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There are a lot of rank and file that don’t like “Master Investigator” Tony Pelato. He has stood out in his fealty to the Sniff regime in defiance of his brethren in the Sheriff’s Association. Many confidential sources I have spoken with disdain this guy, and this post would have been dedicated to them alone until recent events changed that.

Tony Pelato is well known for being a self righteous pompous ass. IT is also my opinion that Mr. Pelato (and others) have been using anonymous profiles to attack my wife on Social Media whilst giving lectures about Christian behavior. Somehow that standard should be used to muzzle Right on Daily but should not be used on Stan Sniff or himself. (Irony: Sniff is reputed to be an atheist. Bianco is an Evangelical Christian as is Dave Brown. Pellato’s buddy Miguelito is nacho libre)

The thing that sticks out the most to me is that Tony Fellato was terminated for using excessive force and somehow got his job back many years ago. So we have established his base credentials to be a member of team Sniff.

Here at we have a lot of sources and commenters, one of whom is a huge fan of Tony Fellato.

Nacho Mamma, TonyPee’s a tool. Short man complex too. Used to jack suspects only when he had deputies bigger than him to back his stupid plays (in Pinocchio voice, “THIS IS MY HOUSE, YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?”). Failed to get hired by another agency but gets lucky and hires with our department only to get fired for some (alleged) use of force beef (in same Pinocchio voice, “THIS IS MY CITY AND YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHOR-AH-TAH!!”).

I’m sure he was all cozy with RSA back then, begging for someone to defend him so he could wear the big dog uniform again instead of a security uniform that actually fits his skill set.

Sneaky and would probably do anything he is asked without question or self reflection of the consequences and career he is about to ruin.

I thought the master investigator position was supposed to be filled with the best of the best. You know, the investigators who have that sixth sense, are mature, professional and will work just as hard to absolve a suspect as he would to find evidence of guilt.

Although there are some awesome master investigators on our department, the selection process needs to be revamped. Some applied several times before they got the title or lied and used other cases that ACTUAL POLICE completed for their presentations. I know of one such “master” who admitted to bullshitting the panel (it was his third try) to finally get ahead. He’s useless and a complete embarrassment to the master investigator program.

And take a look at the investigator who showboated on this victim…yes!! The Master Investigator who someday will be a real boy!!

TonyP hasn’t learned his lesson either. You know, the hard one where he was fired while assigned to Moreno Valley and had to fight for his job back?!?

I guess now that he is a “Master” and (from sources who see his activities) picks and chooses the cases he will work and take all the OT he wants, he no longer has to worry.

But he should worry because a weak, crooked, Training Day template cop cannot pretend to be real police for long. Sooner or later, the shroud comes off and he’s breaking bad.

I suppose the FB investigation has left him wrinkled and worn too. I know licking cranny holes to get ahead and smearing the reputations of department members (if they deserve to be fired, then so be it! We don’t need them and the world needs more bartenders anyway) to make himself look good…sort of like he did here when he completed this investigation and wound up on one of those true crime dramas (I wonder how many phone books he sat on before the camera lens could see him). “Web of Lies”

TonyP proved his unworthiness whilst at RSA as our treasurer—he couldn’t perform his duties without drama and attempts to smear Masson and others. (Sentence Deleted). Yet he tries soooooo hard to look bad ass!!

I should probably refer to him from now on as Tony Fellato as his patronage and service to the Second Floor borders on that. What is even more amazing is that Fellato used to be a Sheriff Stan-Hater until kneeling to the regime last year.

The Fellato file would not be complete without revelations about Mr. Fellato filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, then pivoting to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I guess he manages money like Stan Sniff too.

Man it sucks to be Tony Fellato.

  14 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Tony Pelato. Team Sniff Poster Child.”

  1. Wow I felt the pain on that one through the keyboard.

  2. I’m wondering if this is the same puny Barney Fife that, as a newbie, was playing with his gun and shot a himself in the foot.

  3. Great story laughed so hard made me pee my pants.

  4. 2 things, I do not like Inv. P. , (he is a pompousass lazy inv who makes others do his job)but this blog (pro-Bianco) funded by RSA should be focused on getting Sniff out of office and not bashing RSA members by name. 2. I agree, the master inv program is a complete waste of tax payer money. How did the program start…. RSA board giving money to Sniff for his reelection and key investigators ranking up to Master.

