May 022018

Whoops! Looks like Stan Sniff needs to trade Kevin Vest in for a pet monkey and His benefactor of $52,000+ has more issues than an episode of the Maury Povich Show.

I had made an allegation in my earlier post about this caper that it was pre-orchestrated. Take a look at when the report was made by a Roland Munoz and when the officer responded.

You will see that at 20:42 ( 8:42 PM ) the case was closed NORA – Unfounded. Note that at 21:48 it was re-opened. (That is 9:48 PM) then closed again for the final time at 9:49 PM specifically to convert it from a NORA to an actual police report. It is obvious that the responding deputy was ordered to do this.

Note that the badge number of this deputy is 1674 – this is clearly someone with 30 years of experience that responded to the case. This means that the Sheriff / his minions overrode a deputy with 30 years of experience and made him file a report. This is called playing politics with police work.

You will note that Mohammad Ali Mazarei, who is a Muslim was talking about this being like Christmas at 9:31 PM last night. (Look below for a screenshot of his comments).

Did the order come down as people like Mohammad were being told about this incident by the Sheriff or his minions that may or may not have included Kevin Vest?

This means then that his assertions that the Sheriff’s were taking fingerprints were also another lie. It seems that Mohammad lies a lot about a lot of things. It also seems that Mohammad’s big-timing and throwing token amounts of his personal wealth around have attracted a following.

As you can see from the embedded screenshot and from the screenshots in my previous post, a deputy was sent out to the scene. The deputy determined no crime was committed and there was no indication that anything alleged had occurred.

It turns out that Roland Munoz, Mohammad Ali Mazarei, Dan Cupido (a retired coroner’s employee who reputedly was retired due to poor job performance) and Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest may well have libeled Chad Bianco’s volunteer.

Heidi Chebahtah is herself a former RSO employee who was the subject of the complaint may well have been libeled (or slandered as the case may be) along with her husband. If I was Heidi, I’d lawyer up and march down to the second floor with a summons for Mr. Kevin Vest.

Please also note that once the Second Floor figured out that this screenshot had leaked out (my speculation as to the cause) the word went out and people started pulling down their posts accusing Chad Bianco of malfeasance. Please note – I have screenshots. Stan Sniff and crew lied and they are all caught on the rightondaily blog.

This needs to be sent to the Public Integrity Unit and/or the Attorney General of California. This is corruption. 

Speaking of Mohammad Ali Mazarei, an informant indicated to me that she called the California Attorney General’s office and confirmed that both Walter Cole and Mohammad Ali Mazarei are being prosecuted related to the Smog Check Fraud by the AG’s office. It is unclear if Mohammad is facing prison time or if it is an administrative prosecution that will lead to a permanent or several year revocation of his personal auto repair and business auto repair license.

This, when verified by public records requests, will be the latest in a string of lies in Mohammad’s legal demand letter that he used in a vain attempt to bully your intrepid blogger. I have a list of everyone that shared the now debunked lie-infested legal demand letter and I will be settling scores at a time of my choosing when it suits me to do so. This is how you deal with bullies.


This sign caper is an excellent subset of the corruption of Stan Sniff and a clear indicator that the department is indeed using its’ taxpayer funded resources to assist Stan Sniff in his failing and flailing re-election bid. What’s next?


  2 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Attempt to create fake scandal destroyed by the Truth, Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest, Major Donor Mohammad Ali Mazarei forced to retract lies”

  1. I know the deputy and won’t out him. He’s a good deputy and knowing what I know of him, he was ordered to step in the quicksand.

    I know when the 2nd Floor is spun, it’s akin to a disturbed hornets nest, all those marionettes swarming around waiting to be told what to do, then filtering their rash decisions/orders to the station level.

    But this is a new low. Give me a break! If you drive anywhere there are campaign signs, there are more Sniff signs around than Bianco’s. Should we be concerned?

    I painted my car rear window with “Bianco 4 Sheriff – 2018” like I was a soccer mom. No one can take that away and it’s great advertising for our new sheriff.

    Ali…your days as a free man and a friend of a sheriff’ are numbered. Better get all the perks you can while you can because you’ll be ordinary in a few, short weeks. Stay off FB, you sound like a twelve-year-old tool and you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.


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