RSO due to those puckered lips planted on the right ass.

    But his true nature, his Id, was revealed when he beat down that black man and called him the “N” word. Again, it’s what’s in your heart, right Fellatio? Don’t you have the Lord in yours? You sure preach like you do.


    Tony: your reputation has been revealed. You’re not the God loving Italian stallion you make yourself out to be. You’re not a mentor either when you skate on your “master” title and lie to make your investigation look like you’re the hero.

    Too bad when this sort of behavior is shown, the department can’t take that title away because that’s all it is (along with more money) at this point because you have no respect from your peers.

    Be ready to go to court again to save your job you little big man! Karma is right around the corner.

    And Darkman, stop the stupid greetings already. This isn’t Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Contribute something or get off this blog.



  13. Kenny – the comments on this thread show another of the endemic problems in the RSO, this thing is clear cut yet they have to chafe around the edges of it. They can’t even recognize when they are winning they have been under the yoke of Sniff for so long.

  14. @Fly – you get it. 100% even if Brooks has a part in this, he still gets due process. That due process appears to have been perverted by two of Sniff’s golden boys. (One of whom was promoted after cheating)

  15. Darkman do yourself a favor and follow advise and stay off the blogs it will come back to haunt you.

  16. Thanks @Aaron F. Park. We can’t win if we don’t keep our brothers accountable to the truth and rule of law. Like @John S. said some people got into L.E. for the right reasons and let their conscience (ethics), heart (truth), and morals (integrity) guide them. Others like Scratch and Sniff and others chase titles. No matter who they step on, lie about, or intimidate to get what they want. A title is what you do, not who you are. Your legacy is what people remember about you. And sadly for scratch and sniff and his anal warts aka all his minions, they will be remembered for the scum they are.

    I know scratch and sniff is an alleged atheist, but here’s a little information for him. You will reap what you sow, and everything done in the darkness will always come to the light. The spotlight is shining and Stanley is center stage.

  17. Just because you don’t like Brooks does not mean he gets denied due process. And, it sure does not excuse Pelato and Cornett at all.

  18. I’m pretty sure this poor investigation is not on the detective sergeants shoulders. I believe that Sgt was never actually an investigator himself and could not investigate his way out of a cardboard box. If Tony P and Cornhole lied on the PC Dec and report, you can’t expect the Sgt to reinvestigate the incident. The pitchers motion is damaging. Makes you wonder where the sheriff will assign these two knuckle heads. Brooks, take some advice, stay off the blogs, let your attorney handle it. I heard they offered you an infraction. A citation. But if you take that, you admit guilt. Take it to the box.

    Under Sniff, this dept is notorious for not giving people their jobs back even if ordered to do so by a judge. So, I don’t expect to be 1008 with you Brooks anytime soon.

    If these two investigators really lied and put partial truths in their report, I hope they are terminated. Doing this to one of our own, then doing a bail enhancement, then when he’s released you rearrest him. That’s crazy. That could have been filed out of custody. Did they even follow SOP.


  19. @1008 the Department does drag their feet on cases they lose. But they do put people back to work. Look @ Franks. He got hosed but ultimately was paid and put back to work. Scratch and sniff doesn’t care because the money doesn’t come out of his pockets.

  20. Brooks is not a victim. He should never have been a cop. He lost his credibility and anything he says is worthless. He isn’t telling you everything. I am familiar with the administrative side of his case. The guy threatened to kill himself in his administrative interview at PSB and his attorney literally ran out of the interview room. Don’t trust what he says. Brooks committed his crimes and there is more than enough evidence to convict him despite any of those investigators backgrounds. Mark my words. Much of your information is put out there as fact, when in reality, it is just he said, he said. Take it for what it’s worth.

    Dear Interesting: you guys said you had enough to convict Harold Odom and he was acquitted. I am also aware that Cornett went to the DOJ to 5150 Brooks. The circumstances surrounding all of that stuff is what will decimate the second floor and Cornett. He and Pelato went WAY too far. It is going to be fun to air out the details of this case as it will not end well for Floor 2.

  21. “You guys”…. no need to lump me in with people who make decisions. PSB brass and the 2nd floor control all investigations the way they want it. I know nothing about Odom, but i am familiar with Brooks aministrative issues. I’ll speak for what I know, not what I don’t know.

    This blog originally had some bite to it. Now your blog seems more like an 8th grader who got his feelings hurt and is lashing out no matter who gets in the way. Smearing Sniff even though it steps on Good RSO members. I’m not speaking of Pelato or Cornett. You have your faithful blog followers, but I believe you have lost your edge.

    We have one thing in common and that is we both want Sniff gone.

  22. That is so true. I am not defending Brooks, or his actions. But the issue is that the second floor believes they can do what they want, and destroy careers in the process. If Deputy Smith does A, but is well liked, the second floor tells I.A. to give Deputy Smith a written reprimand, and is still promoted. But if Deputy Jones does the same thing, the second floor tells I.A. to give Deputy Jones hours, and is passed over for promotion because he is not one of their favorites. There is a disparity in treatment when it comes to discipline, in addition to promotions, transfers and assignments, which is why we need new leadership at RSO.

  23. We can all agree on a few things. Sniff needs to go. Corbett is a fat fucken liar and Tony Pelato is a cock sucker, but can’t suck the sheriff’s cock because Tony has a huge nose and Stanley has a small cock. So instead Tony just posts selfies on Facebook and shares all the sheriff’s posts.

  24. @ Interesting. 3 letter PHI… what you should have said is your familiar with the confidential Human Resource side. Get familiar with this… A breach of protected health information (“PHI”) is defined as the acquisition, access, use, or disclosure of unsecured PHI, in a manner not permitted by HIPAA, which poses a significant risk of financial, reputational, or other harm to the affected individual. This Department has more leaks than the titanic. SMH $$$$$$$$$$$

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