  5. Hey! Where’s my check? Could you find it for me?

  6. Haha a northern California blogger does just not fall into politics in Riverside County. RSA has given the Bianco camp 100’s of thousands of dollars, so any money you receive absolutely comes from RSA. RSA members like myself support Bianco. I cannot support the public bashing, naming of RSA members, on your blog. This will turn off many RSA members. Stick with the 2nd floor! Focus on the objective, Bianco winning.

  7. @Fair, RSA is mentioned during TonyPee’s tenure as treasurer. During his time, he created a tumultuous culture where he was doing his boy best to oust Masson. He failed and left with his tail between his legs.

    RSA is doing a fine job.

    If TonyPee is in fact responsible for messing with another person’s wife online, then he opened himself for the hurt. He has the skills, bragging about attending “White Hat” hacking conferences when he was with CATCH. He’s a load and loves to make people believe he is more important than he really is.

    Fellatio: when you sell your soul at the expense of looking like a king, beware, because the emperor rarely wears clothes…and those around him are reluctant to say so.

  8. Thank you John S. Some people don’t seem to understand the rules of engagement. Team Sniff is wearing a target. Corruption will be exposed.

  9. @Fair: I’ve Been in Statewide GOP politics since 1998, keyword statewide. There is plenty out there… BTW, I have not endorsed a candidate. The target here is Sniff, his corruption, his crew and his regime. It is clear that most of the rank and file, if you are indeed one of them, support Chad Bianco for Sheriff.

  10. Well good afternoon!!!! Hmmm where should I start today?

  11. John.S I understand that you don’t like the bashing. Is it bashing or telling the truth? When two detectives arrest someone and they have racist shit in their background folks should know about it. Everything I say is to get Bianco elected. When the folks at the top allow a rigged up investigation to go through they are part of the problem. Mike Cornett is a liar. Now I have two attorneys from San Diego I had court today. Pitchess Motion will be filed without delay . Everyone that spoke to me thanks. The ones that avoided me just remember you might need to call for help just like Cornett did. If any of you have seen me act a fool. I am sure you are glad we were on the same team.

    Cornett WTF were you thinking. Did you think that a million dollar bail would stop me? Did you think I would take a deal and go away. I got terminated because of your lies. Well I am still here fighting and I am going to win!!! I am actually excited about everything that is going to go down. If administration would do their part and do something about your lies. It would show that they are trying to fix things but I dont expect that to happen.

    I do think Bianco would do a good job purging the agency.

  12. Darkman, it’s obvious you haven’t listened to one word of advise and continue to talk. So since you brought it up many of us have had a chance to supervise you. You jumped on every overtime slot you could just like the ones you bash on. I cant recall a single out of the normal or self initiated arrest you did. You ask if we have seen you act the fool the answer is yes, you should have be Y-rated to Corrections for that Negligent discharge of a firearm where you caught a piece of hot brass and turned around on the firing line and turned into your fellow deputy and rangemaster and fired a round off out of your rifle and almost killed someone. So if your lucky and win your job back eat some humble pie, zip it and learn from the past. Many have survived and come back bitter only to go down again. Those who come back humble and quiet and focus are able to succeed. Think hard before you air it out it will sink you.

  13. Experience some systemic racism then talk to me. It’s 2018 and as a black man experiencing it I am supposed to let it ride. By the way have someone try to run your name in the ground then talk to me. Some folks will never know what it’s like being a black man. I am that black man that will not back down. I dont know where you are from but where I come from black folks had no choice but to shut up and be fearful. I am one of those black men that won’t stay down for anyone.

    I have learned from the past what I have learned is folks I worked with aren’t what I thought they were. Trust nobody it’s sad to say that the law enforcement community doesn’t trust one another. I am speaking up because I don’t want anyone to go through what I am going through. The shit that was done to me was done to someone else. He is a black man just like me. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” God Bless

  14. Oh how could I guess it the race card. Well I’ll start with I’m from a multi racial family and have many friends of color. All of which are well educated with great morals and ethics. None of them ever cry they race card because they don’t have to because they don’t “act the fool” I always love getting the “god bless” at the end of something because it makes it more believable and sencere. It’s obvious you listen to no advise and keep on sharing your story. You are sadly mistaken if you don’t think the attorneys on both side aren’t reading these blogs, with all your comments which could be looked at as threats. Wise up stay off, quit spraying your story. Ps there is a big difference between you and TJ he was smart and followed advise of not talking not even to most the people close to him take a lesson.

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